The monitor controller Drawmer MS2.1

In sale the new active monitor controller Drawmer MS2.1 for stirrup pairs of monitors. The controller has four inputs, and it can connect up to 3 pairs of stereo monitors plus mono subwoofer, activating them at any time, in any order that is ideal for comparing options information or comparing themselves monitor.

Level controls on each channel ensures that any deviations output level of connected monitors will be compensated by providing an exact match levels between pairs of connected monitors; In addition, there are two built-in headphone amplifier and microphone for communication with the control room, all with individual level controls. Input 2 connector is made on the combined XLR / jack, and auxiliary input jacks phono left and right channels of a stereo or a 3.5 mm jack that allows you to connect more mixers, notebooks, recorders or other audio sources.

The main place on the front panel takes control volume output, which includes four parallel working special pot used to harmonize the levels of channels and maximum smooth running, but MS2.1 can be much more than just control the volume. As you would expect from a multi-monitor controller, there are switches for switching on and off the connected audio sources and vapor monitors in any combination, as well as the switch left / right channels, and the main switch Mute. To check the mix also contains key reversal phase and mono summing. Finally, the device has a relay on all outputs to monitors to ensure the safety of your monitor diffusers during power on and off the device. Ivor Drawmer, Managing Director of Drawmer Electronics, commented: «We have thought about the concept of MS2.1. On the market today there are many controllers monitor, and we wanted to make sure that this will be realized in the maximum number of features at a reasonable price, and in this case we could not sacrifice sound quality and workmanship that is known Drawmer. And we are very pleased rezultatom- MS2.1 is by far the most affordable active monitor controller to operate the stirrup pairs of monitors. «

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