We live in paradise

We live in paradise

Not only Dutch tulips glorious land. Hosts wonderful garden in a small village in the south of the Netherlands in 2012 have received for their offspring, «silver» at the competition "The most beautiful gardens in the Benelux countries" . Their garden collection affects the scope and diversity.

With nature and Catch Rit Deliss «intermarried» with childhood: both parents were farmers. But the passionate desire to create your own decorative garden, the couple appeared only in 1990, when they swapped houses with his parents, father and mother, her husband moved to the center of the village, and he and his wife Riet — in the cottage with a large plot on the outskirts of the village.

Gradually they began to land transformed by taking well-groomed appearance, first wife Deliss instead of old-fashioned flower garden arranged flower beds near the house, framed by boxwood bushes. «Behind the house used to be a vegetable garden and an orchard — says Riet. — But our first flower beds with perennials and roses, framed by boxwood, were great fun, so we decided to opt out of the backyard and transform land into a flourishing garden. » Year after year there are more and more garden area. Different height hedges, entwined with vines pergolas and arches delimit the garden «rooms». Cleverly arranged optical axes structure the plot, so all of its areas are perfectly combined with each other. In the garden are many places for relaxation, where guests and hosts can enjoy a variety of plants, their pleasant aroma and interesting plot angles from different points of view.

Another important family Deliss change in the design of the site took place in 2006 .: wife started for the creation of a landscaped garden area of ​​approximately 50 acres, it is located behind already developed areas. The son of Eric, a landscape designer by training, was actively supported by parents. And, using their knowledge, developed a plan for the establishment of new zones: a garden of herbs, flowers and a large pond mixborders. «But my husband and I learned a lot of information from a special garden literature, visits the gardens of England, as well as from my own experience propagation of herbaceous perennials and shrubs, — says Riet during a tour of the garden. — I love to combine plants in flower beds with leaves and flowers of different colors. In flower beds, surrounded by boxwood bushes, effectively alternating purple, blue, red and white flowers, and rabatkah pond are arranged bright accents of red, scarlet and yellow flowers «, — says the hostess garden. According to her, it is very important to always bloomed in the garden a plant or was an element that catches the eye. This is clearly observed in the garden Riet: Norway maple with unusual framed with white leaves, paulownia (Paulownia) and Gunnar giant herbaceous perennial, growing by the pond, it is impossible not to notice.

When looking at all this beauty is a reasonable question arises: how Catch Riet and care for such a huge site? «Herbaceous perennials and shrubs in the fall and winter we will not touch — said Riet. — For us, the garden season begins in the spring. Catch cuts the bushes and regularly mows the grass mower tractor. Then he is taken for pruning ornamental grasses and flowering perennials. Next in line are numerous roses and clematis. To facilitate the care of a garden we arrange flower beds so that the spring after pruning and soil compost plants quickly grow between them had no gaps. Because of this, and the weeds are not growing, «- says Riet the secrets of caring for the site. After working Catch and Rit like to walk on the vast site and see how the game dragonflies above the smooth surface of a pond, or sitting with a cup of coffee, listen to birds singing and watch the small animals settled in their garden. For several years, from May to August hospitably opened their garden to the public. Amateur gardeners come here for the experience and impressions, even from other countries.

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