Old Mornings Dawn

The music has a heavy tendency. Talented musicians are beginning to extreme forms of metal, but the more experienced artists are, the harder and more progressive than their music, and the further it moves away from the original genre. Austrians Summoning — a classic example: the latest album from black metal in their music was only characteristic vocals.

Atmosphere-symphonic side finally took over. This is fine, in fact it makes the band unique and recognizable.

Martial horns orc, elf strumming harps, thumping drums that resemble the heavy tread of mumakov and trolls, and the roar of a furious Nazgul — that sounds like Old Mornings Dawn. Even knowing for sure that everything is not real tools and tricks Sileniusa and tread of the sample, it is easy to believe that the album was written in the original Orcs of Barad-Dur. Actually, not ugly and silly creatures Professors and morgotovski of minstrels of the «Black Book of Arda.» Summoning Lyrics talk about the dark side of Tolkien’s world, the irrepressible warrior from Mordor and Angband, Snow Karadrasa and harsh nature of Middle-earth. The songs do not tell specific stories — they paint a gloomy atmosphere of peace, convey emotion severe, but have not lost their sense of beauty warriors of darkness, longing for his former greatness.

Summoning little use familiar names and realities so clear about what exactly an episode of «The Silmarillion,» they sing at the moment, it can be difficult. Some songs taken out of context of the album, could not relate to the Orcs, and Nazgul, and, say, the pagans defeated. With a lot in common with viking- and PEG-metalheads and — and they both are in love with the image of noble barbarians defeated the «forces of good», but not broken. And in both cases, this image — an invention that arose recently. After all, the real medieval pagans were no winners noble Christians, and the «real» Tolkien’s orcs and even more so were monsters, not dark romance. Departing from the interpretation of Tolkien’s characters, Summoning create his own world, harsh and beautiful in its own way.

Music, under which it would be desirable to besiege Minas Tirith. Higher valuation it is not won just because the album is too dark and is designed for a narrow circle of connoisseurs.

Black Sabbath


In the early seventies Black Sabbath recorded a few slow, gloomy songs that many years influenced the development of doom metal. But Tony Iommi and his companions were gone almost immediately by the sound of a brisk speed and heavy metal. It remained only guess where the story turned to rock music and the band, Iommi make another selection.

The disc «13» part gives the answer to this question. Reunite with Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath recorded their best doom metal album. Low-tuned guitar Iommi and Ozzy, drawing ominous words, make «13» looks more like a work of Candlemass, than on their own. At first, the experiment leads to ecstasy, but as you know, all the songs are recorded at the same pace and mood, the album begins to seem monotonous.

The strength of «13» — clever lyrics that speak of the struggle for freedom, the soul and vision. Patriarchs metal expose all fools who tried to write them in the «Satanists». They are, though not in the form approved by the church, asking serious questions of faith is sin, and the afterlife. There is also unexpected for a group of sci-fi images. End of the Beginning talks about «cyber soul», which is struggling with its enslaved by the system. A lyrical hero recalls Zeitgeist of Major Tom from Bowie songs: Lost wanderer who «rushes through time faster than the speed of life.

«13» ends with the sounds of wonder from the debut song ‘Black Sabbath. It is a worthy point in the band’s history: both traditional and experimental album.

How to Destroy Angels

Welcome Oblivion

Trent Reznor has repeatedly surprised fans interesting concept of the album, bold and large-scale projects and, of course, emotional performances. In a side project. which he founded with his wife Mariqueen Maandig, musician Atticus Ross and designer Rob Sheridan, the concept is all right, debut album, How to Destroy Angels is about the future of humanity, which is increasingly dependent on technology, and the consequences of this dependence.

Unfortunately, history proved to be the strong point of the album. On the musical part is not so good — so many discoveries, to put it mildly, an amateur; other students, they seem simply boring, the whole of the album is represented quite varied experimental electronics, which here and there you can find memorable moments. Among them are the How Long — almost indie pop; beautiful, melodic song Strings and Attractors; Too Long, All Gone — track, which would look perfect on one of the later albums of Nine Inch Nails. The rest of the material — a jumble of electronic sounds, diluted expressionless vocals Mariqueen.

As a result, the work received mixed — sometimes boring, sometimes catchy, but very atmospheric and deep. In any case, the drive from one of the masters of industrial music is worth at least a few auditions.

Atmospheric electronic album with an interesting concept, not all ideas which manage to see through at once, But whether it rasslushivat hunting — this is the question.


To Beast or Not to Beast

This is the sixth album represent to the listener Finnish massoviki-entertainers of Lordi. The recipe remains the same — focus on hard and glam rock eighties with their naive, funny costumes and general frivolous attitude. This light atmosphere of the Finnish musicians added themselves from the love of horror movies, dressing up in costumes of monsters — «on the face of terrible, but good inside.»

By and large, the new album, after which all participants to update your wardrobe, but not updated sound, not much stands out among its peers. All the same funny names like Happy New Fear («With the new pain») or Candy for the Cannibal («Candy for cannibal») and no less funny texts. Do not believe, for example, the song-l’oeil Sincerely with Love («With Love»)! Despite the title, the song is no hint of a bright feeling. Instead, declarations of love Mr. Lordi exercising insults — is such a pretty funny parody of pop ballads. Such self-irony and the ability to put their ideas into a package of qualitative and hit tunes compensates for any shortcomings. The band’s sound still rather one-sided, and musicians do not even try to diversify it. What for? Hits Hard Rock Hallelujah level or Would You Love a Monsterman ?, maybe here and there, but songs like The Riff, or I’m the Best audience will certainly be happy to sing along.

Rediscover -Lordi not changed — we see another good album. And consistency is known to be a sign of excellence.



German heavy music is usually associated with bands like Oomph! and Megaherz, where tough guys steely voice spits out words by metal marches Coppelius stands out against this background. Before us is a rare representative of symphonic metal. No, not the one where the sweet maidens sing a soundtrack of a Hollywood blockbuster with guitars. Coppelius, like Apocalyptica, performing metal, using acoustic instruments. The role of the rhythm guitar performs cello {connected to the amplifier itself), bassist playing bass and lead guitar for two clarinets rap.

On their fifth album Berliners continued to chart a course in the weighting. Now, the composition became more «metal» — the rhythm section presses, overloaded cello sometimes completely indistinguishable from the guitar, clarinet, two long skirmish «solos» in the best tradition of heavy metal. However, all this gives a side effect of aggression disappeared almost ironic, playful mood of the groups. Only a couple of ballads felt retroatmosfera once became «chip» of the group. Unfortunately, there is no explicit on the album and hits, which I would like to pereslushivat. Discordance make and vocalists — almost every musician sang a couple of verses, but not all performances can be called successful. Save the situation atmospheric texts — but they will be able to assess only those who have knowledge of German.

The atmosphere of antiquity is almost gone because sometimes clumsy arrangements of heavy metal in the acoustic sound. Not the best, but still interesting album Coppelius.

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