Slowly but surely

Slowly but surely

Series creator Mitchell Hurwitz many years fans fed with promises to continue a family history Blutt as a feature film, but in the end everything turned out even better. Video rental service Netflix, decided recently to produce their own projects, agreed with the studio for the production of 12 episodes of the show. Writers and actors seize the opportunity and filmed material even 5 hours, and finally the fourth season of the show will consist of as many as 15 full-fledged series.

And it’s worth a little step back and look back at the series itself, trying to understand the reasons for its popularity. First, it should be noted that, unfortunately, in Russia, «Arrested Development» still failed to win even a small army of fans. While American fans put the show on the first places in various ratings, we have many of this show had not even heard.

This is primarily due to the time when the show appears on the screen — in 2005, «Lost» was just beginning to win fans around the world and open a new look at TV shows. Russian television is very reluctant to purchasing another US series and put them on the air at the wrong time, and transfers the fans were just beginning its spread. It is not surprising that more or less adequate Russian translation of the series has received recently. And even to him any questions and complaints.

The thing is that the show is very much tied to the literary games, laces of synonyms and references. Translate all this adequately, keeping ideas screenwriters, is incredibly difficult. Perhaps we should agree with the opinion of some fans, that people watching «Arrested Development» with the translation, see several other series, is quite different from the original.

However, if you are still not familiar with it, do not be afraid of his imaginary complexity. Indeed, in the first place, «Arrested Development» — is incredibly diverse comedy. Here the already mentioned word games and skits, and fantastically unusual plot moves, makes her wonder and laugh at themselves.

The history of the heroes of the series starts on expensive yacht. Pours champagne and other drinks — all for the glory of the head of the family and the jubilee of George Blutta. It is on this very boat already arrested and taken away in a small boat in the places not so remote. He is accused of tax fraud, cheating their own costs of the enterprise, and a lot of what else. Golden Age Blutt family came to an end. Fully lazy losers family, accustomed to live on all ready and only deal with social events so raising funds for environmental protection, in an instant remains total, in a small house on the edge.

To deal with a sudden leaning bunch of problems fell on the shoulders of Michael Blutta, the only sane person in the family, which, ironically, no one is going to listen. His two brothers and sister are a very spoiled and useless people in the world — one sissy, loser -fokusnik second, and the third — just spender with a strange husband, who dreams of becoming an actor! And besides, a son on his shoulders, secretly in love with his own cousin, and even a stall selling bananas in the chocolate, which is in the early stages and brings only money.

Problems whimsical little family piled on the hero with such speed that just right there and mind to move. Therefore, problems arise most often resolved most extravagant. I suspect that the son wants to buy drugs? The best way out-not to talk to him and find out why, and to arrange a theatrical presentation with a fake purchase and police raid. But do not think that’s it! In this eye-opening stories with extremely idiotic decision has at least two hidden bottom. One concerns his grandfather, who even from prison could organize a second «figurehead» idea within already played out to teach a lesson to have their sons, and the second — themselves drug users who actually need a third brother, but still not for its intended purpose. It sounds weird and crazy, but looks fresh, funny and exciting.

For all its disadvantages the family makes empathize. Let them behave like complete idiots, but it is funny, kind and cute nerds! In the whirl of this sitcom. which can easily give it a parody of a Mexican soap opera, a story about finding faith in prison, is not lost heroes themselves. There are many, they are all very different, but they are — a real family, for which at times really want to rejoice.

Particular influence on the story itself has the form of submission — if we see a reality show shot on handheld camera, and even with the omniscient narrator voice Ron Howard, who commented on the events occurring on the screen. And the end of the series, where the alleged events are announced the following parts have become a hallmark of the series. Each time the announcement promised to show in the next series of absolutely incredible events that continue any line of the plot, but it never happened. This unusual approach created some pleasant anticipation — and suddenly all this time the creators have decided to show the «correct» the announcement?

Despite this, as well as a «Golden Globe», six «Emmy» and has the incipient cult TV series TV channel Fox was closed due to low ratings. And then — already well-known miracle of the long-awaited new season. Despite initial claims that the series will return for just one season, and there are chances of getting a continuation — or even one season, or long-promised film. Problems with any one nor the other should not be. Mitchell Hurwitz still full of ideas, and the whole team has to shoot the series. if you believe their statements, with great joy — and even traditionally dragged to shoot some guest stars (Ben Stiller, Terry Crews, Kristen Wiig, and others). Responsible persons let in fog and apparently waiting for the first ratings.

According to the original plans of each series of the new season should be devoted to one character to the series, and it only fleetingly will overlap with other major actors. All that was required in order to reduce production costs and to combine the sophisticated graphics of each actor, but, judging by recent statements of the founders, the idea was abandoned with the charts of problems have arisen. And although at the moment, even the actors themselves do not know what can happen during installation, it is possible to predict as close to the original story that is definitely great.

In any case sitcom «Arrested Development» has ever staked the right to stand among the best and the most important representatives of the genre. Despite the eccentricity, it’s very easy to fall in love with all my heart, to reconsider, to remember the best moments and advise all around. His findings in one way or another use many of the new series, because without it already does. You can call the show a milestone in the world of comedy, but why hang tags? Easier just to see half a dozen series, feel the brand madness and they now enjoy for a season longer.

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