Shop «World of Carpet» in Novosibirsk is a modern exhibition hall of 400 square meters

The variety of colors, styles and design allows you to choose the carpet under any interior. Even if you do not understand the design, you can be sure that there will make every effort to make you happy with your purchase. And if a huge range of choices made it difficult, use the unique service -free fitting. Selected carpets will bring you home, so you can see which option fits perfectly! This service helps to eliminate any surprises and makes long-awaited purchase is particularly pleasant!

Objective 1: Often when combining multiple zones in the room, they look scattered.

Solution: Carpets in the same style and similar in color to help «Connect» space. In the recreation area can be used carpet on the 2-3 pitch, «Good», and a seating area to complement a bright option.

Objective 2: Too big room.

Solution: Today’s solution for the interior of the carpets are considered to be of medium size. They focus on a specific area, such as a recreation area, highlighting its comfort.

Objective 3: A very dark room.

Solution: It is best to choose a carpet of bright and warm colors, such as yellow or orange. The coating adds a visually dark room sunlight.

Task 4: Needless solar hot room.

Solution: Visual coolness give the carpet cold color — blue, green, purple, gray.

Task 5: elongated rectangular room.

Solution: Smooth elongation capable of oval and round rugs, and custom — in the form of animal skins.

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