Star TV series «The Vampire Diaries» and «Lost» Ian Somerhalder about how important to find a teacher of acting. And life.

Ian came to Moscow to take part in master classes Ivana Chabbak — the legendary teacher of acting, by which on the Hollywood firmament lit stars Brad Pitt, Charlize Theron, Halle Berry and at least another couple of dozen celebrities. Of course, including the most Somerhalder. Tell me, Ian, how long have you worked with Ivan? For almost six years. We met when I was in a professional dead end, and Ivan helped me get out of it.

What exactly you have learned and how her collaboration with her impact on your career?

I will not dissemble, thanks to studies with Ivan, I made a lot of progress. To be honest, the fact that the audience liked my character Damon in «The Vampire Diaries» I owe it to her. Its author’s method and techniques have helped me to create a character on the screen a dynamic, fun-filled, but at the same time very vulnerable. He is funny and some … real.

And what gives you the hardest? What scenes or maybe emotion?

We have worked very hard on one of the episodes of «The Vampire Diaries.» In the story of Damon lying drunk in the middle of the road, and to his car approached the girl. At first he tried to talk heart to heart, and then just killed. The point is that alcoholics easier to express my feelings, I mean really deep feeling intoxicated. But once they trezveyut again turn in on themselves. At this point it becomes clear how much my hero is human. This survey has been very difficult for me, and work on it lasted for more than one day. Even after a time I felt depressed.

By the way, about the series: why are you shoot more often than in a feature film? Or, in the near future we are waiting for some movies with your participation?

And there is! At the moment I’m working on a film in London. Ivan and I are both very excited and are working literally every line in the script. I think that this project — really worth: We are very much looking for him, not wanting to waste your time on trifles. Well, you know, to act anyhow what’s just because it’s a full-length …

Yes, of course … You can not disclose all the secrets, even to hint what he was?

This film combines many different elements and genres. Perhaps it could even be described as the seventh of the «Bourne Identity» — you’ll see, it’s a good movie!

By the way, in addition to it, we are currently working on a series, and even shorts. I am speaking as a producer, as well as playing a major role. It was directed by my good friend Sinisa Nishevich. It is about five kinonovell steep CIA agents who try to save the world. We have already shot one film in Los Angeles and plan to continue shooting in Moscow, Bangkok, Paris and elsewhere. This is so exciting! You have come to Moscow for the opening of a completely new project for Russia Cinemotion Acting School. What do you think about this kind of training programs as a whole?

What you have now had such a school is very, very cool! How and what to cooperate attracted Ivan Chabbak. Believe me, learn from this amazing woman, a teacher, whose methods really work — a great success for Russian actors, especially for beginners. Undoubtedly, this project will be a success, I know!

We still believe you and hope that the training of such teachers as Ivan, will help pave the way to Hollywood and Russian actors. By the way, do you think that is why many of them are taken from European directors, but it was a unit — the «factory of dreams»? Maybe it’s that notorious difference in approaches to acting?

You know, what you say makes sense, even if the problem is not only in it. That is why I believe the launch of programs like Cinemotion Acting School, incredibly important event.


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