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Personal space

The name of the architect Pichin Ambergris (Ambra Piccin) became popular over 20 years ago. Her work in the field of architecture and interior design of urban and country houses are known in Italy and other countries, but they are especially loved in Cortina dAmpetstso, where the author lives and works in his office. In the Create a project is always combined innovation and interest in the history, as well as the desire to preserve the valuable heritage of the motherland. In an interview given to our publication, Ambergris Pichin spoke about her own home.

— How did you find a place for your new home?

— I was born and raised in Cortina d’Ampezzo, but the first time she lived in another house, and this gave me a grandmother. I decided to completely redo it, before settling there.

— You live in it for a year or in the summer?

— I live here all the time, because I work in Cortina.

— What was the most important for you during the arrangement of an old building?

— My desire was to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. To do this, the walls and ceiling have decided to decorate the tree. Also, I want my house to be modern, and I decided not to be used in its decoration traditional boiserie wood panels, which are often used in other projects, and even more columns with capitals. The choice fell on a simple wooden boards that are stacked horizontally and colored with natural dyes — it gives them a golden color, and then they are covered with a layer of wax — so the tree looks more beautiful.

— Used when you restructure some latest technology?

— Advances in science make our lives easier. The house is designed so that it as comfortable as possible. This also applies to temperature and lighting, and acoustics. All lighting fixtures can be controlled from a distance and even through the Internet. Also, there are system updates, and air heating. The heart of the latter is a small modern gas boiler. The device consumes little power and with the great support the desired temperature. In addition, each room has a speaker system that can be connected to an iPod or similar gadget.

— Tell us, please, about the interior.

— The house consists of a public area with living room and dining room, kitchen, several lounges and three bedrooms, each of which is adjacent private bathroom. I wanted to make a comfortable living room, which is convenient to have visitors, but I have a lot of space allocated for the bedrooms, because our family lives here year round, and for us it is important that private space was ample. Usually in houses whose owners come only for the holidays, very small bedrooms — so do, to leave more space for living. I thought over every detail and, of course, all the materials that were used in the decoration; to examine options for lighting, looked hundreds of carpets and other textile accessories, trying to find the best ornaments and marble … My house is completely «Made in Italy» because I chose the work of local artists — talented Italian artisans who work in Cortina and know how create great things from the simplest materials. However, I added a few modern details: for example, in the lobby at the entrance walls are covered with wooden paneling, which allowed them to hide small lockers — this solution makes the interior more functional.

— Why did you decide to rebuild an existing home rather than build a new one?

— In Cortina d’Ampezzo is almost impossible to build a new house — in the village of strict laws. Therefore, refurbish or convert an existing building much easier. Even small additions coordination is difficult, so that all functional areas under one roof. Boiler room, technical room and cellar located in the basement.

— What is the picture Ampezzo?

— This is a very famous Italian town known for interesting traditions. It is located at an altitude of 1200 m above sea level and winter is transformed into a popular ski resort and in summer here in the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, come climbing. Around the towering mountains: Tofan, crystal, Floria. Not far from here you can see the mountain lake Mount Sorapis. Pictures Center located at an altitude of 1224 m and the highest mountain peak nearby — Tofana di Mezzo — rises to 3244 m above sea level. In addition, Cortina is surrounded by rivers and lakes. In this area, inhabited by many species of animals: marmots, deer, chamois, hares … In the city, too, do not get bored, there are boutiques Bvlgari, Benetton, Gucci and Geox, as well as the many shops of equipment for climbing and shops of local artisans. Here is a typical alpine climate: in the valley for a long time there is snow, and summers are very short. Cortina’s heyday began when then built a winter sport resort for the Olympics in 1956. He became very popular. In our area such famous movies filmed as «Krull», «The Pink Panther» and «Cliffhanger», as well as one of the tapes of James Bond — «For Your Eyes Only.» In addition, pictures of famous ancient architecture and skilled artisans, who perfected their skills in handling stone and wood for centuries. Therefore, during the restructuring, we not only take into account local traditions, but also cooperates with the artists, which is famous for this place.

— Used you have any eco-technologies?

— Yes, now in Italy, eco-design gives much greater importance than ever before. During the restoration of the house, I wanted to make sure that it does not harm the environment: we have tried to reduce energy consumption and use of ecological materials such as wood, natural paint and wax.

— Tell me more about finishing materials.

— The floor is covered ancient fir boards, which were previously part of the barn. The walls are mostly covered with fir and. For bathrooms used Italian marble from Tuscany.

— What furniture and textiles for the home you have chosen?

— In the living room sofa is a huge, custom. For us it was important that it fits within a lot of people. The large windows offer views of the mountains. This is my favorite room, there are so many lights! As for the kitchen, it is equipped with the latest technology, and despite the compact size of the room, I can cook dinner there for twelve people. For the master bedroom and all the furniture was made to order; headboard upholstered in fabric. The mural above the bed depicts St. George slaying a dragon. It’s an old story about the struggle between good and evil, interpreted with a modern twist. In the window there is a workplace. The bedroom is separated from the spacious wardrobe sliding doors. Nearby is a bathroom. The corridors and hallways are small, connecting different spaces, furnished in the same way as the rest of the room, the ceiling and the walls are covered with them, too, a tree, a bedroom decorated with fir wood and decorated in the same rare textiles. I chose the fabric of limited collections of the best Italian designers. All lighting fixtures are made of steel and a large chandelier in the living room came up with the local Italian designer.

— What advice would you give to those who are planning to build your own home?

— I recommend to communicate more with architects and interior designers, to discuss with them every single detail, because without good relations and absolute understanding is hardly possible to create a cozy home.

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