HONEY & amp; TAR

Even if a formal approach and calculate the pros and cons, it becomes clear that the winners of the last participant exits. It feels also that he and the sound of the potential serious, in our (pre-production) copy of a picture of spoiled excessive rise in the bass, but consider it a fatal flaw would be hypocrisy. Whatever it was, on a score Pioneer came out on top. The most intense competition winner was Alpine, whether he BT (such as model 177), he would quietly could oust the winner. Well, today a participant gets the title of «favorites.» The first two have liked a little less. Why less — you’ll see it on the table of rankings. Although, as you can notice the difference in the final scores of some hundredths or tenths.

Kenwood kdc-bt53u

Men’s voices on CD collected, vibrant and detailed. Sibilant yet tough, but dryish. Female vocals is treated a bit rustic, but comfortable listen. And yet it seems that the singer’s voice slightly moved away from the audience. Tambourine behaves somewhat sheepishly, he lacks brightness. Well, maracas some very peaceful. Bass properly designed and does not seek to take a whole scene. In the bass, clearly, is not the most energetic attack. The dynamics of the piano more relaxed, but the sound is not tiring, and obey not without pleasure.

But in the middle ground tightness almost non-existent, the second vocally remained stable in place. Vocal sounds softly, though not replete with details. The sound of the piano, in general, is the same: comfortable, no man-made reverberation, but without details. However, the loss of some of the details for this bit rate (128 kbit / s) is quite natural. Relief few bass be rounded attack stable, albeit without much pressure. Shock stage tambourine seem too lightweight. As you can see, the device has a holistic sound handwriting in the whole range.


Male vocals on CD seemed too light, he lacked some solidity. In light detected sibilant rustling shade. Discipline lower notes close to the ideal, but the vocal intonation seem reinforced. Female vocals is coldish estimates of location. Bass is well decorated, but not very well filled. Bass is generally similar to themselves, but also a little lightweight. Tambourine cool and immaterial, maracas lacks clarity and completeness. At the piano the correct speaker, but lacks physicality. Violin beautiful, detailed and musical.

The MP3 speaker on top virtually free, and the second plan adheres to its rightful place. Ballot in sufficient detail to medium (128 kbit / s) bit rate. The sound of the piano is also quite detailed, post-impact artifacts can be detected only with diligence. Attack the bass slightly underlined, however stable and predictable relief, at least no worse than on the CD. Tambourine generally similar to themselves, and that is simplified, since it is natural.

Alpine CDE-175R

Male vocals on CD, as it were reduced in scale, sibilance natural structure, but if separated from us by a thin veil. Voters sometimes seem hasty, they lack solidity, and intonation are perceived is not always correct. Female vocals if kept at a distance, that is also reduced in scale. Violin, as it seemed to lack the plasticity, they are too straight. Royal calls and a little hasty. Bass passed quite naturally both in attack and in relief. Bass a little blurry, though quite deep. Tambourine is quite recognizable on the dynamics but not very detailed. Maracas also lacks sharpness.

The second MP3 vocally sometimes departs from its usual place, but have a warm tone of voice that the bitrate (128 kbit / s) occurs infrequently. On top of the speaker is not particularly limited, cramped in the middle ground is not felt, or almost non-existent. The sound of the piano in detail, with almost imperceptible artifacts. Bass rich, stable and quite natural attack. Tambourine properly decorated and like himself. At the drums quite natural dynamics of the shock.


As it turned out, when installing the equalizer «on zero» on bass saved quite significant rise, so before listening had to use an equalizer, so that the bass response to fall into the «window» of +1.5 / -O dB. The frequency balance of male voices (now) to some extent observed, but there was light disassembled at the lowest notes. Sibilance is not entirely natural, as if the singer had just drank some water. But, say, Alan Parsons is talking, diction becomes more legible. The female vocals such effects are not noticeable, melodious voice, and kept in place. Insinuating bass and a little heavy. Attack the bass a bit unusual, it seems to be ahead of the «body» of the notes.

Royal scaled correctly, the sound is clear and without much sonority. Violin and material moving. Tambourine and maracas passed confidently and naturally. The vocal MP3 starring pushed forward dynamics over virtually free. Handwriting bass heavy, assertive attack, besides guitar strives to occupy the leading position. Royal very detail, although not entirely free from cold reverberation. Careful listening to its dynamics seems somewhat manipulative in excess of the dynamics and impact of the drums. Top duly completed in time and generally pretty straight. Without certain simplifications, of course, it has not done, but the average bit rate is never complete.

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