Surely I climb into other people’s business. Even accurate. Genre our favorite game — turn based action strategy. I did not hide his rescue. To take away the bread of the glavstratega. But tell me, home is not to take away, if it is a demo version of Worms 2 by Team 17 ?! That is about the game, that’s the whole progressive community waited with bated breath, and only for the kind of supporting endless meetings about Quake 2 (drat him). On the game that is played even in the strategic .EXE department.

characteristically, I say the same thing I said in my place to remember in vain glavnachstrateg (the more so because this is what he said, the only — Shh!). New Worms differ from the old graphics, but only the sound, that is, things extremely minor, and an outstanding game, oddly enough, not ispohabit. Well, there was, of course, a certain number of new weapons, such as terrible drug called «Old Woman" — Apparently, the same pensioner with a crutch, we are not in dodavit Carmageddon, the sheep came to the aid of Cows, etc. etc. But all this is not so important.

Dixie 2

Already the first version of the brilliant play from the beginning was disgusting … If not on the chart, the resolution. Obtuse technology porting in «DOS and 320×200" a little tired palates. The sound was not less talented, but simple-minded. All further extensions of the packages, were performed in the same podzabornaya technology. In essence, this was the only imperfection being discussed a great game.

Thank Buddha problems dare shoot. If not death — 640x480x65000.16-bit sound — but elegant. The game did not go the vicious way in which wandered most strategies. The visible part of the playing field does not become four times more increased only detail. This is very important, although the first Worms and professionals complain that the grenade

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