The congress hunters Moldova

The congress hunters Moldova

At the third congress of the Moldovan society of hunters and fishermen attended 101 delegates from grassroots organizations hunting, as well as guests from the Soviet republics, representatives of local public and government organizations. He made a report on the company chairman A. Gervasi.

The speaker stressed that the council of the Republican society of hunters and fishermen in their activities guided by the Council of Ministers of the USSR on May 11, 1959 «On measures to improve game management» as well as the decisions of the Second Congress of the Moldovan hunters. All hunters Moldova combined in the primary hunting groups, they are entrusted with all the work for reproduction, Wildlife Conservation and the fight against harmful predators in the grounds. They have also been entrusted with the work, and to educate hunters receive ohotminimuma and clean its ranks of random people … The fact is that before 1967 hunting society was rather easy access. As a result, people who are far from hunting, ready to shoot at all life, not worrying about the future turned out to be members of society. Given all this, at the second congress of Moldovan hunters, it was decided to get rid of random members of the public to enter the higher requirements to enter. In particular, ohotminimum included shooting at the stand at the level of not less than III Category, increased requirements to the members ohotobschestva violating hunting rules, carelessly storing weapons and ammunition, and so on. D. As a result, in four years the number of members ohotobschestva reduced from 23 500 to 14,200 people.

In addition, the work has been done to reduce the number of weapons among the population and organizations. During the reporting period it was seized around 12,000 guns and carried the remaining account. According to the Interior Ministry, the country accounted for 22 117 shotguns and 619 rifles, including hunters (members of society) — 17 780 from organizations (issued keepers and shepherds) — 3748 and the rest in different individuals. It is obvious that there must be some measures to regulate the possession of arms.

Much has been said about the avtobrakonerstve, especially the use of GAZ-67 and GAZ-69 officials. The Rapporteur considers it necessary to more severely punish those who use public transport for poaching purposes.

Much work has been done Moldovan ohotobschestvo enrichment fauna. For 4 years in the forests of the republic it was released a few dozen deer, pheasants 3000. Built fazanary capacity of 12 thousand. Pheasants in season. All grown birds is expected to release in the land at public expense.

The congress has been slightly modified ohotobschestva Charter. In particular, the board of the company was increased from 31 to 35 people, and the Audit Commission — from 3 to 7 people. Membership fees increased from 4 to 10 rubles. The deadline for payment is transferred on July 1, April 1. To become members ohotobschestva set probationary period — not less than one year. For all members of a norm trudouchastiya ohotobschestva in the amount of not less than three days a year.

The composition of the new board was slightly updated and rejuvenated.

Chairman elected Leonid V. Dubinin.

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