Summer dawns on Voloshne

Even novice spinning know what to go for pike without durable metal leash — it is almost hopeless. On the line, including the braid, spotted predator straightened quickly and easily. Exceptions, however, are. For example, if you are felled on the edge of her lips. But often it happens so that when fishing for chub, ide, chub and other predators lure unexpectedly attack the pike.

Over a rather narrow bay, framed mixed forest, and over the Voloshney slowly dissipate torn shreds of night fog. Indescribable beauty. Three days in a row with short breaks was boring drizzling rain. All attempts to hunt for pike or at least for the omnipresent bass to nothing lead. And here I am again at the exit of the bay. Thirty meters from the water’s edge is submerged stumps stick out, probably from the time when preparing for bed Ruza Reservoir. A couple of weeks ago I caught here Krasnopyorov jaunty bass, then this place settled asp. And now, after the bad weather, I really wanted to take at least a couple of cautious predators.


I do not want to rush. I bind at the end of the main line tested zherehovuyu kolebalki two plates (white and yellow) and above on a short leash put pen birdcall. But this time, instead of trolling asp enough pike. I am getting predator almost to the shore, she shakes her head and dismissed by spinners. No, that will not do. Begins to change tooling. That morning I took almost on the spot, the four hefty pike. Snap them were greedy and sweeps to obtain reliable.

It is time it was at the end of such a successful fishing comprehend what is happening. So, what do we have? Weather in August is more similar to the July. Heat. Stuffiness. Even before the bad weather on the nearby beach, I have experienced what the thermocline. Dived to a depth of 5-6 m, felt almost icy water, while the upper layers have been very warm. Fish have been known, in such a situation is generally located above a boundary that occurs between the colder bottom water layers with a small amount of oxygen and oxygen-saturated upper layers. Local pike, probably due to abnormal weather such a time of fasting. And now, after the long rains, shot up greedily pouncing on the food fish, which, in turn, has intensified in the overgrown and zakoryazhennyh shallows.

The behavior of predators in this case could be explained by the fact that during prolonged heat temperature of the water in the shallow waters rose to a critical point. And it made the pike to abandon his usual tactics of raids in the coastal zone. However, a certain number of predators continued to eat — bite, although rare, in areas with a depth of 6-7 m occurred in the water column. Then the situation changed. Rain, wind and cold spell is known to promote aeration especially the upper layers of water. But with the improvement of the oxygen regime lived and shallow water.

A river or part of the reservoir?

Question for fishermen Shchukar is not idle. The fact that the reservoir formed on the medium-sized rivers such as Ruza near Moscow, have the characteristic feature that the flow here is pretty weak and in some areas it simply does not. In addition, small tributaries in the lower its flow dammed. Such sites are likely to be attributed to the reservoir, as the fish are free to make local migration and lives «by the rules» regarding the extensive deep pond. If the bayou or bay have a narrow, grassy pass behavior of pike in them differ markedly from those that live directly in the reservoir.

At the height of summer, when the water temperature rises considerably, pike, as I said above, together leave the shallow water heats up quickly and bays. It is not surprising that, examining the well-known you catchability places, you will find that pike are not in sight. The same applies if during the thermocline you try to get the pike at the very bottom — there are none, because they rise up vertically in the pursuit not for food, but for oxygen. Alternatively, disperse the mouths of spring creeks or bays, which receives fresh spring water. It is in these places in the hot weather, I had to deal with passive predator. And that is typical — if evisceration is not found in their stomachs no zaglotysha. Of course, the conclusion is that the predator came here not to hunt for fish trifle, but simply «breathe» life-giving oxygen.

Up the river

Reflecting on the behavior of the local predators spotted, I decided one of the cloudy days to climb up the Voloshne how have the strength and patience to find the so-called pike ambushes. Immediately I must say that this idea was not the most successful. In small quiet zavodinkah overgrown with aquatic plants, and parts of the river zakoryazhennyh my bait attacked solely schuchki- «pencils», which I immediately let go at will.

Nevertheless, after each throw, I still hoped to capture a decent trophy, bearing in mind that in the bush, usually piled deep, satisfied with their adult ambush predator. Schuryat same in the summer we tend to stick to shallow waters. In short, losing half a day, I’m back to square one.

The smaller the pond, the faster it gets warm. It is an axiom. The exception — a small river with a swift current, but Voloshnya not one of them. The flow is weak and shallow waters in August strongly overgrown with grass, which also contributes to the overheating of the water, so feel uncomfortable pike and go to deeper places close to the reservoir.

Of course, not only due to the flow water is saturated with oxygen. Rain and wind also play a role. When the wind is strong, such as in open areas dammed river water layers mix to a depth of 3-4 meters. This is sufficient to active predator. It is at such a depth to Voloshne I was able to take a pike weighing 2-3 kg, when before sunset on the pond excitement subsides.


I’ll start with size. When fishing for pike, even active, as in our case, after the rains, the principle of «a large piece of a big mouth rejoices» does not always work. The fact there are a number of reasons. I have long been convinced that a large water lure of approximately twenty centimeters can grasp not only the large pike, pickerel and minor because of their greed. In small water bodies like flow and closed, on the contrary, solid predator often attacks small vobleroch-ki, turntables №2-3, spoons 3-4 cm long and similar in size lures. How to explain this — the big question. Most likely, these ponds predator accustomed to eat small fish, just do not take the big lure.

Choosing the size of the bait, you should take into account the fishing pressure on this lake. Voloshnyu not often visited by spinning. They usually stop at the fishing base «Ostashevo» take the boat and go fishing on the reservoir. So pike living in Voloshne, do not abandon the larger baits than similar reservoirs, but frequented Shchukarev. Besides, according to different design baits not quite logical to apply the same scale dimensions. In this sense, all floating wobbler length of 4-5 cm, for example, will be comparable to the largest number turntable.

The choice of a particular lure, of course, affect fishing conditions: the need for long-distance casting, windy weather, oblavlivanie plots in the shade, in the sun. Not very wise to agree that when catching a wave lures designed for the upper layers of water and verified require wiring. Well, if you catch a sunny day, try not to use baits that give when you post the bright glare. It certainly scare spotted predator. The list of «ifs» that affect the choice is long.

Once on Voloshne I was faced with a situation where left on shoal of pike ignored my most catchability bait … except crankbaits. However, after the first pretty noisy vyvazhivaniya pike company took initial positions, which are to due to the headwind I could not send a wobbler. And now, rummaging in a box with lures, pay attention to a couple of compact wobblers-rattles. I cling to one of the karabinchik, doing casting. It is quite another thing! It flies as pretty. And most importantly — schukam liked.

By the way, scientists-ichthyologists found that any predatory fish chasing their prey, attracted the noise that comes when driving small fish, especially scaly. With this in mind and created a catchability bait. Acoustic crankbaits have a special body within the «rattle»: one or more balls are arranged in a cavity bait. During posting wobbler balls roll and create sounds that attract predators. Do not forget that after casting a lure sinks quickly, so the first wire rod should be kept quite high and lifted gradually lower it to the water as bait pribizheniya to shore. The line at the same time must always be stretched to more intimate contact with the bait. The same purpose is the use of braided cord having a minimum tensile.

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