The meteorite is unique in its composition, it is virtually impossible to forge. Of course, the authenticity of the messenger from outer space will still need to establish through a long procedure of examinations (usually in major universities in the Faculty of Geology, or the like, there exist laboratory). However, at the stage of «collection» of meteorites is possible to determine which of them may indeed qualify for this honorary title. Unless you are holding a rare meteorite, of course. Most of these «aliens» is quite recognizable. Their characteristics are as follows:

• Recently had flown items covered fusion crust (it can be black with a brownish tint — from iron meteorites, and sometimes — a brilliant, which is typical for achondrites very rarely seen the light, translucent crust).

• High density. Meteorites are heavier than, for example, granite or sedimentary rocks.

• Sometimes Oriented conical or melt-clastic shape.

• There may be smooth, but more often on the surface of visible regmaglypts — smooth grooves reminiscent of finger indentations in the clay.

• The break is most often gray, which is sometimes noticeable small, about 1 mm balls — chondrules (only stone chondrites).

• The majority of ground-to-sectional visible specks of metallic iron (all stony meteorites).

• The magnetization: the compass needle deviate significantly (all but the stone

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