As we have described is called Class motorcycles — cruisers and choppers — confused even some editorial staff MN, so let’s set the record straight over L cruiser — a heavy motorcycle with a low-slung, designed for comfortable travel on a paved road at low speeds. For this purpose, the bike is equipped with bulky fuel tank, broad wings, protecting against dirt and splashes, additional lighting equipment and often — mounted wardrobe trunks for luggage.

Chopper same (from the English. chop — "hack") Is actually a cruiser, practicality is sacrificed appearance. Sudlinen-term front fork (which, respectively, initially "chopped off" and welded from a different angle), reduced or completely removed the wings, a small fuel tank and the most bizarre options tailpipes some choppers are real works of art motostroyeniya, despite the fact that often they can drive only to the nearest cafe.

Breakout refutes the assertion that the chopper can only go in a straight line: despite his massive rear wheel, huge front and long base, it is controlled by just awesome and easy maneuvering between cars in a traffic jam. Is that in tight corners need to be more careful: due to the large angle of the front fork of the bike tries to be filled up, but is only slightly open the throttle, all falls into place. I am sure that if I had the opportunity to experience a mountain streamer Breakout, is nothing but positive emotions, he would not have called.

Summarizing, we can say that a novice povezettomu for which HD CVO Breakout is the first cruiser. And mark "Selecting MN" this "Harley" not only was awarded because of its price, which, with all due respect to the brand, is frightening.

Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom

Among the relatively low cost options cruisers this modification "Vulcan" is the most attractive from the standpoint of appearance. There is even a version completely black matt finish that looks excellently on the road. In this embodiment "in chromium" Kawasaki have not provided, so keep in mind that the guys with leather "noodles" on the handlebars and fox tails on their helmets you will not understand. Spoils the appearance of the bike though only convenient, but a spreading seat, designed for remarkable ass. This process makes the scanty passenger Vulcan motorcycle for a single ski — on "tail" length santimerov 15 usidit only very tiny passenger. But for you it’s for the best — there will be less temptation (motorcycle unspoken rule is: the first season — no passengers, unless you want to become a murderer).

Engine plant, and it is clear that the wise with the tuning of the exhaust system on this "Kaveh" It does not have: a thoroughbred bass growl is heard trucks drivers, but it does not rouse babies when you’re wading through the courtyard of a house.

Dynamics at the start of a very, very impressive, but consider: at medium and high engine speeds are not so willing, so that overtaking on the oncoming lane at a speed of 100 km / h is best not to practice. However, these speeds are only possible on the track, a Vulcan — more urban bike. Be prepared to the fact that it is cool in the brakes, which in general is not typical for cruisers. Personally, I strongly squeezing the front brake to jump out on the road, to say the least, eccentric, almost flew over the handlebars.

By the way, about the handlebars: Kawasaki engineers have calculated the angle of great value, and the departure of his fork, so the handling of equal Vulcan 900 Custom in this class fires

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