We choose, choose us

We choose, choose us

Whatever may be said about male desire for polygamy, in fact, any representative of a strong half of humanity is looking for the one and only. But it is likely that trying to find it among the many women … Nevertheless, the ideal — one. What — tell the position of Venus in the natal chart of men.

The position of Venus in the signs of the zodiac says about how people express their feelings in personal relationships, indicates the type of partner selected resistant sympathy or antipathy. That is, this planet is «responsible» for the especially romantic and sexual relationships. And how they will manifest themselves — can be found by looking at your partner’s horoscope.

Venus in Aries

Very often, such a man is surrounded by lovely girls who help in everyday situations, always listen, and share a cigarette will treat his problem. A sort of «our guys». With them comfortably and securely. But he dreams about something else — the first (for this position of Venus is very important word «first») beauty: class, course, office, etc. His woman has to work around all the others. Only such an ideal match this man. Interesting things happen when someone from his entourage ceases to be «the guy» and turns into a beautiful swan, and entailing inaccessible. That’s when the owner of Venus in Aries can simply carry the roof.

The earthly incarnation of the ideal: Natalie Portman.

Venus in Taurus

His ideal — the woman who will ensure prosperity (each understanding the abundance of his own — someone sufficiently stuffed refrigerator, someone needs a chalet in the mountains) and, most importantly, will be the epitome of femininity and charm. Slim waist, hip and luxurious high chest: this lady is difficult not to notice, even more difficult — to miss. At the same time it should be an exemplary hostess and mother. All other qualities — talent, a profession and so on. D. — At the discretion of the ladies.

The earthly incarnation of the ideal: Monica Bellucci.

Venus in Gemini

Whatever the stunning beauty come across in the way of any such man, he would prefer an intellectual. Better Sex and enthusiastic attitudes that cast around his girlfriend, of course, has not been canceled, but the main thing — is to find a soul mate with whom you can discuss everything from lost Atlantis to time travel, by Fermat’s theorem to visit the UFO. If this appears in his life — everything goes well. But if not — be prepared for the fact that in the life of such a man is seldom a woman. At the same time they usually … two, and each in its own way true.

The earthly incarnation of the ideal: Ingrid Bergman, Uma Thurman.


Do you want to conquer a man with Venus in Cancer, behave as if you went to him just for a minute, and in general it is of little interest to you. There are more important things, and you have it is not the first nor the last. But if you give him just a little like you, it is a step you will not let go, because he will never give up «their». The main thing — not to show his intentions, that you have on his account. It is these women — they seem to be here, but at any moment ready to leave — and remain close for long.

The earthly incarnation of the ideal: Audrey Hepburn.


His fiancee should be queen — not less. Queen of the night air, the red carpet, etc. Men with this position of Venus to fall in love with media persons. And, oddly enough, they seek attention and location. Do you want to be with him — Take some effort. Become unless princess of Monaco, at least queen gas station. In short, to win it, must first acquire an army of fans, and the more extensive will be its ranks, the more inevitable success with it.

The earthly incarnation of the ideal: Nicole Kidman, Madonna.


His character more rational than frivolous, more restrained than the vulgar. It is not available and attractive at the same time. Perhaps she older, or at least appears to such. Through subtle mind, a certain cynicism and the propensity to philosophize it looks impregnable, but only he knows how vulnerable and sensitive, it can be when they are alone.

The earthly incarnation of the ideal: Catherine Deneuve.


It will attract a woman with excellent taste, lively, sociable, cheerful and mysterious at the same time. If a child he read a story about Mary Poppins, all his life he will seek a — no, not a nanny in the conventional sense of the word, but one that can turn the routine into a fairy tale. And right from the children to take and fly, if a tail wind. So, he needs to show maximum effort to keep her close.

The earthly incarnation of the ideal: Audrey Tautou.


It attracts a mysterious and unknown, and his fiancee must conform to the image of the modern witch — a magical glint in his eye and the ability to bind to a lifetime. She kuprinskaya Olesya — not clear and attractive, concealing a mystery that only he is able to unravel. That’s just to create this mysterious artificially areolas quite difficult. Magnetism — it is either there or it is not. And all attempts to «unleash the fog» willpower will fail if his fiancee instead of the mysteries of the soul only cunning and calculation.

The earthly incarnation of the ideal: Michelle Pfeiffer, Susan Sarandon.


He can win a woman who rejects all possible stereotypes — a sort of a modern Amazon. Maybe instead of horse under it will be Harley Davidson, it does not change. Such men are attracted to women in hazardous occupations — investigators, criminalists, stunt. In them, he sees a mouthwatering veil of femininity — it is through the lens of male profession. But the hand of his beloved can play and circumstances: if the meeting took place in unusual circumstances, the chances of it going up.

The earthly incarnation of the ideal: Julia Ormond.


Such men are valued in terms of stability and security. It is difficult to accuse them of selfishness, but the calculation and ambition in choosing their partner in the first place. This, of course, does not mean that he is going to live at the expense of the woman or the bride chooses «dowry». Not at all. But he was looking for a companion, you can rely on, that will be supported in all his endeavors. They grip on the relationship, and there are cases when after breaking back once again to his former partner, and only then marriage becomes stronger.

The earthly incarnation of the ideal: Sophie Marceau, Bjork.

Venus in Aquarius

We do not know whether this man is loved in childhood tales of Andersen, but his ideal — the Snow Queen. Unapproachable and cold, but at the same time an incredibly sexy. For it is difficult to approach, but if you do this step, you can burn … cold. But it is this, and it is attractive. Maybe that image was not born in a vacuum, as the owner of Venus in Aquarius is well aware that such a woman is ready to go and in the experiments, adventures and extravagant behavior, without which he can not imagine himself relations.

The earthly incarnation of the ideal: Sharon Stone.


That’s really about someone say «hopeless romantic.» He likes girls, woven of dreams and fog. He would gladly have gone to the Elves, to meet with the princess Arwen in «The Lord of the Rings.» His woman to be mysterious as the ancient Sphinx, as light as the night wind, and as beautiful as Raphael. It was in this he himself is able to dissolve completely, to find a new «I», for her ready to make sacrifices, because the meaning of love for men with Venus in Pisces — altruism and a desire to escape from an oppressive reality in the world of high relationship.

The earthly incarnation of the ideal: Liv Tyler.

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