Every year, our team of sewing association «Spring» is replenished by graduates of schools and vocational schools. Not all at once, and how should they do — the profession is not an easy task. Not enough skills, experience, and even aging. But how purposefully, with a huge impact and love working newcomers as they seek to master the basics of our complex craft and from the first days of its operations to join the community care team as they appreciate the honor, the title of great responsibility — working. And I think at times: and yet at the same time with these wonderful guys live, or rather, there are boys and girls who are honored for the benefit of a dubious «baldezh» at the entrances, are not accustomed to an active, socially useful work, by hook or by crook trying (often without the help of his compassionate parents) find in the life of a place quieter and quieter, not understanding, yes, as you can see, and not wanting to understand that the long-awaited maturity does not occur at the time of receipt of the document of secondary education, as well as the personal involvement of a young man in dealing with a large, national tasks. It seems that it is no coincidence in the spotlight a number of films recently appeared figure «difficult» teenagers. I will mention, for example, pictures of «found guilty», «Look», «Cage for canaries,» «Boys.» Concern for the fate of the current seventeen, for their entry into independent life and share the figures cinema. However, the main thing here is still not idle Ahan and groan about, say, how you can roll! No, these movies feel real seriousness, impartiality and depth in talking about anxiety, exciting phenomenon.

In fact, do not have to groan and try to understand how and why grow these «difficult» as the means by which we all must work together to fight for their young souls. Remember the movie «Boys»? So, based on his popularity, and yet now this wonder so highly rated by readers recently «SE» — namely the seriousness of looking for ways to repair stumbled guys. And a clear understanding of what their future is in our hands and we must fight for it as passionately and recklessly, as did the hero of the film, educator Pavel Antonov.

In people, no wonder they say: «What is fiber — so is the painting.» Indeed, from what to grow our boys and girls, which way will like will work depends not only their own future but the future of our country, confidently walking today in the XXI century. With all the sharpness and fundamental questions of communist education of the young change discussed at the XXVI Congress of the CPSU delegate whom I happened to be, they are given priority in decisions subsequent plenary sessions of the Central Committee of our Party.

All of us are closely watching today for the implementation of the school reform. In that case responsible, of course, not just teachers and teachers of vocational schools. Great is the role of art workers, including filmmakers, because they appeal to a very broad audience, and most probably the most active of which is precisely the youth.

What’s here is, in my opinion, the most important, the main thing? Of course, creating an image of a man working on the screen-such, for instance. Ilya Zhurbin of the «big family» or foreman Potapov from the «Prize». Interested, bright story about the affairs and concerns of workers and farmers, about their difficult and so important for all the work, their unique destinies especially valuable and necessary for young people. After living example eloquently, and social importance, beliefs, attitudes and indeed the nature of man most fully manifested precisely in the production, in which he serves.

And if our screen offers such eloquent and memorable examples? We can not say, of course, that the films on the theme of «man at work» does not in today’s repertoire. They do exist, but the quality of most worried than happy. Often the author’s approach to the subject looks formal otpisochnym something. There are, for example, in the films «The same as us!» Or «Leave your trace» -udachno filmed background action: a big building. But the people, the heroes of this building are not remembered. They are colorless, and therefore all of their experiences excite audiences with little or no concern. That’s what hurt and that, believe me, just hard sometimes to understand! After all, how many really difficult, hardball, unsolved problems and concerns facing today real prototypes heroes of such films as surprisingly solid, dedicated, great guys and girls around, how many unexpected and interesting — do not be afraid «boring» slovtsa- instructive can learn and talk about them!

«The taste of bread», «award», «Your son, the land» or, say, the more recent film «doubler begins to act» and «very important person» -these and other paintings recently indicate that «industrial» theme carries a really huge opportunity to create a bright, dynamic, exciting work with a deep conflict, recognizable human characters mixed.

I often remember one of the most beloved to me in recent filmov- «Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears». Its heroine — about my age, just like me, it went a long way from apprentice to the head of a large industrial enterprise. In short, our destinies are very similar, except that my family life was happy with the start. I know that this film is loved by many viewers of all ages and professions. In my opinion, the secret of long life and charm of this painting — its heroes, their belief in themselves, the ability to set themselves challenges and seek their solutions. Himself! That’s the main thing. The hands. In my own work. The audience clearly and distinctly understood that the basis of the life of Catherine held Tikhomirova tireless, everyday work. The film is imbued with love for the working man, and belief. that everything is subject to him. It seems that here are bright, imbued with optimism and cheerfulness of soul movies in particular need of youth.

…Young people have a good, business-like, combat. Much she manages. Much of the shoulder. And cases come-oh how much! You just need help entering into an independent life of young men and women the right to choose their way, accurately and on time to orient, to warn of the detours. And one of the main advisors, good friends and life partners should be their cinema.

M. Zabegailo.

General Director of Lviv of production sewing association "Springtime", Member of City Council

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