The concept of the elevator industry for the next five years.

The concept of the elevator industry for the next five years.

April 19-21, 2011 in TGC «Izmailovo», the I Congress of the National Union of lift self-regulatory organizations.

April 19 at the «round table» liftoviki discussed the development of self-regulation in the elevator industry.

April 20 plenary session. A 21st general assembly passed the self-regulatory organizations — members of the National Union of lift CPO: Russian lift association, DT «Liftservis» Interregional Association of elevator companies and «Rusekspertlift.»

Furthermore, on 19 April the first is still quite an unusual event for the elevator industry, meeting the media club, during which journalists had organized a press conference with the leaders of the domestic elevator industry. The urgency of the introduction of this form of communication with the media is obvious, because it depends on them the level of public awareness of the problems facing liftovikami. And the understanding — this is the first step to the right solution.

The new format was, and the event in general. According to its organizers, the status of the Congress gives the industry the opportunity to express its highest degree of consolidation, with a fundamentally new positions to address the major issues of the elevator complex, protect and represent its interests at all levels of government, on the grounds the most effective NGOs. All this should contribute to a competent strategy of the elevator industry and its modernization.

In the I Congress of the National Union of Self-Regulatory Organizations elevator was attended by over 400 delegates from 50 regions of the country. TGC «Izmailovo» Lift gathered heads of enterprises and organizations specialized elevator, certification bodies and testing laboratories, companies — manufacturers of elevator components and systems, dispatch communication.

Before liftovikami were representatives of the State Duma, the Russian Ministry of Regional Development, Industry and Trade of Russia, Rostekhnadzor, the Federal Antimonopoly Service, the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology, the Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services, the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation, Moscow City Duma,

Russian public organization «Business Russia», the Russian public organization «Support of Russia», the National Association of Builders, the National Association SRO property managers, the National Union of SROs in the field of industrial safety, business and entrepreneurial circles.

— Already the convening of the professional community to address important industry issues on a national scale by itself means a lot — said in his welcoming speech to the participants of the Congress of the State Duma deputy GP Khovanskaya. — When it is taken by professionals and connect influential public, government representatives, many questions are resolved much more easily than when it is done in reverse — if the solution down from top to bottom. And I see this as one of the undeniable achievements of the institute of self-regulation.

I must admit that we have to work in difficult conditions, insufficient funding and weak legal framework that hinder the development of the system and utilities and, as you know, the elevator industry.

Moreover, to overcome the negative consequences of imperfect legislation.

At the Congress was made more than 25 reports on the most pressing problems of the elevator industry and the best options for their solutions. The congress delegates discussed issues of safe operation of elevators in the housing stock, the prospects for interaction with the community lift the state structures and public organizations, the development of self-regulation in the industry. Dealt with the protection of domestic producers from unfair competition, the problems associated with the introduction of technical regulations «On the safety of lifts» and the development of draft technical regulations for lifts and the EurAsEC Customs Union. Questions were raised in the implementation of occupational safety and health industry, the introduction of innovative technologies in the elevator industry in the Russian Federation, etc.

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