Xenia Chudinov: «Frankly, I do not like cats»

Xenia Chudinov:

Xenia Chudinov — one of the brightest representatives of contemporary journalism. In her work, we can see genuine interest to many important cultural phenomena of social life in Russia. She indifferent to the problems of pets in our country, which knows firsthand: at the very lives at home cat Pear.

When meeting with Xenia and her cat for the hundredth time I am convinced that pets are like owners: Pear slender, graceful, natural. For the media to communicate both are ready, with the interview begins Pear. Good, she looks into his eyes and meowing with careful articulation that I surely could still make out. Rightly decide that the cat invites me to see the apartment. Really have to look at that: a captured German desk, antique piano, unusual leather sofa with one armrest; along the walls — racks of albums, books, CDs, vinyl records. Sami walls are decorated with avant-garde painting, pop art posters; in the living room — a large map of the world, in the hallway — a mask of the pagan god, the bronze skeleton of fish in a stone frame and the still many things which go with not pick the name. Immediately evident: here lives a creative, versatile.

«Like a cross between with cats»

— MEANS downright and do not like cats?

(At the beginning of the interview Pear has made herself comfortable on the lap of Xenia.)

-Yes, downright I hate! (Laughs.) Well, to tell the truth, are always more fond of dogs for what they are great and love of life are not so phlegmatic, like cats. In the Far North, where I spent my childhood, I have always been surrounded by dogs, which I gladly dragged home. And there is practically no cats — in permafrost conditions, they do not survive.

— But with you now pears!

— Yes. Moreover, the pear — not my first cat. First I picked up a kitten, I have lived in Moscow when I was seventeen. I met with him, as usual, in the yard. The kitten began to play with the laces on my shoes than unspeakably surprised me. It does not meow, do not complain about life, and in a good mood and just wanted to play around! The optimism, the ability to make a joke and not to lose heart in difficult times — the nature of these properties, I do very much appreciate. So the kitten I conquered, I took him home, although the decision was not easy: at the time I lived with my parents, and we already had a fox terrier. Kitten cat turned out, we called it Bastinda. Basia lived with us for seven years, it is not conflicting with the dog and doing catching rats, which periodically brought dad on the pillow.

-To his great pleasure …

— This by itself! Basia mysteriously disappeared from the apartment (and we lived then sixteen-house on the 7th floor) at about the same time, when there was a pear. Until now, no one can understand how it happened. Mystical history. Like a cat she decided to stay in our family and disappear when considered that the time has come.

— A PEAR How did you come?

-Pear we brought from the village, from her grandmother. They promised to cat friends, and they brought — refused, and the cat stayed with us. When we brought it to Moscow two weeks kitten, first called crabs. You know, very funny little kittens running around, really like small crabs.

— HOW YOUR DAUGHTER communicate with the pears?

— Great! Everything is as it should be — they tortured her (laughs). On the whole, you know, I am a supporter of the theory that children should learn about the world in all its forms and manifestations. Going to kindergarten, to shop, to meet people, to let boats for Brooks … Communication with the cat — one of many ways of understanding the universe. Of course, my husband and I explained to the girls at the time that the animal can not be tormented, defenseless, and it just gets tired, feels pain and discomfort, as we are. So now we try to interfere as little as possible in their communication. In addition, if the girls are bored cat, she gets up and leaves, so there is no problem. On the whole Pear very affectionate, sociable, loves to play. Resembling the dog, why I’m so fond of her. The tail of her flourish, like huskies, and we jokingly call it «a cross between a husky with a cat.» By the way, eating a pear, a dog, a lot of stuff: can gobble fried potatoes and a small piece of cake. More it can be played like a dog.

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