Who served ZabVO not forget this harsh land with a sizzling summer heat and winter, penetrating to the bone, cold and omnipresent, replacing snow, sand. It is in these conditions takes trial testing upgrade kit Kalashnikov AK74MB (patent № RU2485429), developed by Vitaly Boyarkin LLC NTF «Medium» and Laboratory of Dynamical Systems and Instrumentation NIIRGTU. On the former military shooting range with the prototype vehicle running riot police officers Trans-Baikal.

On the slope of the hill and arranged breast growth target skeletons of cars, different obstacles that simulate collapsed buildings.

A soldier conducts single and rapid fire short bursts at targets with the transfer of fire to the front and depth, first at 50, then 100, 300 m from the «lying down», «a tribe», «standing» and «dashes zigzag.»

The bullets hit the target accurately, heap punching their central part.

«So what?» — Asks the reader is tempted.

The fact that the firing is carried out with the machine in the transport position folded butt.

Severe demobilization doubt that with folded butt of AK74M a target 100 m can be reached only by accident — and will be deeply human.

But not AK74MB.

Rumors circulate about the development of the Internet for about a year, but you can see photos AK74MB first!

Meanwhile, AK74MB — a modernized AK74M having additional: trigger (located in the butt), folding diopter rear sight and front sight on the rotary post; a modified latch shop and stop for firing from the left shoulder

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