Quick smerteopisanie Manuel Calavera, a man and captain

Quick smerteopisanie Manuel Calavera, a man and captain

Grim Fandango — game over which the puzzle — a real pleasure. It even stuck nice — until, of course, unless you are hopelessly bogged down (and you can get stuck firmly in any game — even if it is logical, even if it is not the most "complex"Even if you dread as you like). Even if it is — Grim Fandango.

Then the game becomes a torment, agent Calavera, your own otherworldly-playing "I" — In the personal enemy, cheerful cries glottiditis sa longer amuses you and begin so annoying that unbearably pulls whether Glottisa whack, or to a different screen to escape, or simply for all spit and jump out of the land of the dead to the living — on the desktop.

It is such a sad case, and it is designed simple enough medicine that I propose to you now. Called — "hints". Appointed in cases of acute jams, chronic stupidity and burnout on the grounds of lack of ZOth.


Holiday rotten Gazpacho

Problem number one — how to find the driver for a trip to the Big poisoning — you probably already decided. Persuade huge Glottisa sit behind the wheel — a matter of minutes. But to obtain the signature on the waybill boss …

If Manny is not allowed in the door, no-Man will fly where? — Out of the window! The rope around the corner. Computer answering machine is not the boss, it’s easy to customize not "Fuck you all!", And "Damn it, Eve, sign itself!".

Strangers Letters

Break mail server — is simple enough, you need only a couple of dead worms (dead worm) and a bit of packing foam. Worms distribute the bazaar — a nasty clown turns the toys from balloons.

Demon repairman blunt and never looks back — enough to push the bolt while he is busy with the server, so that the door remained open for all.

The "sift" the air in the brake tube and the red message flying to Domino? Maps in the study took Manny? And Eve on the table there is remarkable for a punch …

Only the good of our efforts … Holy Sword woman — walking through the forest, the agent Calavera — under lock and key …

Away from Limones

Pigeon eggs are not pigeon’s milk, strewn everywhere — so why not try for the revolution? Coral, souvenir from the cabinet Domino, will be an excellent hook, and where to find colored shaggy rope to which he was tied, you already know me.

God really hurt the birds peck? They must be good, good! They crumble bread on the flat design on the left. But under some bread to attach an inflatable little creatures (both — in the market). Type surprise — doves like the wind will blow!

It remains to give the revolution its teeth — and Manny released to the world! Three strikes for punching bag in the office of Domino and Manny pocket cap. And Glottisa in closet has a wonderful system of LV-A-Oept. — Right for her. Bite only stronger.

YEAR ONE: dark wood

Glottis, that your heart!

Okay, so that the daemon can stretch, tearing the heart itself with the root! Here it is, twitches in the web — and not pull! Bone — in the cobwebs and oblique for her plait! Run the red over the forest — let yourself fly whizzing directly to the owner.

Carousel for Glottisa

While Glottis not climb on sokope REGON-tree and zavertitsya a top — we will not be present imbalance! But this is not enough. It is necessary, in addition to the imbalance was also a response: reduction synchronize pumps on both sides of the tree, rolling the wheelbarrow through the hoses. Glottis forgive us: now his limousine in the two accounts will be jeep steeper "Hammer"!

Where the arrow it?

The arrow points to a quite specific point and very easy to be pulled out. Point — by clearing the caves. Stuck the arrow pulled out, took two steps in this direction, thrust, drew, made … And so — as long as the door is not opened. And there Glottis key except that it finds. The key to the large padlock on the gate to the Fiery beavers.

Beaver in the fire and the bridge of the bones

Beaver even fire — the same dog. Throw him a bone — he had his head in oil!

And here, in the air … good thing — a fire extinguisher! The main thing — to have time until the flies.


How to take the place of the deceived husband?

Celso naive would believe that his wife ran away from him, until it receives evidence. Evidence — old man Velasco, who still wears away fritters with Glottisom under the stairs. Log departing passengers, Celso worth to look — and a lucrative place in the panicle yours.


The union industrious bees

Get in-box UІR Hippodrome (skip you willingly give Chauchilla Charlie) is still half the battle! Here in a barrel in the kitchen as the climb? Opener that can uncork a huge wine jug lies there where cats spoil the contrary stuffed superkoshki below.

As for the obsessive waiter, then he belongs in the closet. The door to the plait — and voila!

Suitcase — not in the basement, and to reach it, will have to slow down the elevator lift. His teeth are perfectly included in a hole under the grill — only it remains that feed it forward in the right place! And of course, "pick up" Lift it to squeeze could. There’s you and suitcase, and Charlie with a gun and a ticket to the union …

Naranja died, Captain!

Naranja is not dead, but very busy — make yourself a new tattoo salon Toto, an old submarine.

It must be cut down! The kitchen in the Blue Casket made to keep the dirty water in the sink — and how much opium to an unfinished poured! For transportation come quite large culinary pipette koshkodroma stolen from the kitchen.

Distractions and tattoo, and that Klien, open the fridge and the mechanism there … to pour from the pipette into the bottle Naranjo until he turned … Well, now it’s better than dead!

Only the medallion should be removed to confirm the fact.

Certificate of death is issued in the morgue. Attach the medallion to the unidentified body — is simple enough, now we have to find him a doctor membrilla.

If sip likerchika with gold flakes (it is the casino of Manny in the bar), the frame at the customs terminal on koshkodromom tingle when passing, even if put everything out of your pockets (the main thing — to have time before Manny iknet) and begin a personal search using a metal detector. Horrific chatter gallant tamozhennitsa should be coarsely chopped and thrown out in a fit of rage the window detector is not so hard to find with our true spit, he fell into a huge cat bowl by the window. Fffu!

With the help of a metal detector Mem-Bril finds a medallion in a jiffy! So Naranja died, as had been announced.

Manny need a lawyer

Bee not to tools: bees rally. To thunder in jail, they do not have only a theoretical framework.

Debility anarchists "Blue tomb" inadequately respond to one name only "Salvador Limones" — And if you show them the glorious leader notes that Manny took from the table in his office! .. Yes they are for Manny will break into a pancake — not that the book will be given. The one with the base.

Lecherous lawyer, Nick is afraid of nothing — but if twice during a conversation mentioned that Manny need a lawyer, and he also knows something about the relationship Nick and Olivia, sneaky lawyer is an intrinsic wash off cover their tracks, leaving on the table a cigarette case.

Cigarette case can be opened only at the customs office, in the chamber for the neutralization of explosive devices. Charles slipped bored — and you’re done.

Lola died was numbered. According to him in the locker room of our own casino Manny get women jacket with a note in his pocket. Toto will exchange the note in the photo, and that photo to exchange sweepstakes racetrack to another. 2 week, Tuesday, jump 6 — to print a ticket on a printer that we have taken away from Charlie, and you’re done! With such a compromising on hand Nick we perform such legal fandango!

I swallow the lost credit

Police Chief likes to play in our casino — he was always lucky here. It’s time with this tie! At Manny in the office, on the table is a tape management system. When the light comes on, the extreme right table — shoot down the ball to hell! A pair of calving, and the police chief to close all casinos. A Glottisa rob and to throw out a loan from the racetrack — this is, thank God, it is possible to prepare for departure.


…A polkorablya leave the customs!

Locked by customs lime? What to do?

Lift the right anchor, passed to the right, the anchor was lowered and raised … to grapple anchor? If not, polaviruyte bit so — always succeed. Kos and immediately useful: Tighten the anchor to the window and window clings for paw. We give the command to raise the second … zhzhzhih — charted line break! And now — FULL BACK! Farewell, goons!

Let it shine, let it shine, it shine!

Talking to Chepito makes no sense. Chepito should be enough for the lights and call Glottisa aid. Just go away in the right corner — there is more convenient.

But do not regret it! After Manny will give it into the hands of the terrible seaweed on a rock in front of the submarine. Just go around it, Chepito trailed behind Manny and will fall … Well, of course.

End of the world

So much for the Sword! And dominoes.

Little evil angels in the cell is quite useless, but they can elicit a hammer. With Sword harder: it is necessary to remove the stockings. She is a woman, though a saint, but smoking, and if the hot ashes fall on the stockings … The main thing — to choose the right moment to push the ashtray. And those same stockings, our romantic one Chepito willingly replaced the gun, which is so necessary Sword. And for a tiny hammer give his Superdrel — the same one without which break the lock on the door and do not let Sword of imprisonment.

All wheels in the broken castle should be set so that between them and the frame has a slot: Start at the top, then rotate the big wheel in the opposite direction, to the left, while the second will not rise to the correct position, then — again right for the third, and about a fourth you and guessed. Just do not forget to fix! Kos is quite amiss.

The panel above the door — too oblique, and irrigation system — it is. The water goes to the floor? You’ve got to drop something heavy! Axe of the knight in the next room quite amiss.

I promised you a ship!

Drive away a huge crane, runs around the island, the beach and the lower the bucket on the sand. Drill it, drill! Now free chain raised — and lowered again into the crusher, dolman design.

Ghonim crane back, let down the conveyor, drop the chain, driven conveyor up — op, picked up the ship, you can pull! Welcome aboard, Sword!

Squint eye

With Domino does not make sense to fight it out has- a healthy boxer, anyway. Better octopus eye close up. He will appreciate. And Domino problems end. Forever.


Glottis, do not die …

The main thing — to find the fuel. Promotional mugs from the box of our beloved Bruno all in the packaging foam, as she lit as lit! Cloth from a drawer — in oil, then in her toaster … Well here to die, when all around is so much fun.


…you better let vomit!

To get the machine going to have to neutralize the bomb dominoes, and for this it is necessary … to limit your Glottis barrel liquor. Souvenir old bottle-to Velas and of nitrogen from the medicine cabinet Toto — here’s what we need for the whole operation! A barrel of liquor is in the kitchen at Olivia, and the bottle will fit to arrange Glottisu tasting. When it was over, just tell him a few words … and then pour a nitrogen regurgitate moisture. You can go!


How to become beautiful

Painted boys backstage very upset if they suddenly capsize with skies full of coffee. Flee, and Manny can easily stamp the dressing room — to become red and greens.

As for the suit … the maimed soldiers with enthusiasm "krekayuschy" slot machines in the casino Hector willingly help Charlie win — just to persuade him to distract Charlie, throwing him a sheet — and to give a signal to the hero of the revolution! A dress up all decent people in the toilet.

Gardener gunsmith

Pull unhappy genius of Hector’s simple: take out of the basket at the headquarters of El Salvador, photos, post to foist my dear threatening note Lehmann photos and wave to the beak. The poor gardener and jerk hiding.

Hopefully your Manny has long been grabbed his hand chopped unfortunate warrior from headquarters and steklodelatelnuyu car with a ladder behind the scenes? This is a wonderful combination will help you find your way in the tunnel: Know yourself stranded and go ahead!

What to do with the terrible crocodile at the end of the tunnel? Pinch his tail! If you jump on a track near the wall and walk along it until the stairs, the monster will certainly turn out — and get the car on the tail (if Manny smart enough to use the remote control, of course).

In the shop we obtain certain scythe bring down the tape with a bell above the door to awaken the instincts of a normal gardener shopkeeper … Here you have a gun to talk to Hector.

Hector, the time has come!

Celso here again, this time with his better half. He has to tell about the horrors and abominations to wait for a man who wants to save money on a ticket to the first class. Hector takes Manny to work, and then start that!

How to throw the beauty head on the roof

Found a chimera cracked on the wall? If you walk along the curb and look down? Let bloom goodbye! A bit of bone meal snegomolki little from the banks … Hrjapa! Ran on a woman glowing on the roof of a second — and all our tickets! If not yet, Olivia and El Salvador without a head …

We will remember you, El Salvador!

What was still a bullet, Manny? Do not worry — Liquid Nitrogen helps! And the head of El Salvador will tell where to look brutally separated from her body. Carrying a ticket to El Salvador in the Express, find the corpse and take the key from the trunk.

We have a gun Manny — Manny sabotage! Infect the water. Shoot in the pipeline, which supplies water to the greenhouse — and Hector get all that long ago, he was owed!

And Manny gets in the Express and goes to world number nine. Judging by the look on his face, he believes that there will be a lot better. Or maybe just happy that a number of Sword …

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