The new conditions PAYMENT

The new conditions PAYMENT

Artemovskii electrical plant of trust «Transsignalsvyaz plants» was organized on the basis of electrical repair shops communication services Severodonetsk railway. In workshops repairing equipment signaling and communications, manufactured tools and accessories for electricians. In the postwar years the plant was transformed into workshops. Here, apart from repair work, manufacturing of steel products for the entire railway network. In 1959 the brewery became the All-Union Trust «Trans signalsvyazzavody» MEA. Still, he specialized in the production of communication equipment signaling, tools and equipment.

Over the years, the production volume increased. The range of products closer to the fifth top ten. By products plant — climbers and belts, rail connectors, cable racks and boxes — added equipment, built on the basis of modern electronics. Among the products the plant director’s switch «Donets» telephone «PeregonM» locomotive travel and filters, transformers for control circuits arrows, power supply units’ linear chains code automatic lock, protective blocks ZBDSSH travel DSSH13 type relay etc..

Volume production crossed the threshold of 3 million. Rubles. in year. The plant continued to step up the pace to increase the production equipment, develop new kinds of products annually.

However, further growth constrained weak industrial base. Buildings built in 1936 and temporarily adapted premises are not allowed to really expand production. Built in 1974, pressroom improved working conditions of the second portion. It became home in the assembly shop of the plant specialists on their own developed and manufactured and involved a conveyor line. Jobs fitters installers equipped with typical desktops exhaust ventilation and individual lighting platform for further reconstruction of the plant. Old buildings with changes in production technology put in order and repaired. However, increasing the brake output remained plating, painting, Tumbling and woodworking department, mechanical, repair, tool and bench areas, as well as stocks of materials, components and finished products. In addition, none of the sites, offices and shops of the plant did not have sanitary facilities.

Increase production capacity to 7 million. Rubles. a year, as it was scheduled to trust, if the current situation was not possible. It was necessary to expand the plant by building a new production and office-residential premises, to reconstruct power facilities and engineering structures. These works have been allocated 5 mln. Rubles.

Intensive reconstruction began in 1981 -1982 years. Now the production plant area is 12.9 thousand. M2 instead of 3.5 thousand. M2. Including in the main assembly and assembly shop has a 4069 m2 machine shop — 1158 m2 and 1242 m2 kuznechnopressovyy-, repair tool — 1284 m2, painting otdelenie- 1606 m2, the central tool warehouse 108 m2. In the secondary housing area of ​​3456 m2 will accommodate galvanic separation, repair and construction shop, the main warehouse of materials and components, finished products warehouse.

Much attention was paid to the modernization of the plant. So, stockpiling shop in the new production building made layout and placement of equipment. Mechanical section planned on technological grounds. Jobs machinists equipped according to the requirements of the music. In the department of automatic lathes are involved 3 new machine, introduced mnogostanochnoe service. In all departments organized group storage tools manufacturing. Transport is made by means of two crane girders.

In the assembly shop in-house experts are designed, manufactured and put into operation two conveyor assembly line equipment. Jobs linemen typical desktops equipped with local exhaust ventilation, individual lighting and adjustable voltage unit for electrosolderers. In the sections established interim storage plant for storage of accessories and products. In the shop there are safety office, a room for rest and meals, a room for training.

The assembly shop mastered the production of new types of products — equipment for remote control Basting ac electric series BJ180K and BJ180T, telephone «PeregonM» modernized charger VZA512M. Introduce special consoles to configure the equipment budget. Ends equipment conveyor line sections of printed circuit boards and transformer.

Instrumentally and repair parts made rational arrangement of the equipment and placing jobs locksmiths. For storage of cutting and measuring tools equipped with storage apparatus 1200 cells.

As a result of planned actions factory already in 1986 it achieved savings payroll of 18.2 thousand. Rub. Along with the growth in the fund regulations on wages in 1987 it amounted to 46.5 thousand. Rub. In 1987, conditionally released 37 people, further resulting in savings fund of the salary of 69.3 thousand. Rub.

Labor collectives of the plant decided not to reduce the number of employees, and to further increase the volume of output, taking into account the achieved productivity of workers of the main production by 298 thousand. Rub. NCHP and 600 thousand. Rub. commodity production, or 11% of the planned annual output. These measures helped to increase the planned wage fund another 72.3 thousand. Rub., T. E. Fully provide the necessary funds for the introduction of new wage conditions.

The increase in production in the second half of 1100 will provide an additional release devices UKBM (Lobovkina) in the amount of 564 thousand. Rub.

For four months in 1987 labor productivity in the plant in comparison with the same period last year increased by 18.3%, «a savings fund of the salary in the amount of 22.4 thousand. Rub. July 1, savings of 30-32 thousand. Rub., Which gave a real possibility of simultaneous translation of all the employees of the plant to the new terms of payment.

Given the readiness for the introduction of new tariff rates and salaries, the management and the trade union committee of the plant applied to the Ministry of Railways and the Central Committee of the Workers’ Union of railway transport and transport construction permit to introduce new terms of remuneration to 1 July 1987

By working to improve the organization of wages and the transfer of employees to the new pay conditions have been involved all the services and units of the plant, representatives of the Party, trade union and Komsomol organizations. Coordinate the preparation of the central factory Commission. It is composed of nearly all service managers, secretaries of Party and Komsomol organizations, Chairman of the Union, as well as representatives of shop committees — master chairmen of shop trade-union committees, party activists.

Training was conducted in accordance with the regulations and recommendations to improve the organization of wages and bonuses to employees of the productive sectors of the economy. Has been studied and used in a number of documents: the decision of the Central Committee of the CPSU,

Council of Ministers of the USSR and the All «On Improvement of wages and the introduction of new tariff rates and salaries of employees of the productive sectors of the economy»; ICS number 47TS order of 6 November 1986 .; «One tariff-qualifying directory of works and trades of workers»; «Qualification handbook trades workers, which establishes the monthly salaries»; «Qualification handbook for managers, professionals and employees»; «Model Regulations on the assessment of working conditions at the workplace and the procedure for applying specialized lists of works, which can be set surcharges for working conditions of labor in the national economy»; «Regulations on the organization of rationing of work in the national economy»; «Regulations on the procedure for certification guidelines, engineering and other specialists of enterprises and organizations of industry»; «Indicators for classifying enterprises, shops and other business units to groups of wage managers»; «Recommendations to improve the organization of wages and bonuses to employees of the productive sectors of the economy.»

These documents are well studied not only the leaders, but the rank and file engineers and representatives of public organizations. This has contributed to a global understanding of tasks, clear and orderly conduct of this work.

Following the issuance of the order to establish a working committee made a preliminary calculation of finding the necessary funds for the introduction of new wage conditions. We counted several options. The final stop on the option that provided the necessary funds by increasing production and reducing the complexity, significant increase in productivity, a slight reduction in the number of employees.

To implement this option € yl drafted a comprehensive plan of organizational and technical measures but finding funds for the introduction of new wage conditions and improvement of the organization and pay. In his performance of all the services involved, but most of the work performed by specialists department of labor and wages (HTA) plant.

Improvement of the organization of wages is that, using the higher tariff rates (salaries), to develop and implement effective forms of wage and Shaty ensure compliance with payroll contribution of each employee.

Considerable assistance in this work have provided the application of the Recommendations on improving the organization of wages.

Forms and wage system for workers of all categories were determined based on the analysis of forms and payroll systems in the projected conditions. On Artem plant stopped on existing forms of remuneration — piece-rate premium and time-bonus. They provide an opportunity to strengthen workers’ material interest in improving productivity of work are quite simple and clear for each employee. In addition, they are closely linked to the improvement of in-process planning, accounting and reporting.

In drawing up the form and distribution of workers in forms of work organization should consider the creation of new teams of workers and especially among working-time-worker. Some have started small teams combined, making them enlarged and complex. For example, it was created by a team of Internal transport and movement of goods. It brings together all the drivers and electric cars, laborers and transporters entire plant. The purpose of the team — centralized supply of industrial sites required components and the export of finished products and semi-finished products.

Existing teams have analyzed the distribution of collective earnings among their members. Where there were shortcomings, we made the appropriate changes, and each team created conditions for increasing the efficiency of labor and a correct assessment of the labor contribution of each employee to the overall results.

One important task of improving the organization of wages is a fundamental improvement in its valuation. Here lies one of the main reserves of raising funds for the introduction of new wage conditions. Improved labor rationing Artem plant was based on a comprehensive analysis of its condition in the shops, at sites in other divisions, as well as on the types of work and professions of workers.

The perfection of rationing of work participated actively masters, technologists, representatives of the party and trade union organizations. Before starting this work on planning meetings at the head of the plant, Production conducted explanatory work with the foreman, justifies the need for universal standards revision time. Then moved on to a wide teamwork. For works general of the party and trade union meetings we explained that the current level of valuation should be improved, that there are shortcomings in the establishment of norms. Guidelines in conjunction with the trade union committee developed a schedule of working meetings on the transition to the new factory wage conditions in each division with the first plant managers, department heads, party secretary, chairman of the trade union committee. And only after that to the units brought jobs to reduce the complexity of manufacturing products.

The revision of the rules of time and costs, the Commission has worked closely with the foreman, the foreman. In revising the standards for some workers the question arises: why the area is not mechanized and improved operations, and given the task to reduce complexity? We had to literally tell every norm — which ones are obsolete, and which are too low. It explains that the revision of these rules according to the Regulations on the organization of rationing of work in the national economy from 06.19.86, the administration does not require any mechanization.

By increasing the range of standardized work, the use of more advanced standards, as well as expanding coverage areas and combining professions managed to free 12 workers time-worker, and transfer them to the main production areas. Due to the introduction of new regulations at the repair site has freed up to 8 people. They serve the equipment secured for the remaining staff. The expansion of service areas allowed the release of cleaner production facilities and a storekeeper.

The types of work for which no cross-industry standards, used locally. By such standards, for example, it has been revised number of drivers of lift trucks.

Before starting peretarifikatsii working employees of the department of labor and wages, along with technologists made calculations do not define the category of performing each type of work. The calculations agreed with the heads of departments, craftsmen, with the trade union committee. And only after that work level established are entered into the form number 5 and argued with the captain of the plant. Based on the form number 5, typical examples of works available in the ETCS, conducted peretarifikatsiya workers. The qualification level workers installed plant-wide commission, headed by the chief engineer. This work is as follows. Offsite Commission on the basis of form number 5, ETCS and typical examples of the work available in the ETCS at each office determined the level of workers. Then he invited the master station and has given its opinion definitively established each new worker qualification category. Minutes of the commission agreed with the trade union committee and approved by the established procedure.

It is not that peretarifikatsiya workers went smoothly and with full understanding, especially in those with new bits have been revised downward. Most of all it affected the working-time-worker, where the previous level, as a rule, were curtained. There had specifically to each worker to advocate and demonstrate documented his new rank. I had to explain that there is no work in the factory of such a discharge, which he had previously been installed Turner borer fifth digit Alexander Golubev charge very responsible job. He has successfully mastered the work on a machine with programmable F Booth Elena worked at the plant for eight years. She namotchitsa coils. Komsomol members of the preparatory workshop elected her their leader f Mentor Youth Vasily Savchenko gave Trifonovich native plant 30 years. An excellent mechanic-repairman. called his friends or with whom he had come to the factory.

In case of disagreement with the established working his discharge, he was given the right in the established order to apply for a re-sit discharge.

It should be noted that not all the employees and engineers and factory were satisfied with the decision of the Certification Commission for awarding them qualification category. With them, the Commission conducted explanatory work. At a meeting of engineers of the plant managers responded to their questions, gave an explanation that some engineers do not perform work on the design complexity related to a higher qualification category.

An integral part of preparation for the introduction of new wage conditions and a restructuring of the system of bonuses. The indicators, their baselines, as well as the working conditions of bonuses were determined in accordance with the rates and conditions of each site. The provisions on bonuses as a working piece workers and workers time-worker are tailored to address the most important tasks of production and the size of the award was dependent on the outcome. Performance bonuses are clear to every worker.

Thus, for workers pieceworkers established two key indicators — the implementation of the plan according to the established nomenclature and product quality assurance (buying products from the first presentation). This award for product quality differentially charged according to the amount of products donated at first sight, as a percentage of the total predetermined volume.

Guidelines in conjunction with the OTC set the minimum amount of goods, the delivered at first sight, below which the premium is not charged. Depending on the increase of the volume percentage of premium increases.

Indicators and the size of the award-working time-worker determined depending on the performance of the main production area in which they work, as well as improving the quality of work performed.

The results of the new circumstances confirm the correctness of the chosen path. After the transition to the new wage conditions labor productivity increased by 17.9%, average monthly wage workers piece workers rose by 8.2%, working-time-worker — by 17.6%, technical personnel and other employees — 29.3 %. All the technical and economic performance of the plant over the past year made.

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