This woman knows how to make a successful lover

This woman knows how to make a successful lover

Who among us does not dream of marrying a rich, intelligent and successful man? But how to find it? The answer is simple: to make the most! After all, successful and confident man is not born, but becomes a woman through!


You’d be surprised, but the main condition for the success of the men — not workaholism or superpowers, and the presence of a number of women who believe in it and support! Yes, in many respects it depends on you, how successful will be your favorite. Chinese sages believed that the creative energy of the universe from a woman receives and transmits it to the man, and he, in turn, makes it abundantly. This means that a man is capable of generating financial flows only with your submission!

Yin and yang

Psychology of men and women varies greatly, especially in regard to issues of success and wealth. A woman who is not successful in a career can be fully realized, and therefore, to become a happy family life. But a man who has achieved success in any industry, will never be truly happy, confident and energetic. Without success gradually fade male psyche, and behind it can be destroyed and health. And it is in vain some of the ladies complain about the laziness, lack of initiative by men. «Lying there on your couch, salary penny brings in no way interested. Well, as I affect it? «- Often we hear it from their friends, or speak. So start is with yourself!


Use at every opportunity to force positive parting words. Often tells her husband: «You are strong, you can do all things, I believe in you.» This is the first step on the road to success!

Believe it

There is a simple but quite effective exercise. Take a sheet of paper, a pen and write ten answers to the question: Why does my husband is the best? «And, by the way, the more you say, the spouse that he is the best, the more likely the favorite never doubt that you — that It is the one and only in his life!

Do not gossip

Do not talk bad about her husband behind his back. The man himself can not understand why he feels irritated with his wife. And all because that in a conversation with a friend or mother missus says about him bad. Never do this!


Have you ever heard of male intuition? Surely not, because that’s what women inexplicable sixth sense is capable of performing miracles and inspire men to great deeds! There is a powerful technique called visualization. If you submit your favorite as a successful man, a strong man, so that he soon will be. But if you visualize it in a negative way, but still talk about him bad, you will lock in the energy level of its capabilities.

Do not quarrel

Keep calm and sobriety of thought. Despite the fact that negative emotions contain much like hard, try to be patient. And next time, when it’s time to remind your man that he promised to nail a shelf, it does not make a team an angry tone, and with a smile and a sincere request for help. The result did not take long, you’ll see!


«Well, you’re in my life» — these words repeat like a mantra. You will not notice, like behind your partner will grow true wings.

Massage for money

From the perspective of psychosomatic medicine, the area of ​​finance is on the back near the waist. Zone of faith in their own strength — between the shoulder blades. Shoulders — this area of ​​responsibility. We loved the lower back ache? Blame financial fears. Nothing will help cope with them better than a massage loving wife.

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