On watch — BRIGADE Shikhov.

On watch - BRIGADE Shikhov.

One of the most difficult on our site is a distance Sverdlovsk — Nizhny Tagil. It employs a team of GE Shikhova electrician. It serves two stations equipped with block route-relay interlocking, and two with a double-haul numeric code self-locking. Total number of centralized arrows 50, are equipped with automatic cleaning devices; track circuits 90; train and shunting signals over 80. Moving equipped with electric gates announcing alarm.

Driving Murznika-Tavatuy is to pass the Ural Mountains, and the fuzzy automatic lock work may cause trains to stop on the stretch and challenge the auxiliary locomotive. The station is located in the cavity Murzinka two mountains, and constant winds, especially in winter, complicate maintenance of floor devices. Station verkh-neyvinsky has several approaches; It produces a large shunting operations, sometimes operate simultaneously 2-3 shunting locomotive.

The brigade George Evtihovicha Shikhova five people: electricians Viktor Rudakov and Vladimir K. Trifonov, electricians Anatoly Trofimenko and Konstantin Dmitrievich Kusakin. This friendly and well-coordinated team that provides excellent content devices.

Brigadier Sam works at a distance of more than 20 years. He built with his own hands the means of automation, led commissioning. Shikhov gained practical experience in setting track circuits, signal points, perfectly mastered the skills of installation of electric switches. And wherever introduced new devices, including the outside of the compartment, where you can see George Evtihovicha.

Electrician Rudakova have many years of experience building and operation of signaling systems, especially well, he studied track circuits. Electrician working Trifonov recently, OI is working hard to learn thoroughly serviced devices. Electrician Kusakin — future specialists in outdoor devices. It works just the second year, and the foreman is his mentor.

The basis of the team — a clear implementation of the timetable of the process. Despite the fact that the team members live in different stations, the work carried out by Brigadier way.

Work on the plan are carried out in accordance with the service instructions for the SCB devices TSSH number-3820. Almost all of its team members know the situation on the memory, but the foreman every time you prepare for the re-instructs how to perform a particular operation, ask if all understand. Then be sure to check how to perform a task.

High-quality implementation of the timetable of the process-reliable guarantee of the action of signaling devices. If in 1979 the fault of the team was allowed six failures of devices, then subsequently these cases were no more.

At brigade Shikhova establish good manufacturing tie-up with the road foreman path distance Nizhny Tagil Mayor Filippovich Khorkova day. Signalers putejtsy and help each other to maintain track circuits, do not allow them to damage. Even when in the summer of last year for a few months was hot weather stations was not allowed any eviction block joints. After welding the connectors on the stretch of railway engineers are helping to weld the connector and fallen away in the station. Reciprocity meet and signalers. If the injury happens and the track circuit, it eliminates the one who first discovered the fault. Then together we analyze the case of refusal, shall take measures to better not happen again.

Particular attention is paid Brigade Shikhova improve the reliability of the device, the guarantee traffic safety. It is one of the first in the distance grabbed the initiative of the North Caucasian railroad line about bringing each kilometer, all the devices in good condition, one of the first received remote «Quality Mark». This was preceded by a great systematic work.

Shikhov and his comrades launched a competition for the reduction devices at the station verkh-neyvinsky in exemplary condition. In winter, the work was carried out on the post of EC knit switching arrows, prepared in advance of travel assembling boxes, signal heads, reconciled in principle and wiring diagrams. Much has been made for the installation of panels measuring rail chains, arrows, signal. Who electrician performs all measurements with a single panel and not on the terminals of different cabinets. The newly linked harnesses all block, relay cabinets, racks power. Painted purpose of fuses, their rated current.

In summer, work was done on the floor devices. All throttle jumpers fixed on polushpalah so as to avoid damaging the track circuits in contact with metal objects to the way in which laid jumpers. Replaced switching switches the electric drive, the installation in traveling boxes signals. In each group and arrow clutch spare cores brought to the jacks to enable the handset. Thus organized connection with the duty on the station.

I coordinate all the work the senior electrician area Gennady Afanasievich Perminov. Accumulated experience here was then used on the station and other stations Murznika. In 1980, all the stations area Senior electrician GA Perminov were marked remote «Quality Mark».

High production standards — always in the spotlight team Shikhova. Workers Brigade strive to ensure that each device not only works reliably, but also seemed exemplary.

Signals are always neatly painted, cleaned lens. Driving signal points on the site electrician GE Shikhova, machinists say: «This traffic will not fail.»

As for the post of EC, it can be safely called laboratory precision instruments Entering removed shoes, dress light slippers. Net equipment, installation wires laid on the ticker, schemes are at a special place, always at hand. Spare devices are marked with a red line and expand the inventory in a separate cabinet. Zero-shelf cabinets are illuminated. Measuring instruments, tools neatly in a cupboard.

On the walls-scheme of electrical circuits switches and signals indicating the paths and current address setting fuse. The workplace is equipped with a speakerphone electrician installing intercom g duty engineer distance. On the table under the glass — current and future work plans. An important role in improving the skills of workers, providing a clear action devices plays a well-organized technical training. Employment at the site directs a senior electrician GA Perminov. Each lesson is required to prepare all employees. For each passed the subject conducted the survey. The resulting estimates are taken into account when summing up the work in the past month, and the conditions of competition.

The station verkh-neyvinsky layout simulator has a two-wire control circuit electrically pointer. A special program setting faults. The simulator helps to develop the skills of operational damage repair.

Electrician Shikhov not limited to studies pursued Senior electrician. Often, being on the line, he talks about the features of the subordinate track circuits and automatic lock in the free movement of trains on time use of the device as a field of educational technology.

— If my assistants will know signaling device like me or better than me, I’m going to sleep, says George Evtihovich.

Currently, there are six teams electricians rank and able to replace electromechanical. A foreman electrician Trifonov Shikhov and can serve as a senior electrician.

Over the years, GE has prepared Shikhov more than ten young professionals who work s only on our race, but also abroad. George Evtihovich not only a mentor, he is one of the best public safety inspectors trains. About 15 years, he performs an important social mission. Past it will not pass any faulty train car. If the checks Shikhov track circuits, be sure to pay attention to the state of the road.

The motto of the public inspector as follows: «Before checking device signaling from a friend, I have to ensure that the action of the art on the site.» The motto of the confirmed case. During inspections at Shikhova no purpose to write more comments; together with a colleague, he overcomes the disadvantages in place, tells and shows how and what to do, to share their experiences.

The experience at the George Evtihovicha rich. No wonder he was awarded the title of best in the profession on the road network.

Now the team is preparing for the introduction of Shikhova industrial automation equipment maintenance method. The use of mechanization and vehicles requires new knowledge and specialty management technique. GE Shikhov drivers already completed courses and received the right to operate a motor vehicle, VK-Trifonov received the right to operate a motorcycle. The brigade is ready to expand the boundaries served by the site where it will be possible to apply centralized replace all removable equipment and repair its focus on the industrial base station verkh-neyvinsky.

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