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VS Cicero. Twice Hero of Socialist Labor

Vladimir Stepanovich Chicherov Brigadier-turner of the Leningrad production association «Metal Works», twice Hero of Socialist Labor, deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR, member of the Central Committee of the CPSU. In an interview with our correspondent N. Alexandrova, he reflects on the upbringing role of screen art, its place in the life of the working man and the workforce.

— I’m a native leningradets- From childhood memories brighter Save this: the whole family go to the movies. Father, mother, two sisters and I am the youngest. All the elegant, joyful, we have a holiday, we go to, «Givnt.» This cinema in the Kondratieff Avenue, where we lived, I still love more than any other Leningrad theaters. It happened several times watched the familiar picture. It was even more interesting, because there we have a game with his sister: quietly whispering «prompt» word characters. And then, at home, for a long time remember, experiencing what he saw. And parents with us. That is so bright it was a memorable event in our life before the war that is now called casually, «going to the movies.»

The best human qualities such as honesty, diligence, honesty, being raised not only in the family, at school. And as we saw on the screen handsome Climate bright, hero tanker, which in the first and in the dance he has no equal, and squeeze his most melodious, then. of course. we all wanted to be like him. Along with the heroes of favorite movies we learned the joy of collective farmers, miners, weavers. All this is a little delayed in the soul, formed character.

Now I think of old pictures. «Funny boys». «Circus», «Shining Path», «member of the government.» «Rural Teacher»; «Alexander Parkhomenko» -all they remembered, stayed for life.

Naturally, the continued interest for me and my friends call films about workers, about the complex moral processes taking place in the workforce. The only pity is that such works, the problem, in principle, rarely appear. In recent years, most impressed by the work of my fellow countrymen a filmmakers’ Understudy takes effect. «

Well I understand how difficult it is to screen the working man. Everyone interested in the business, and we work hard, not very «movie versions». However, every job is not easy. One came to us on a site the person who introduced himself as the director, said that about our team are going to do a documentary. And transform our land in the set. Filmmakers appeared in the shop every day at the beginning of the shift, watched filmed. We worked with the soul, really. We tried to help them in everything they could. But we had a hard time, no joke all the time to feel the attentive eye searches the cameras. From it do not hide any of its blunders or mistakes … In short, their own experience felt uneasy working in cinema and filmmakers, and themes. about whom they talk.

Especially happy when you meet the embodiment of the best of this difficult topic. In my view, such a compelling, full-blooded, lively way of working was the best of the modern hero of the film «Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears» locksmith Ghosh. I like his attitude to life, to work, to the woman he loves. But the main thing. that he feels himself master. He is like a man sure of himself, above all, puts the honor of working.

By the way, about the working of honor, there is another remarkable work penfilmovtsev- «award.» I remember how we teammates looked it. then we decided: a smart and correct movie. It surprises me when I hear that, they say. The situation in the film is slightly embellished, or something. It is not true it is! Come to any working meeting: it raises questions of improving the organization of labor, supply planning. And who are their aims? Working!

Frankly, I’m bored watching movies where the heroes, even if they are working people who stand only «domestic» problems. All right there, all the ‘in life’ s’ apartment, like all heroes, and dressed as expected, and talk about everyday things, but this is no life. if there is no big thoughts! Just recently I saw a picture about the inhabitants of a youth hostel. There’s a girl’s face, and cute, and the rooms are cozy, fun and celebrate the holidays … But then I was bored! What kind of pies, then no life to be seen! That’s because not interesting, why not funny, although in the credits read, «comedy.»

By experience I know that the head of any large undertakings are Communists. On this fair, dedicated to his ideals and the person, regardless of status and position, we say simply, «Communist!» We do not have the title above.

Where would we Communists are, whatever doing, they look at us, by our works reconcile their own actions. This can not be forgotten. Suppose that today we do not have to defend their ideals in such dramatic situations as. say. Vasily Gubanov, the hero of the film «Communist». But the essence remains the same. My example was and remains the best way of campaigning.

«… The party has always been immutable Bolshevik principle: to judge people by actions, not by words, to judge by the results of the work, rather than» activities «, — noted in his report to the All-Union Scientific-practical conference» Improving developed socialism and ideological work of the Party in the light of the decisions of the June (1983) Plenum of the CPSU Central Committee «Politburo member, Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Mikhail Gorbachev. These words belong to each of us.

Our most important concern, to grow yourself a good change, to educate a man worthy of our society building communism. Today, when so much is said, and consider ways to reform education and vocational schools, on the labor education of the younger generation, I often think of their parents. They were communists. Father-personnel St. Petersburg worker, mother-teacher. In the archives I found a document which states that the fitter Baltic Shipyard Stepan Chicherov fired «for violence against pointer Polikarpov.» In 1913, during the strike that brought the father of the informer from the shop in a wheelbarrow and dumped in a puddle under the general laughter of the workers. I have kept a copy of the order and number 44 of the St. Petersburg Governor-General of 9 September 1913 on. that SS Chicherova. as the person who incited to continue the strike, forbidden residence in the capital. Well. This brings to mind a similar scene from «Youth of Maxim»!

In our family, the first place has always been the concept of duty, conscience and honor. First of all, the case-then everything else. During the collectivization his father among the Twenty-Five-Thousander left in the Pskov region, became the chairman of the commune «Red Flag.»

And when we have a war. barely alive, swollen from hunger, taken on Ladoga from besieged Leningrad, he recovered a little, he began to work in the kolkhoz smithy. And I kid a decade, helped him to come at sunrise, blowing horn, tearing up and down the heavy bottles. Mom, urban man, became chairman of a collective farm in the evacuation. Once, when the foreman told her that no one plow, mama, holding pity and pain, nodded at me, «Vovk put my …» And I understand, otherwise it could not all women sat looking at her. Out in the field, for me the other boys pulled. Managed better than adults.

What I remembered all this? I think we forget worthless, do not take into account that it is we, the older generation, themselves often the case is responsible for «human marriage», which sometimes then outraged. And this is a reproach not only to parents and teachers, but also the authors of popular films in the eyes of young people who have considerable authority.

recently one of the plenary sessions of the Leningrad regional party committee approved the proposal on the establishment of the «School of the working skills.» . Exemplary production J will meet with young workers, students, vocational school students. The matter is important to admit, I grabbed it. Already thinking about what will lead a conversation with the guys. I wish that these meetings were relaxed, informal, interesting.

I love my native plant that has worldwide recognition in the field of turbine construction, love my job, but I’m not a writer, I find it difficult to convey their feelings in words. But if together with the guys look good, smart movie and then discuss it … And at the same time to talk about choosing a life path, that. What is the honor of the working man, everything that excites and delights, and sometimes disturbing. I at least it seems interesting.

My dream is to show the children film «Counter». It is our pride, because the documentary basis for its creation served as the initiative of the workers of the Komsomol youth brigade Peter Staroseltseva from our Metal, the first in the country put forward counter-plans. But the problems raised in the film, and are relevant today.

In the fifties, when I had just started working yet, you will see a great comedy «intractable.» She and today is laughable. The issues it raised are not out of date. There have always been and, unfortunately, for a long time will come to labor collectives people who do not want to work in full force. So we have to educate these «intractable.» It is our duty, it is directly stated in the «Law on the workforce.» It is a pity that there is no such pattern in modern material.

In movies I remember the last time, «Love at his own request.» There are people trying to lose myself again find life support. Remember it. standing at the bench, trying to persuade himself that he is ruler over the metal without sharpener, a sculptor … says to himself the right words, but they are not from the heart, and therefore do not reach the heart. The guy had to go through a moral shock, and not one to rediscover its role and place in life. I’d like to see this movie with the guys, I’m very interested in their reaction not only a love story, but also on the «production» line.

To educate young people, working with them, it is necessary to better exploded know what they Unfortunately, the screen does not give is the full answer to this question, most of its heroes are the guys something flawed, wayward, do not have a strong moral rod. But not all because such a minority!

Of course, both of these films, you can draw conclusions. Recently I looked at a picture of teens «found guilty». I can not say that she is very fond of me, especially the part where it comes to labor re-education of one of the boys. Ho. I think, to see it with his disciples, to think it would be helpful.

Like the recently originated the tradition of prime-Union. Millions of people in different cities and villages while watching movies a large public znacheniya- «hope and support.» «European history», «Beach». We lived one feeling, one thought. I remember what a great event for all of us was the premiere of the film «Particularly important task.» Who during the war was not able to sip grief! But Leningrad drank the cup to the bottom. Our metal plant was partially evacuated, many stayed and worked. Bombed in shelters took socialist obligations and miraculously blocked norm. Died next to his machine. How can you forget it? What words tell? The authors of the film «Particularly important task» was able to find the words, tone. I saw in the audience wept veterans

A lot of the good, the right, helps to understand themselves, their place in life gives us the art of cinema. We are grateful to him for bright feelings and thoughts, they are born, because the difficult moments of life appeal to grown fond memory kinogeroya, comparing his deeds and actions with a high ideal of service to others. A good and wise, humane film that you watch with friends, disciples, with detmi. is a holiday! And let these events will be more!

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