Where it flows into the Volga.

Where it flows into the Volga.

Where it flows into the Volga? Of course, in the Caspian Sea. And how much two plus two? What a question! Four, of course !! It is known to everyone from school for life. And as verify and certify that eventually begins to be perceived by the law, did not require proof. So in life. But, to sail on the river of art from the station called «Composition», to the sea and you can not get to. Because the art of two times two is not always four.

Subject composition is very broad. Reaching its full journal article volume, perhaps impossible. So just leave outside the compositional side of the full-scale work on landscapes, portraits and still lifes, and focus strictly on the composition — in the building, as stated in the Dictionary of the Russian language Ozhegova — by composing works that incorporates the sum of knowledge, imagination, ownership pattern and color, experiences and reflections of the artist’s life. We agree that this is a complex composition, the highest form of creative -Activities. The whole cultural history confirms this.

Manifestation composite intuition begins in everyday, everyday life. Does your harmony headdress style, texture and color of the coat? How to pick a tie to the socks? Fortunately there drapes blend with the wallpaper? How delicately or, conversely, used the possibility of challenging tart perfume — throughout expressed a fantasy, a sense (or insensitivity) proportionality taste.

In the studio, whether at school or college, at the lessons of composition and lectures on art history, in the interviews with the students and teachers of students with one another — everywhere hear talk about some laws, knowledge of which is necessary for successful composing pieces for the future. New artist knows that to avoid dividing the pictorial plane horizon line into equal parts, the earth and sky; that for the transmission of motion using a large diagonal; inscribed in a triangle composition gives a sense of stability and peace; and the composition has a circle. Placed in the center of the visual shape gives large static compositions; person or animal in a landscape or interior low horizon look mighty giants, and, conversely, high horizon emphasizes weak character. The main composition is logical node in the visual center of the working field stuff. Before your information will be brought that uplinks birth a sense of joy, and the downward falling — sadness. Theoretical arguments in this case accompanied by references to the work of such an authoritative and convincing that usually solidify in the mind of the beginner and long-established immutable truths. Laws. Who will really come into his head to deny the existence of rapid rush in the picture

Daumier «Rise»? Or compositional dissimilarity «Poor Fisherman» Puvis de Chavannes with the «brave knight» Hodler, balance and breathing peace in the «Madonna of the Rocks» by Leonardo da Vinci. The isolation of the composite scheme of flesh pieces could be fun. Critics compose treatises and dissertations with the application prints, lined with different lines, axes, spirals. You’d think a theorist knows about creating paintings more than its author. There is a whole book of verbal retelling stories and building scenery Alexander Ivanov, the harmony of which «exhaustively» explained algebra scholastic naukopodobiya.

But in your life breaks «prancing horse» E. Munch. Diagonal it is not in sight. With a symmetrical arrangement of large masses in the picture, and the centrality of the horse as though all should work on static. And the horse is in a very nonwinning to display agility perspective, strictly frontal. A motion in the picture so that you hear in the gallop hooves crushed and whoosh. Composite diagonal textbook successfully used in the «uprising» O.Dome.

But the same great diagonal — rock ridge — in the «Lamentation» by Giotto is a very different emotions, downright opposite impulse Daumier. Motion? Yes. But what! Slow motion as if all the grief human heavy lava rock slides along the crest of the head of Christ. And rushing to the mountain of angels Christ! That would cost the theoretical diagonal kutsekrylogo without crying? Here rises a diagonal or lowered? And what, say, the law of A. Deineka portrayed young happy mother’s back? Madonna theme developed in the Christian world for centuries, but neither before nor after Deineki no one came to mind a compositional daring move, which gave her an unexpected turn sharply mother covers his body a chicken. For this alone creative revelation, he did not do anything else, Alexander Alexandrovich kowtow. With youthful nails well to remember that the primary composite node logical place in the visual center of the work. And here at Degas respect to this rule was not there. At the center of his empty: sex, part of a chair, a wall. Characters paintings strongly downloadable format to its edges. Degas like teasing the audience, accustomed to firmly established rules of composition. Not first whether this progress towards the future of non-figurative art? And it is not akin to any fragmentation of the many things Degas crop, receiving cinema, which did not yet exist, and serene picture focused on the «picture» respectable usual sense. School uneasy truths with their schemes W. Tabor, E. Wyatt. The first illustration of the story by Gogol «Ivan Shponka and his aunt» launched a huge, a big cat flies; the other in the film «Staking» placed his characters — so to speak — is extremely illogical in terms of «two and two make four.» Yes, even over the heads of old men — no one knows why so many had left «no-filled» working area of ​​the picture. But it is through pounds of buzzing flies Tabor went out to a bore of a provincially-existence insignificant Gogol’s heroes. Unexpected same composition Wyatt happily found expresses environmental aging strip of alienation, loneliness habit alone.

In meetings with the original construction of the product begin to raise doubts in the absoluteness of abstract statements slyvuschego laws of composition. Especially since they deal mostly about the relation to each other on the plane graphic lines and spots, and almost nothing about the composition of the color treated. Maybe because of the color abstract reasoning impossible. Number of colors and nuances — and there are a great many — can be crucial. In practice, working colorist color construction is extremely important as the beginning of a constructive. This confirms at least «Encore, Encore,» Fedotov, which crossed the crosspiece of the frame ice blue night winter landscape behind the window of the hut is surrounded by a field of crimson interior. How sad and hopelessly in it serving a billeting officer. And what can we say about the abstract vibration pearl and silver, part of the charming effect velaskesovskoy «Surrender of Breda ‘! On many of the laws of the composition is simply silent. The principles of the composition of the ancient Egyptians, for example, if touched, it is not as a living specimen in the practice of the modern artist, but as a sign of old time did not know the prospects of its three-dimensional space.

Doubts, doubts … gradually gets stronger the idea that a set of so-called law is nothing other than a bunch of schemes of composite concrete works clearly express the intent of the author, canonized God knows where, by whom and when to general training mandatory. The canons of the art are legitimate and useful in some cases, but not when the artist expresses his own attitude to life. To know them, of course, it is worth. At least for a successful exam in art history lecturer respectable. And you need to save for a lifetime thanks to the people that contribute to the beginner to enter the world of art. But it is necessary and timely to hack to death on your nose, underpinned by clear examples of theoretical statements are not a science, not a primer, not even the alphabet, but only other people’s luck, a few letters of the alphabet, which is given only know their own practice. Holding another’s findings on repetition, not in accordance with the pulse of our time, not to leave. Learned by rote rules on craftsmanship, even of a good, will not be allowed. The Unknown vast ocean of life to be open to everyone alone. And each artist is given only the open waters of the ocean, which corresponds to the nature of his personality.

Work Experience says it all: work is not thought out, taking into account some of the rules and examples, like a tree grows from seed, directly or subtly, of a set of threads of the first pulse and the qualities of the artist’s talent. The path from the first push of the author to satisfying solutions are often not straight and smooth. As geologists happens worthless move. And not just one set. Search sometimes even goes in the direction of the desired as the investigator, who was looking for a long time disappeared from the criminal machine olive green, and then dog: was given, that it is necessary to look for a green, show the witness the olive because it covered the layer of dust. On the way to the final composition of his «Volga Boatmen» Repin impressively told in the book of memories «Distant — Close». From my own experience I remember working on a picture of two nights in the forest fire. The sketches were hard done already a lot of options. But it did not get the desired effect of lighting the flame of fire. It would seem that a stove on which to dance, is known: the fire and that lit — white (paper), shade — dark ink. Two by two is four. A fire does not shine. Finally, without waiting for the result, «in terms of nonsense,» just from fatigue, uncertainly smeared ink flames of fire. And suddenly I saw it! Spot lights began to play the way I wanted. Ironing board and I did have the original quickly and fairly easily. The publishing house came with some apprehension: what it is, the fire flame — and suddenly black. But the likelihood of violation have not noticed — apparently, it appeared logical, editors graphic signed and sent to the printer. The case recalled that all the artist has to open itself, and each time anew.

Continued work on the theme dear to the artist absorbs it so completely that required thought can occur at any time of the day. Including during sleep. You just need to wake up and not be too lazy to take a pencil and paper to write it down. Unlocked in the morning increases, it will be forgotten. This has Mayakovsky who recorded lighteneth dream metaphor for the end of burnt match on the cigarette box. Pushkin regretted returning late at night to Mikhailovskoye of three-Gorsky, he tired, fell asleep without specifying the stage at the fountain of «Boris Godunov», which was composed on the road. By the morning of the poems were forgotten. And they were, in his words, stronger than those that the poet wrote later.

The artist is not only working on one song at a time or more. Some antenna of his body are constantly tuned to the possibility of sudden encounter with an unknown topic in advance, but matched his precious «blood composition». The result of this happy flash in the brain Andrew Wyeth became one of his most famous paintings «The World of Christina.» Artist the best summer he lived and worked from a friend of the farmer. There was a woman who as a result of childhood polio paralyzed legs. She moved on all fours, leaning on hands. How far is it possible to leave this way? The world narrowed for Christina to her place of residence. Once Wyatt while in the attic loft, close to the window and saw the bottom of the earth Christina crawling from the hayloft to the side facing away on the hill farm. Dry summer sky, grass hillside rusty, structure and crawling away to his skinny arms figure woman instantly transformed into the mind of the artist in the capacious wrenching picture of human destiny. Nothing had to invent and to conjecture. It remained to perform. And this is the nature-released master splendidly. Note the exact name of the picture. Another would be impossible, it is not necessary. Answer theorist: what the law made this composition is absolutely sudden thing? Because of the law of the diagonal read and heard all of us, but «World of Christina» made only Wyeth. In a joyful moment for all of us saw Kenji Suzuki, «Wildflower.» Such fleeting episode could see other artists, but only Suzuki he discovered his artistic significance, deep implication. Many know the history of the Surikov «Boyar Morozova» the first impetus to a formal plan of which was the impression of the legendary «black crows on the white snow.» But this is an example of the marathon from pulse to accomplishment. Creating works like named, testifies compositional work in the subconscious mind of the poet there, the composer, the artist is constantly unstoppable, as a reaction to the uranium pile — over things have been commenced or not yet encountered. Think about this when under some laws once.

If a simple matter to choose the curtain successfully to wallpaper, how much it is important for an artist to choose a picture frame or a baguette with mount for prints. The value has the width and profile of baguette, its color and texture. In fact, it is a sequel, or rather — the completion of work on the composite thing. In his memoirs N. Krymov have case. Then a young Krymov came to his colleague Sapunova take his — what was agreed-painting for the exhibition. Instead, the picture was some «filthy rags.» «But you can not show it!» — «You do not understand, — said the experienced Sapunoff, — go to the store, take the ordered frame, and we put them in my stuff.» The frames have been received, «filthy rags» were inserted in them, and the Crimea gasped, seeing coloristic magnificent paintings. So Sapunoff advance into account the color of the sound to some things, only the relevant frame. Original and «much to the case» solved the same problem of young Roerich. His graduation painting «The messenger», filled with the glow of the moon, the river dampness, the smell of wet wood and secret splash of the oars, he dressed in a wide frame, fitted by matting. Needless to say how enriching made-to-order frame many of the masterpieces of the past. Maybe not even enrich and identify. The art of our time is different from the classic. It requires and clothes respectively. There is no doubt that Picasso Bernard Buffet or order a «rich» frame was not a problem. But the style of many of their works requires austerity apparel. Much Picasso «Musicians» lined with simple black rack. In simple rail wear, and many things Byuffe. After finishing work on the painting «The Arina» — another case from my own experience — I put the frame is different, including our «magnificent gilded» fondovskogo baguette, but eventually had to stop on the frame of neoshkurennogo pine slab with its golden bark. Came across this version of one line of the poems of Pushkin’s nanny: «One of pine forests in the wilderness for a long time, long have you been waiting for me …» The picture of Natalia Nikolaevna Chaadayev or a frame would not tolerate.

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