Once again in the first class

Once again in the first class

Remember how you were happy, after graduating from school? Of course, the parting with classmates has added notes of bitter, but the opportunity did not go to the math and never (ever !!!) does not solve the problems in chemistry dispensed unprecedented happiness. Time passed, and now the school is once again looming on the horizon. At this time we have to go with you, and all classes in the role of parents. How to choose a school, how to help your child adjust to it and how not to go again scrip from the «first-class» formulations, says Helen Lewis, managing children’s educational center Play&Music in Khamovniki.

For many parents, the child’s admission to school — no less exciting process than admission to the university. A new stage in the life of the baby, and now a large part of his days he will spend in school. It was this year for many parents is becoming a year of amazing, sometimes overwhelming, and sometimes unpleasant discoveries.

BOI ambitions!

In any case, no matter how hard had to learn formulations or oral accounts, our call — remember the love, forgiving and undemanding love, sacrifice what you love your baby when he was born.

Remember, do not you angry when a child just learning to walk, falling awkwardly and went on his way on all fours? Did you scolded him when instead of the word «dog» he was saying, «wow-wow»? Remember: your child come to school to learn, step by step, he will be filled with knowledge. And your task — to give him all possible assistance. No, I do not drive at all times by the hand, but in time to substitute his shoulder to someone who is not afraid or confident in their abilities.

And let us once and for all harness somewhere to our ambitions. First class — this is only the beginning. Is it always the kid who started walking ahead of becoming the world champion on the run? Or is our world champions in swimming began their sport the way with six weeks of age in the bath?

It is not important when your child learn something, and he learns to do it. Psychologists have long demonstrated that the transformation of quantity into quality as anywhere manifests itself in the stages of child development. That seemed to be the baby for a long time teaching reading — the syllables not add up to a word. Months pass one, the other … and suddenly, when it seemed to have lost hope, the child begins to read the phrases. The best help is the best medicine, as then, in the first year of life — it is the presence of a number of loving adult. Indeed, for the first school year of the child — it’s the same stress as you transition to a new job or a change of residence.

Humanities or techie?

Cups parents try too early to determine the future of the baby in terms of focus — humanitarian, mathematical, or natural science, giving it to the appropriate «profile» school. Alas, most often it is not appropriate inclinations of the child and his parents’ ideas on «what to be.» So while your baby is in primary school, just keep an eye on his progress, not trying to direct the path of the humanities or mathematics. First class — not the time for professional self-determination. The child still show their inclination and the time to decide on the specialization of education is better to put in the middle, and even in high school. In the «profile schools» never too late to go back later.

It looks like a good school? Parents can be a completely different idea of ​​what a «good school.» For some, it may mean the whole city known gymnasium, with tradition and classical approach to education, for others — a small private school with an individual approach to every student. Someone from the very childhood, aims to ensure that the child is perfectly mastered several foreign languages, then there can not do without language school. But parental expectations may be different from those that can withstand a child. The first school year — a period of no less difficult than the first year of a child’s life. So, it is extremely important to deliberate approach to the choice of school, so that this year, and all subsequent passed to your child’s success, light and easy and not under the sign of tears, failures and unwillingness to go to school, more and more deepening from class to class. We must begin with the main thing: to assess the ability, the intellectual potential of the child. Parents need to soberly assess the levels of abilities, skills, common school maturity of his child. Keep in mind that all of this — not the same thing. Perhaps at this stage urgent assistance of a psychologist, who with the help of tests will help determine the degree of readiness of the child and his intellectual needs. Do not try to impose the educational level of the child, that he did not «pull.» If you understand that a child by virtue of its current capacity can not cope with the special school program, do not hurt their child, themselves and the teachers. Hoping that a child standing on tiptoe, still make it to your proposed high bar, you may get the opposite effect: he will hate, and the school and the teachers, and the learning process, and will probably change his attitude toward you obrekshim it on overwork.

Worse, he could always take over the role of loser, imbued with a sense of lack of success — and then the rest of the school years will be for him to hard labor. The likelihood of achieving this effect is much higher than the probability of a miracle, in which the intellectual middle child suddenly will easily master the program for gifted children. In addition, the constant study «to the limit» may adversely affect the health of the baby, that is a high probability of occurrence of psychosomatic diseases — from the general weakening of the immune system and permanent ARI to more complex cases, disorders of the nervous system or the digestive system.

Keep in mind that just as detrimental impact will too «average» school for a child with developed skills and strong intellect. He was simply there to be bored, and the effect is achieved exactly the same: The ratio of learning he formed a negative, and fully operational he will not. But intelligence is not developing, languishes. Therefore, if the child is seven years, «shine», it does not mean that those he left in th years and 17 Mind — a fire, no fuel and no work on it, he just goes out and smolder.

First teacher no matter how remarkable was the «school in general», but the identity of the first teacher imposes an indelible imprint and forms the first (most important!) Impression. If the first teacher brings the children not only knowledge, but also light and heat — success in school is higher. Or at least formed a positive attitude to school and to learn, and this is, believe me, a lot. If it is dry, austere, or simply does not fit your child’s temperament, look for other options. Even that «Bok» is well deserved teacher of the Russian Federation, considered an excellent methodologist and has vast experience, should not confuse you. Your child does not assess the reason to this, but a taste for the study of such a person may discourage certain. After all, a really good teacher — a warm person who loves children so much more than its subject matter, and the interests of the children more than professional success. A separate point — a mismatch of temperaments. Your child may be alive as mercury, fidget, and teacher — phlegmatic. Or on the contrary: it is — the fast, fun, and your child — slow. In the case of such an obvious discrepancy, especially if the level of professionalism of the teacher is not very high, the child will have difficult.


Some schools offer to visit «my best» to get ready for school and to understand what are the rules, a routine that will be required from students. The first quarter of the zero class provides an easy transition of children from the «preschooler» in a state of «student»: estimates do not put, classes in Russian language reminiscent of painting, mathematics is a visual logic puzzles. Visiting «my best» in the school where the child will continue to learn, he has the opportunity to meet with the teacher to get used to the school premises, the school adapt to the future, perhaps to make friends with someone from the future classmates. Still, the main task of the preparatory class — it does not teach him to read, write, and psychologically prepared to learn: the child learn the skills to listen and hear the teacher, carry out tasks given to the teacher, learns to be a part of the team, without losing their own individuality. Not always, these tasks can be performed at the preparatory courses at the school, and then you need to look for a more decent options. Not the fact of attending the course is important, but the level of their quality. Many child care centers may start visiting training courses for school since three years.

Quality indicators

Given the fact that in our centers operates the American technique of preparation for school, we try to instill in the children school skills (rather than discipline or expertise). I think it’s something that should seek and schools, and parents helping their kids. Prepare the child does not need the program, and to organize and interest in learning. How to make so that the child learned to be happy? All children are curious by nature. They are adapted to life and the world by means of experiments, samples of curiosity. These qualities encourage kids to climb on the highest hill, fearlessly run on rope bridges and bathing appliances in the kitchen sink. If the learning process becomes part of the «research», it flows easily and with pleasure. Individual approach in education — the key to success. So if you do not send their children to us or to other training courses, which help kids to become independent researchers bold, think about what experimenters who lives inside you. You can make home preparation for school the most interesting and useful: count the leaves on the tree or fallen acorns share equally not write prescriptions, and secret notes grandmother, directing her on a treasure hunt in the pantry. In addition, clear in learning the word «necessary». For example, in the classroom in our center, where children move out of the room for creativity in the game, they do it in an organized, lined up in a line. But this process becomes part of the game, «Let’s try to quietly as a mouse, leave the room, the cat did not catch.» Home preparation for school should encourage imagination when our preparatory group teacher reads a story, offer kids most liked to retell them now or come up with an alternate ending. Imagination has no rules. If a child is tired paint, finish the learning process at the moment of success and move on to mobile games. Oncoming — go eat and count how many dumplings placed in a grandfather. Education — new knowledge is happiness! Learn with your child, and it will give you years of joint success.

Is your child a teacher?

1 st way: word of mouth. Ask parents whose children study at the potential of your teacher. Even better — chat with the young students themselves: whether they like learning, teacher, whether they are well in school? Keep in mind, strict aunt pounced on the child with questions, will not cause the trust, and you will hear a standard report on how student likes school. We’ll have to take the time to gain the confidence and try to learn the truth.

2- st way: in their own skin. Record your child’s preparatory courses, which are available in almost any school. Typically, these courses are the very teachers who subsequently gaining first-graders. Thereby and your baby, and the teacher have the opportunity to take a closer look and get used to each other, and if you find that the incompatibility is present, it is too late to go to another group (porassprosit parents and the head teacher of primary school, who would have recommended for your child, based on his personal features).

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