To take off

To take off

How to live and work after The Beatles? This problem was to Paul McCartney

In an interview with the legendary Mack tells about the rise Wings: From a humble beginning to a powerful tour Wings Over America.

Tuesday, June 24, 1976, Benedict Canyon, California. Paul McCartney suits sumptuous feast in a family house (the owner who formerly was a famous Hollywood actor Harold Lloyd silent film), to mark the completion of the American part of the world tour the group Wings. The success was extraordinary: thanks to this tour team earned significantly more than other musicians. The day before the feast Wings triumph took to Los Angeles Forum. Recordings of the concert will be the basis of triple album Wings Over America.

The party cost the company US $ 75. The guest list got a new friend Paul Rod Stewart, David Cassidy, actor Jack Nicholson and Tony Curtis, and the Beach Boys, all participants except the hero McCartney Brian Wilson, who slowly goes insane in Bel-Air.

The invitations have been written around belom» «Prihodit. It soon becomes clear why: Hawaiian troupe of street artists with aerosol pistols decorates guests blue and red colors. At the end of McCartney asks it. «After The Beatles [cheers] One would think that for me it would be impossible to do anything else [more cheers]. At least, I thought so myself … [muttering: «No, no.»] This trip has convinced me, that is, I mean, we (because we are a group), and I think it also convinced the audience and [more loud cheers of delight]. It’s not just fun [screams and howls of joy] … it will be a real artist! «

And, while the assembled celebrity rush forward to shake his hand, Mack shouts «My be back! «

Today, McCartney sings the same song. «Eto Was awesome fun time, and Wings Over America tour were the culmination of a long and hard work. When I recall this era, it seems to me very happy. We have passed the hard way. And in 1976 we were in America, and everything was prepared. We had to make sure that they are able to rise to a high level, and America has become for us at this level. We had to win ee».

The need to defend himself, as did McCartney those hot summer evenings, it is quite understandable if we recall what has been charged against. He was considered a villain who was responsible for the breakup of The Beatles, because it was on his claim of a group appeared in court, and it was he who won the case. He was married on the charming Linda, who, like Yoko Ono, portrayed the evil genius of the group, those who refused to accept the fact that 60 came to an end. In addition to all this, he refused to even talk about the reunion. «Blackmail is not to force me to return,» — he said.

He has released several records: two solo albums, McCartney and Ram (author of the latter, he became a couple Linda), and the first attempts at writing with Wings Wild Life and Red Rose Speedway. All of them have been sold in large editions, but the press ridiculed them, and former bandmates spoke contemptuously. Particularly distinguished John Lennon, who caustic compositions Leg Do You Sleep? He said: «Zvuki that you create for me shirpotreb». It was during this period of discord between the two musicians took catastrophic proportions. Beatles fans were shocked: how could you do this to us, bastards?

And the history of Wings was not so perfectly happy tale, as one would expect from such a quiet guy with good manners. After McCartney crucified in the music press, in January 1971 Paul and Linda went to New York to arrange listening musicians for a new band. Casting took place in the attic of the house on 45th Street. The first was a 21-year-old hired a session guitarist David Spinoza, who encouraged Linda. Two days later, Paul rented a basement in the Bronx, and there hired drummer Danny Sayvella. Sayvell so says this morning: «The best drummers in New York sat in nervous anticipation. But I was not worried. For me, it was only able to find a job. And the fact that I will be playing in front of a former member of Beatles, I did not care. I played.

I showed Paul his game in the style of Ringo — he laughs. — Strong drive drum, a little funky play on the rim and a lot of tom-toms. Paul smiled and said to me: «You accepted". He did not join me, he even did not have a guitar. But he liked my attitude. The other guys were just horrified by the fact that they were invited to audition. But not me. I just sat down and played the same way as thousands of times before. I always say: «If you can not budge for yourself, you will never budge from their seats to others". The pitch was something special. I knew that he was looking for something more than just a drummer. He needed a man of character, someone with whom he could instantly poladit».

McCartney says about it less seriously. «My Found Danny lying on a mattress as a hero Midnight Cowboy. People just passed him. We decided that we should not do it, and picked him up. We put him on drums, and he was neploh».

January 10, work began on the Ram, which was attended by Sayvell, Spinoza, guitarist Hugh McCracken and wife McCartney. All of them work 16 hours a day and nasochinyali dozen songs. Later, Lennon took the two of them — Too Many People and Dear Boy — as a personal insult. George Harrison and Ringo Starr also offended by the song 3 Legs, which contained hints that without McCartney other musicians can not play anything. In fact, the text seemed quite soft, but not offended party.

March 12 decision of the Supreme Court was officially completed existence The Beades. John, George and Ringo left the courthouse (Paul was not there, he was on his farm in Algershire) and demanded that the driver Lennon Forest Anthony took them to the house McCartney at Cavendish Avenue, 7. Arriving at the place, climbs over Lennon wall, opens the gate from the inside, pulls out from the trunk of his Mercedes, two bricks and tossed them into the window of the ground floor, and Ringo and George supported his cries. Housekeeper McCartney called the police, but no charges were brought against the suspect. John, George and Ringo returned to the headquarters of Apple, where they waited for the journalists who did not expect to catch musicians in this hysterically cheerful mood.

When Ram was released, he was greeted with a cool reception in Britain and ridicule of most American critics. Sayvell, who at that time lived on the estate of Paul High Park Farm with his wife Monique, still do not understand why it happened. «Eti Critics were wrong. Ram was not just a good album, it was a great record. I do not mean that the work on it was great (although it is), but it’s so nice to hear. This is probably the kind of thing, the creation of which I am most proud of in his zhizni».

The hostility of John Lennon is only intensified when he saw the photo on the back cover, where two mated beetle. Working on Imagine, Lennon recalled all these insults, cursing when the text of the remarkable composition How Do You Sleep ?, which became another blade in the heart of suffering fans of the Fab Four. Good thing they did not get to hear the original, which contained the following lines: «Edinstvennoe what you wrote, it Yesterday / And it you probably sper». Elsewhere Lennon shouted «Skazhi me how you spish, bitch? «. These lines, of course, been at the same level, and that did not see the light parody Little Queenie, representing a mockery of anti-Semitism performed by Brian Epstein and his mother. The manager Allen Klein insists that all negative comments were removed from the songs, and assumes that the row «S since you went away, you become past dnem» represents the single reference to Paul and Linda Another Day. This song describes how Sayvell «Eleanor Rigby, which takes place in New Yorke», was rejected during the participants The Beatles album Let It Be. The same thing happened with another track from the album Ram — Back Seat O f My Car.

Another important episode in the history of Wings McCartney began calling his old friend Danny Lane, former frontman Moody Blues, working on his solo album after his team failed to win Balls world beyond Birmingham. «YA Just called him and asked: «What do you do?» — Says McCartney. — Danny said: «Nothing"And then I said, «Fine, then come!" «In July 1971, a group Wings fledged starts in London and Scotland, and Paul announces his new band: «Eto quartet, but we have not come up with myself nazvanie».

A few weeks later the couple had a second child McCartney — Stella. Because of problems in childbirth Linde had to do a caesarean section. While Paul was wandering the corridors of the hospital at King’s College, it happened in a series of «mne «ozarenie» was Mariya» Virgo. «Na I had my green apron, I prayed like crazy — he recalls — and to my mind it’s the name of the Wings ». Well, thank God, because the day before he called a friend with a message: «The new group will be called Turpentine [pitch].»

The first album of Wings, often criticized, but, meanwhile, is pretty good Wild Life was released in December 1971, but its sales were not up to par. Knowledgeable people intrigued song Dear Friend, in which Mack tried to pour balm on wounds unhealed. Before Christmas, he even flew to New York, where the couple lived is now Lennon, both musicians and agreed to stop to wash dirty linen in public. The meeting was more cool than friendly, but an olive branch was extended and accepted. Today, Paul says: Dear Friend «YA wrote because of the situation with John. I lacked a bit of John. I wanted to say: «Let’s just drink a glass of wine and forget about everything.» This, of course, the reconciliatory pesnya».

By the beginning of 1972 29-year-old McCartney I longed to go on stage again. Ironically, he was the only Beatle who performed on stage since 1966. Participants Wings began diligently practicing at the club Scotch O f St James. As a part of the team already including two Danny, but Paul still was not sure that the group will be able to function properly, because if he would play the piano, and Lane — bass guitar, began clearly not enough lead guitarist. Among the other candidates considered and Irish guitarist Henry McCullough. And since Linda was a big fan of his work in the Grease Band, sociable and drinking guitarist became the next member of the band.

«Mne Called and invited to play with the band, and Paul asked me to join after the first rehearsal, — said Henry. — We played rock ‘n’ roll. And I’m a good rock ‘n’ roll guitar player. » He was full of hope: «I’m going to record some vocals, and I hope I will be able to write a few songs.» Keep dreaming, buddy.

McCulloch later changed his testimony. «Denni Lane talked a lot with the Grease Band, he told me, «McCartney is looking for a guitarist. He wondered if you wanted to come to play with a group". No problem! We played Long Tall Sally and Lucille. It was not an audition. They wanted to know if I do not accept heavy narkotiki».

«Cherez Few days we were on the scene of the Institute of Contemporary Art and Paul invited me to join the group. Who would have refused from this? He wanted to get back to basics, to travel in an old van with dogs and detmi».

Before participants Wings went on his famous tour of «anonimnoe» universities McCartney led critics into confusion by releasing the single Give Ireland Back What The Irish, who was his response to the events of January 30, known as «Krovavoe voskresenie». During an interview with New York radio station KHJ Makka so carried away that his speech proved downright littered with expletives, and radio stations had to edit the speech, that it can be aired.

«Moya Family is originally from Ireland — says McCartney. — My parents were Irish. Half of Liverpool comes from Ireland. It was just a shock. It seemed as if we’re fighting with them. All this is demonstrated in novostyah».

McCulloch, who was born and raised in Portstyuarte, very nervous because of this single. And, as it turned out, not without reason, because a few months later in Londonderry, because thoughts expressed in song, was an attack on his brother. «Nelzya Just stay away [from politics]. I’m not going to associate every action with the policy, but I think that the British government has transgressed a certain line and has proved to be more oppressive regime than we might think. «

EMI bosses were simply furious. CEO Sir Joseph Lockwood initially refused to release the track. BBC BBC management Independent Television and Radio Luxembourg have banned it. DJ Alan Freeman in the chart show Pick Of The Pops had to present the composition as a «record group Wings».

Eighth February five musicians went on tour accompanied by wives, children, friends and dogs. All of them were placed in a van or a pickup truck. The smell of marijuana wafting from the windows of cars and shabby look of musicians made them look like cartoon characters Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers.

«This university tour was simply amazing — says Sayvell. — Paul was driving the van. For us on a small pickup truck we drove two roadies with all the equipment. Ahead riding tour manager Trevor Jones, who was looking for university where we could speak. We found some small otelchik, B & B, then in the evening we were. It was an amazing time. Firstly, it was very funny to see the reaction of the children when McCartney bobbing his head out the window. At the end of the concert, we divided the money, and it was very fun. Everything was so natural. All they got along with each other. Paul was the same member of the group, like all the others. We called him Jimmy Mack, I was a big Danny Lane — Little Danny and Linda everyone called Mrs. Mack. And Henry was just Henry. His appearance we needed, because he played great solos. Oh yes, and we ate a lot of fish and chips — french fries with the fish. «

Today McCartney remembers the time with great warmth. «It was our version of the tour Magical Mystery. The thing was that we decided to start with a white sheet and try to build a team, how to do everything. Everything usually starts with small concerts where participants just trying to get to know each other. Of course, since it was us, we do all the most insane way. All normal people have booked hotels in advance and agreed to concerts, but we can not. We did not want to do it. We just took the van. There was something romantic. We went on the road and stopped when he saw a place that we liked. We have seen on the index name Ashby de la Zouch,. Okay, we thought, it sounds exotic and romantic. That’s how we ended up in the University of Nottingham. This gave us a sense of freedom. This was the beginning of the evolution Wings».

The first of eleven subsequent performances were quite typical for this tour. Tickets cost 50 pence. Income divided between the Student Union and the group. «This led me to the confusion — Mack recalled. — I have not seen the money, at least ten years. Participants The Beatles never dealt with money. After the performance we wandered through Nottingham, jingling 30 pounds a trifle in our karmanah».

However, no problems during this little tour has not been as Linda started seizures chronic stage fright. This is not surprising, given the complete lack of her experience. «Pol Convinced me — she said. — In his mouth it looked so tempting that I decided to try. Many muttered that I was not a real musician, but before I was told that I was not a real photographer. «

Paralyzed by fear Linda was not able to convince some that deserve to stand on the same stage with great people, especially her husband. «Sometimes she just could not bring himself to touch the keys,» -priznaval Paul.

«I was sorry for her, says Sayvell. She’s often taken to cry and said, «Danny, I do not think I can handle it. Everybody hates me». But it was enough fortitude, because she still did it. Yes, I agree, it was not the best keyboard player in the world, but it makes me more respect than many other musicians with whom I have worked. She was a stunning woman. «

Danny also said: «When Paul was in depression after the breakup of The Beatles, it was Linda told him:» You are an amazing songwriter, so pull yourself together". Paul easily could retire on his farm and raise sheep there, sipping scotch. «

Participants Wings started recording their second album, Red Rose Speedtvay, in Los Angeles in March 1972, and in the summer the band went on tour, Wings Over Europe on an open bus Routemaster. In Sweden, McCartney was arrested by a detachment of the fight against drugs, but he managed to avoid prison because he told police that he and Linda only eat grass and they sent a fan of drugs, and that they are not, and Danny Sayvellu and so on. Incredibly, the Swedish police believed him.

In November, the release of another single Wings Hi, Hi, Hi, and again did not work McCartney came to the court of the BBC on-Sea. «It is not a drug — said some of the rank of an arrogant corporation. — It’s all in the line: «I want you to lay in bed, I want you to be ready for my gun, and do, do, do it with you / like a rabbit, I want to do this all night."»Mack explained that this, his attempt to create a song in the spirit of glam rock — «trehakkordny pok-n-poll, which we wrote in Spain to play something not similar to our other pesni». «YA Believe that this song is a little bit dirty. Sex If you can say that it is dirty and naughty. When I wrote it in Spanish, I was determined very emotional. «

End of the year was not too successful, because Paul was charged that on their farms and High Park Low Ranachan next to the tomatoes he grew hemp. He paid a fine of 100 pounds and appeared persona non grata in the five countries. In March 1973, after the trial, he told reporters as an excuse: «I am against hard drugs. But I think that the danger of cannabis is no more than alcohol. It would be worth legalized for adults, as it happened with homosexuality. «

Fortunately for Paul, the sheriff was «pretty starikanov» which amused cries of young girls «McCue to freedom!» Came from the gallery.

Before Christmas Danny Lane has promised fans: «Next year for the Wings will be very interesting! Many wonderful things to happen! «And he was not mistaken, in 1973 a lot of things happened.

By Paul asked to write the title song for the new James Bond film Live And Let Die. Together with producer George Martin, he was in the studio of AIR Studios, where they gutted the demo version of Wings (much to the annoyance of others) and turned it into a pompous composition in the style of James Bond, making it so legendary. Great quality of the songs of John Lennon led into such a rage that he vowed never to listen to albums of Paul. The musicians jam together in 1974 during the «forgotten weekend» Harry Nilsson. There Nielson suggested McCartney little «angel dust» and Lennon yelled «Ey you all here McCartney! Make way! Give once to hear the harmony! «

And in the camp began Wings differences. While working on Mu Love, which was a solo company McCulloch, the guitarist began to tire from the fact that his boss is constantly telling him what to do.

McCartney admitted he was wrong. Finally. «I kind of wrote solo, as I have always written our solos. And Henry came to me before we began to record a double, and said, «Do you mind if I try something else?" I said, «Uh … well, okay". In front of me there was a question, whether to believe in this guy. He played solo for My Love. It took just out of nowhere. And I thought, «Great". And there are moments when someone’s skill or flair went contrary to my wishes, there were so many. «

Well, actually, not so much.

Another problem was the money, or rather, the lack thereof. Participants Wings received 30 pounds a week, which, in principle, it is quite normal, as they pretended to be a group of carefree vagrants staying in the guest house of Mrs. McGonagle, but in the real world the amount is not impressed. Taking stock of the first two rounds, McCartney said today: «It’s funny because when we first started to speak at universities, the press learned about everything the next day, and then it was not already big news. In a sense, it was good because we had the opportunity to learn. Although the audience I was a celebrity, so mistakes are always exaggerated. But the fact that, despite this breakthrough, on the eve of a trip to Europe (where the concert came only the most loyal fans) we were almost unknown, and at our concerts almost no members of the press, it helped us. «

McCulloch somewhat differently assesses the situation: «It was unusual, I will not argue, but at the same time it was very interesting and exciting, because it was my first trip with him, but the fact that we shared the money after the speeches, meant that I was getting more than ever become a full member of the band. «

Having participated in the first tour of Wings of the United Kingdom in the summer of 1973, Sayvell and McCulloch with the rest began to work on the album Band On The Run in Scotland, but when they were informed that the recording will take place at the EMI studios in Lagos, they decided to leave. «None of us wanted to go to Africa — says Sayvell. — And to be honest, I’ve had enough. I worked her, and wanted to return to New York to play jazz. » McCartney responded to Danny Care with his usual enthusiasm: «Excellent. So, I can play the drums myself. «

McCulloch was more straightforward. «We have concluded an agreement that over time we will be allowed to bring your own stuff, that we will be part of this group, but this did not happen. I very well remember once we had a fight. I would like to make a contribution, «Give me a chance, if it does not work, do you think". It seemed to me that the time had come when he could use ideas from other musicians, to a sense of «team spirit" stuck. But gradually all was lost: the idea of ​​a tour of universities, van, fun — all flew to hell".

Henry expressed yet another sensible argument. I desperately wanted to continue the work not only for the group but also for the sake of it. I wanted people to see that he was not a sentimental of June, he is very brave and energetic, and this is true, it’s just not always manifested in pesnyah».

Released in a trio album Band On The Run was the most successful disc Wings. Besides, it is the favorite album of Paul, although he denies that the creation of this CD was inspired street robbery that he and Linda had experienced. «Kogda We returned home from Lagos, having gone through several dramas, some people said: «Oh, all these troubles born beautiful album.» I do not like this theory. I hate the idea that in order to create something good, it is necessary to suffer and potet».

«Nam Told not to walk around the city late at night, but we thought: «Yes, of course". We were hippies! They consider themselves immortal. It took some time to come down to us. Looking back, I can say that the situation seems somewhat comical even. I must admit, there a lot of nonsense, but also a sense of enthusiasm and full of innocence! «

The tradition was laid. The band became more successful Wings, the more varied its members except always faithful Lane. Sayvella replaced by another little-known musician Jeff Britton, a group of Stone The Crows came a great guitarist Jimmy McCulloch. Before Jimmy also worked in Thunderclap Newman. When he appeared, the atmosphere is always heated. Fanatical supporter of a healthy lifestyle Britton could not endure him, or rather, its dependence on hard drugs. Cocaine and heroin were popular in the music business, and Jimmy head was immersed in it. Paul, however, knew that a good musician Jimmy. «Jimmy was a great guitar player. Henry [McCulloch], too, but Jimmy seemed to be special. «

Britton left the team in New Orleans while working on the Venus And Mars. Returning home, he explained: «Wings — entertaining group. From the perspective of a musician, working in her — a real privilege, but in terms of a career, it’s just crazy. No matter how you are a good musician, you will always remain in the shadow of Paul. «

Britton, who replaced Joe Inglish better get along with McCulloch, so was born a friendship fellow addicts. Inglish later said: «I had two cars Porsche, 400 acres of land in Georgia and drug addiction.»

Today Inglish — a member of the religious community «Brotherhood of the word of faith» in North Carolina.

Danny Lane recalls: «My favorite was the album Speed ​​Of Sound [in 1976].» In this album you can find a prophetic song Jimmy McCulloch Wino Junkie. In 1979, Jimmy had died of a heroin overdose. ««Uchastniki Came and went — says Lane. — They have not gone as far as we are with Paul. Stable structure we had. But Paul has always been a member of the group, despite the fact that he was a superstar. He did not tell us what to do. At least not all the time. I can not say that I do not always forgive. I have not always worked well, but we have Paul similar sense of humor and taste in television and books. We went to see Jimi Hendrix and David Essex. We like Egyptology. We were looking for a spiritual explanation of our vzaimootnosheniyam».

So the band went to America, opening thus a new chapter in the history of Wings. The conversion of the roving Gypsies in full rock gods was completed. In America in 1976, Wings collected stadiums and was at that time the most successful group in comparison with competitors. Before starting the tour at Fort Worth (Texas) Mack and Linda visited Lennon and spent quite a pleasant evening. When they returned the next day, April 25 Lennon on the intercom just sent them to hell. «Seychas Not 1956, now pending just appearing at the door. I have been a child, and then pinned some guy with gitaroy».

No matter how upset Makka in the evening, a few days later could not have been happier person it. Group Wings hovered over America, and America was going crazy on the Wings. Now he was anything more than just a party to The Beatles. «We fought and rushed forward a few years, we curse the journalists for what we decided to walk from the beginning, and not to create a team of superstars. We had to re-learn and develop their own profession. We rested for the glory, and then, when we have succeeded in America, it was nice to feel it again. It felt like you hungry again, because I have not eaten. «

Today, Paul says: «You can not deny that we [Wings] was difficult, but the project has paid off. Sometimes I think, not whether it was madness to start over after The Beades. As if you re-cook three-course meal. Sometimes this decision does seem madness, but you speak in front of small audiences do not feel famous. In part, it was great. It was a needed break after the madness of The Beatles. Sometimes it was hard, you’re thinking: «Is this the correct decision? At the right side of whether we are moving with the group? «H of the more successful we become, the more you understand:» Yes, that is indeed correct"».

«There was something that we had hoped that we know each other, we felt each other. This is not the case that I was «ripe" with five other celebrities. We realized that being part of a group — it is something special, all a matter of understanding each other. You must realize that you are playing, and to be able to go along with the music. This distinguishes all good bands. So 70 I recall how difficult years, which at the same time brought a feeling of deep satisfaction. «

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