The fact that the magazine writes about Devastation is the third time in less than a year, it can be explained only by luck … and our exclusive intelligibility. When you delve into dubious-smelling heap "future releases" hoping to find something decent, catchy designs like this cyber-punk shooter readers Gibson and his friends are worth their weight in gold.

In short, the state of affairs in Digitalo, korpyaschey over Devastaion, we are aware more than decent. We know that the guys have borrowed (legally, of course, reasons) engine Unreal, hung with its own technological developments, they offered intelligence bots to unprecedented heights, supplied with the game somehow no plot and is already almost ready to pull the project into the water, breaking his board box or two of champagne.

However, some issues of discharge "how many polygons per capita?" or "How much is now good?" I had to apply directly to the developers. To the barrier was intended already familiar to you at E3 publishing Vic DeLeon, Heads producer Devastation, fulfilling the dog work for more than two years. And our electronic counterparts fully satisfied .EXE-curiosity, though, in all honesty, a notorious "Unique types of weapons" I would like to know a little more. Among the rats can not eat.

Game.EXE: Vic, you’re pretty surprised us by saying that after all intend to implement the command "mochilovka" Devastation full story. Or maybe not quite a full-fledged? What he prepared for the role? How will it be made: briefings between missions, videos, inserts on the engine? .. Vic DeLeon: Of course, in the jungle of tangled RPG stories, we are not going to climb, however, and the traditional shuternoy bastards "You — a man with a big gun, go and kill someone" we can not afford. The narration in the affected Devastation "Corporate Future"When all highbrow technologies are concentrated in the hands of the most powerful people in the world, and you find yourself involved in a fast-growing conspiracy. Of course, we’re not going to pedal in the game with our home-grown story, but it certainly will not leave you indifferent and will make a head dive into the single. In any case, we are looking forward to it. Well, not much to distract the player from the main-bang-bang action, it was decided to focus on action-boxes of slide with a first face and an essential weapon in your hands. Start-up and the transitions between the key moments of the game Fall Classic shirokoekrannostyu and briefings between missions there, and task lists. So about everything and situation. .EXE: "Corporate Future" the essence of cyberpunk, is not it? You are so much passionate about this mess? Gibbs-on (William Gibson) Spahr heart? Or, perhaps, really believe that this is our future, my son? VD .: Um … Subject fashionable — time. It is easy to note that the market is charged with multiple undo cyberpunk role-playing games like Deus Ex, System Shock and Fallout. Do you agree? But by and large we do not care about fashion. We really do diapers dreamed wide cyberpunk shooter, because no one before had not even tried to give the genre a good chance. Gibson? Yes, and even Bruce Sterling (Bruce Sterling), Neal Stephenson (Neal Stephenson), and many other writers, which determined the face of cyber-punk. We are sure that we come to more than seriously. .EXE: On the question of a serious approach: what improvements, in addition to intelligence bots have been made by your team in the engine Unreal? And what do you use a modification? Dear Mark Rein does confuse us in this issue … VD .: We are working with the latest version of the Unreal-engine — the same one that the audience of habit called Unreal Warfare. For a couple of years, the engine was modified very seriously, and I have no choice, as the brief list the major innovations. So we have, I think, not bad worked on the skeletal system, and now the appearance can be the player to the degree to say where he was aiming. Animation itself has become much smoother, which is by the way — we have invested in great motion capture. In addition, much work has been done on special effects (for example, with the use of particles), which will result in the most eye-popping explosions and shots that I have ever seen (it does not look like bragging?). Finally, it is worth mentioning physics engine by Math engine, we have added some of my own design. .EXE: So, Devastation boasts also a good physical model? And what level of realism in the interaction with the environment can we expect?

VD .: Sure, the beyond! Get ready to see a realistic tons of garbage in the streets of Devastation. And you can forget about the statics for ever: not weak interactivity will allow you hours of fun just kicking, pushing and rolling all this stuff. You can run some stuff in the face passerby, you can push the barrel so that it rolled down the street, and then undermine its corny. Imagine you are building barricades to slow the movement of enemies, or scatter on their way empty cans and bottles, in order to hear the approach of the enemy from afar. All this, we believe that the industry sets a new level of interactivity and allows you to more quickly get into the game. As far as I know, to have no one in this shooter did. The physics engine that provides such a high realism, called the Karma Physics Engine. We are, as I said, the company has licensed its Math engine. These guys did a great job on both physics objects and players … .EXE: We — the very expectation, Vic! But let’s talk a little about the weapons. If we do not confuse you voiced figure "thirty" — So much weapons should be lit in Devastation. In what ratio will be the traditional gunshot samples and all sorts of clever things? VD No .: 30, no, about 42 types of weapons, including variations, explosives, some very murderous devices and monitoring devices. About half we copied from the actually existing "classics"And the rest — brazenly improvised. Of course, for a long time I had to deal with the balance to all these "gun" do not conflict with each other and pulled the blanket over himself. I think happened. something very "babahatel-ing"With luxurious special effects and stuff. EXE: And what are you most proud of? Rat-a spy, of course, the first number in our charts, but is there something else that way, no less sophisticated? VD .: Of course. Uniqueness — our strong point. But "rat" (Rat Drone) little able to compare. We, frankly, we can not get enough of it. You were at E3? No? Then do not sin again: Rat Drone, that you manage remotely, can be used as a miniature video camera or as a walking dynamite charge. This "rodent" He appeared in the first design document, but since then has undergone some changes. With it, you will be able to penetrate into places where no normal person in life is not to get: you will seep through the debris, holes in the walls, etc. But the real potential of this thing will be revealed only to those who learn with her masterly controlled … You know what the funny thing in this "rat" stories? Several months ago, scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who conducted a successful test of a live rat remote control via electronic signals! .EXE: You mentioned the rubble and holes in the walls. Tell me, what kind of spaces will prevail in Devastation: open or closed? VD .: Both. No Preference. The single-player portion of Devastation generally quite diverse. Almost every map as the lack of open spaces and close quarters. Most of the shootings happening on the streets, paths from which, as in real life, are often in parks, yards … even on the roofs of skyscrapers! .EXE: Sacramental question, the correct answer to which depends on the state of health of our readers: how many polygons spent on conventional gaming scene? asking how the characters? VD .: Devastation — one of the first games in hardware support T&L. Consequently, the landfill will be enough for everyone. Most models are made malopoligonalnymi players, as both can be displayed on the screen tens of people. On average, one in 2500 spending patterns of polygons, but each of them is applied to four high-resolution textures. But on the Devastation of the environment promises to eclipse all things: in the average stage in the field of view falls from 30 to 40 thousand polygons. Apart from particle effects and atmospherics. Each card contains about 130 thousand. Polygons (this is also the merit of T&L). I hope the readers of your magazine will sleep peacefully. .EXE: How many classes and character models (if not the same) you plan to have in the game? It seems there has been talk about two dozen. VD .: There are two teams — ten different models on each side. As Devastation — a game with the team but did not command, then any of these classes by and large there is no multiplayer. While we all love the team shooter with classes multiplayer aspect Devastation want to do a little more flexible, the more that the game mode "Territory" not very suitable for this kind of entertainment. .EXE: The traditional question we ask all developers team shooter: you are playing in similar products made by other companies? What are you closest to? What can make Devastation competition? ..

VD .: The game, no question. If only it happens a free minute. Competition, you say? .. This fall and winter will come a lot of good games, people will choose from. But somehow I think that Devastation is still able to get through. .EXE: When release, Vic? Will public demo?

VD .: Now our main goal — to achieve the status of "beta". Then it’s time demo. When everything is ready, yes.

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