Us and them: happy together

Us and them: happy together

Create your own pets-SMALL PROBLEM: come,

He saw it and bought it! In fact, that’s just not enough. On relationships, as they say, we have to work. People. ABOVE ONESELF! Read our 50 tips how to improve the living together of two-legged and four.

But happiness not only wants us Noi them our brothers Men-shim. And like in a relationship with the opposite sex, a «floor» quadrupeds have to negotiate, establish rules dictate, adapt … How?

1. Shift into each other in the image and likeness. Couch Potato sissy and not buy animals active, emotional and loving — calm, phlegmatic animals. Look for an animal like you, which is integrated into the life and rhythm of your family.

2. Take the appearance of a pet in the house as the appearance of a baby. Remember that in addition to the joy and happiness is a big responsibility. And unlike human children animals never «grow up.»

3. Remember, avaricious pays twice. And the acquisition of the animal, the savings can turn into big losses, and monetary and emotional. So, purebred puppy or kitten, bought half the price of the average market price may be not those who wanted — mongrel, for example, or a sick animal care, which will require much more investment than the purchase of the most expensive breed of pet.

4. In advance prepare for the emergence of an animal in the house. The worst thing you can do in this situation — to take it seriously. Before you start the beast, read about it on the Internet (on the breed, habits, care), to communicate on forums animal owners of pets. Then try on how organic animal will fit into your family.

5. Do not hesitate to pull the breeders. Talk with them. And asked for a better visit to the nursery to see live, and kids and adults.

6. Look to the breeder! How cleverly he answers questions, it contains the animals in any way. This is a big influence on the chance to buy a healthy baby.

7. Before you bring the animal home, prepare everything for his arrival: he needs buy things such as cell house, bowls, drinking bowls, tray …

8. Be serious about animal nutrition. Whether it’s dry food or «naturalka» — it must be of high quality, high-grade corresponding to age and breed of the animal, providing all his needs in vitamins and minerals.

9. Do not feed the animal’s own food, even (especially!) Delicacies. Human food is replete with fat, spices, allergens, it is not suitable to the beasts.

10. Let the animal vitamins, referring to a breeder or veterinarian.

11. Keep the place where your animal lives. Yes, the wild animals do not live in a sterile environment, but for the urban pet puppies, kittens, rabbits, parrots and other pets cleanliness — the guarantee of health. Dirty toilets, cells can be got small insects and dirty water or a bowl for eating — the harmful bacteria. All this could lead to animal diseases.

12. Brought animal? Double your efforts and for general cleaning. Especially if the animal moves freely around the apartment. Wet cleaning is desirable to do every day.

1 3. At the time do vaccinations!

14. Do not self-medicate for advice on forums on the Internet.

15. If an animal is sick, do not rely on his natural ability to recover. Bruised foot can not «heal like a dog» itself, and the cause of lameness, and vomiting, because the beast «ate something wrong, you will think,» — fatal.

16. Follow the well-being of the animal. Lethargy, refusal to eat and games, continuous whining, popiskivanie may be symptoms of the disease, and not «think of it, he’s just not in the mood.»

17. Keep on hand just in case the phone number of a veterinarian, who travels around the clock at home.

18. Do not hesitate to contact the breeder, who bought the baby, and after the purchase. He has many years of experience and knowledge tested practice.

19. Remember that the animal’s health affects the health of other family members. Some diseases that pet is sick, contagious to humans. This is another reason to take seriously the health of a pet.

20. Pay attention to the rules of animal care: cut the nails, clean ears. If you put a pet comb every day, so it must be done! On this depends not only animal health but also its appearance. For example, if time does not cut the claws of the dogs of small breeds, it can lead to distortion of limbs and their incorrect statement.

21. Keep track of animal hair (of course, if it has one), so it does not infested parasites.

22. In the care of the animals use special means to him. «Human», even the best, it does not fit.

23. Do not be too diligent in the care of the animals. It’s still not a man to bathe, shave the beast should be out of necessity, not out of whim.

24. Remember that your pet is entirely up to you: you feed it, poite entertained. Only depends on you, how happy will be your beast.

25. Take care of your leisure animal. He must bgg their toys and entertainment. Especially at a time when you are not home, and the kid is bored.

26. Do not turn into a toy animal to humans, especially to children. Teach your child that you can not torment the beast: pull the tail, too actively squeeze, squeeze.

27. Animals, like humans, can suffer from stress, try to minimize them.

28. Nurture your pet. He should know who the main pack, and follow the rules.

29. Do not use physical violence for educational purposes. If you hit an animal, it would be cowardly, fearful. It will become angry and will hate you, and not love.

30. Use the word «no» when you want to wean the animals from inappropriate behavior. It should be pronounced clearly, strictly and with the same intonation.

31. Cultivate the animal only «crime scene», in hot pursuit. After the pet is simply not understand what he was scolded.

32. More often praise your pet!

33. Be consistent in the ban if yesterday was «impossible» today, there should be «possible.»

34. Be patient! No matter how clever was your animal, it takes time to learn a lesson!

35. If you have a dog, enroll in school or handler training (training the animal to the exhibition). Even if you’re not going to put the little dog, learned in the courses Handler will help you to handle it properly.

36. Read! Keep self on topics related to your pet. By the way, this honorable mission can safely entrust your child. Let reads, remembers, tells you, it will be useful not only for animals, but also for him.

37. Educating pet should start as early as possible. Accustom the baby to the rules much simpler than the «teen», which is already used to a certain way of behavior. To teach is always easier than to retrain.

38. Animals — good psychologists and manipulators. No need to indulge them.

39. The main thing in a harmonious relationship between man and beast — is understanding. The animal is not so 41 does not depart from the essence of the educational process, it is to plant an animal skills necessary for life in the house. But do not abuse power. If desired, of course, can and hare teach smoking, but why?

42. Do not ask the impossible of the beast. Any pet has its limit capacity. It could, and would like to indulge all the whims of his master, but can not. Be indulgent!

43. Do not equate to the animal itself. It may bgg clever, smart, subtle feeling, but it is not a man! The animal can not understand you, do not humanize it and to exaggerate its capabilities. And especially hope that you understand the animal telepathy, extrasensory, no supernatural talents he has not. It’s only animal that loves you and hopes for love, care and attention in return.

44. Do not take the animal into the house, based on your interests as a parent (to the child was not boring to teach him something, get to follow some rules of behavior), the animal — not a toy. Life with him, of course, teach your child to be kinder and more responsible, but this should not be the main reason for buying a pet.

45. Before you start a pet, you have to truly understand the causes of their desires. Remember that the animal can not solve our problems. This is an excessive burden for him. It can be a companion to man in life, but not a partner to fill the void next to, but not save them from loneliness. You feel the need to care about someone, and therefore decided to have a puppy or a kitten? Perfectly! But do not take care of this beast hostage.

46. ​​Animals — beautiful natural healers. But do not expect miracles from their caudate and eared friend if sick. All these stories about special healing abilities of cats, dogs, birds and fish — the absolute truth, but it may not necessarily be true of your beast! Do not torment himself or an animal, seek medical attention.

47. Do not betray our little brothers! Remember that the animal does not only depend on you completely, but you unconditionally trust. You are responsible for it, and it is a daily burden, it is impossible to carry today and tomorrow reset.

48. Adopt an animal like another member of the family, but do not forget that this is a beast. This is not a «son» or «daughter», his interests are important, but it is not you mom and dad, and the hosts.

49. If your house is home to several animals, and even different species, do not try to stick to the rules common to all, and the individual, based on the characteristics and care for this breed.

50. And, of course, love their animals as they have — truly, faithfully, unselfishly.

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