Raspberry Wine

Raspberry Wine

By VICTOR Lagzdinsha novel «Night at the farm Mezhazhi» Script writer — Valentin Ezhov, Alois Vaznis, Arvids Krievs director — Arvids Krievs operator — Davis Simanis artist — composer Eva Romanova — Martins Browns soundman — VICTOR Myl’nikov

Roles performed:


Rasma — INDRA Burkovsky

Irene — Ines PABERZA

Albert — IVAR Kalnynja

Harald — Martins VERDINYSH

Dean — Mirdza Martinson

Felix — Rihards Rudaks

Vilis — Peteris LIENINYSH

Juris — Arnis Litsitis

Andris — Karlis Millers

Riga Film Studio, 1985

Color. 10 parts, 2541 m. R / C number 1302985.

21.2 / 11.

During the soiree in a country house, standing alone in the woods, he was killed by his master, engineer Juris. What are the motives for the crime? Who committed it? These questions will have to answer a friend who was killed — police major Geert, who on that fateful evening was among those invited to the anniversary of …

Shocked by what had happened, he decides, without waiting for the police to initiate an investigation. During his is more intimate acquaintance with friends late Geert — witness the drama occurred. Among them — an employee of the studio and his wife, actress; Another couple — Restaurant singer and master of television studios, who served a sentence for a fight; engineer, head of the design office, where he worked Juris; and finally, the wife of the victim. All of these people have long maintained friendly relations, frequent, and that some of them -hladnokrovny killer.

The most difficult thing was to find for Geert motive. Jealousy? Revenge? Money? It turns out that each of the participants trying to hide something, hide, no one has an alibi and all would find a reason to keep a Juris scores.

Geert case helps to find the right logical course of the investigation. Behind the well-being of a family killed in hiding disorder — my wife and they become complete strangers. In this regard, the recent Juris was particularly lonely, was in a state of depression. And then there’s a serious illness of their young son: consultation, surgery, doctors — all this took a lot of money. Difficult situations Juris dealers took advantage of that to learn about what a talented engineer has developed a method of saving the precious metals, dragged him to their dirty tricks, using the invention for personal enrichment. Juris also been generously paid for his silence.

And yet, why he killed it on a day when the house was full of guests? A huge risk! Obviously, the offender had no choice, as Juris did not want to remain silent, he haunted the conscience. Analyzing, comparing the facts, Geert concludes that it is a murder committed because of the fear of exposing one of the participants in the dirty deal — Chief Felix Design Bureau, was to conceal another crime — the biggest economic swindle …

Created in the genre of classical detective story, the film is not just a clever puzzles, but also raises serious ethical and social issues.

The picture put on the novel by the famous Latvian writer Victor Lagzdinsha «Night at the farm Mezhazhi» director-debutant in feature films Arvids Krievs, which the audience knows of a number of interesting documentaries and popular science films.

In the role of a police major Geert made director of the Latvian SSR Spectators ALVES BIRKOVS. This is his first big job in a movie. Engineer Juris played popular Latvian actor Arnis Litsitis created before this memorable images in the films «Aquanauts», «Fact», «Somewhere oriole crying …», «Without the right to fail,» «Georgia without labeling», «Two versions of the collision. «

For Kinopanorama and recommend the use of television transmission hours. 3.

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