We know how to keep the summer tan …

We know how to keep the summer tan ...


The elegant caramel color want to «wear» on itself regardless of the season, as the aroma of your favorite fragrance. That’s just how he tried, is unlikely to keep a tan until next summer. But to make an attractive skin tone is not tarnished for a long time, in your power!

Make friends with butter

One of the main conditions for maintaining hydrated skin is tan. If your covers are beginning to peel off and lose the charming golden hue, with Found by the sea, then you need to skin moisturizing. It is recommended to drink not only the body of 1.5-2 liters of water, but also to use body oil after a shower.

B bath — or foot!

Please refrain from visiting the baths and saunas, as high temperatures and steam — Allies pale skin and, therefore, a welcome chocolate color will fade.

Sparing regimen

Avoid waxing and razors. It is not necessary once again traumatize the skin. A reasonable alternative would be the appliance or electric razor.

Ration Darkie

You can also save a tan «from within». Regularly eat foods high in vitamin A. Particularly useful eggs, tomatoes, carrots, butter, and fruit and vegetables a yellow color. Pay special attention to the melon — there are lots of beta-keratin, which also contributes to the «browning» of the skin. To get a nice tan without spots, on the day you need to eat about 300 grams of fruit.

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