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a documentary film




Soviet documentary pay attention to a lot of coverage of economic development and cooperation among the countries of socialism. However, generally, the tape is short. Because, of course, a significant event was the release of the big screen full-length documentary «The powerful force of the Commonwealth» (Scenario E. Kozyrev, director A. Opryshko operators V. Baikov and Nikonov, CSDF). He tells about the activities of the CMEA.

It is noteworthy that the film created in the year of the 35th anniversary of the organization after the meeting of the Economic — CMEA summit in Moscow. This is a major historical event in the life of the socialist community has become a leitmotif of the film, determined its significance.

Even the specialists engaged in the development of socialist integration, the film of its clarity, richness of interesting material is of great interest. It looks, as they say in one breath. Clearly, dynamically, convincingly shows the most significant achievements of the CMEA countries, prospects of economic cooperation.

…Personnel chronicle of the black and white take us back to 1949. It was a difficult time. The capitalist world, unleashing a «cold war», boycotted the trade and economic relations with the Soviet Union and the countries embarked on the path of socialism. It needs a mutual support to overcome the consequences of the last war. And then it was formed CMEA.

For three and a half decades of short -term! — Community of our countries has been strengthened and has reached great success. The screen presents the viewer with only a few numbers, but they are impressive. For example, the volume of industrial production increased fourteen times. CMEA countries now produce nearly a third of the world industrial output. Their national income is a quarter of the world’s national income.

The screen-powerful reactors of nuclear power plants, created by joint efforts, united energy system «Mir», oil and gas pipelines «Druzhba» and «Union», industrial robots and manipulators, modern computing technology and microprocessors that control complex automated production systems. Here are examples, the priority areas of scientific and technological progress, aimed at the intensification of the economy! And all this is filmed as a single tone, rhythm.

Stored footage, reflecting the social and economic achievements of Mongolia, Cuba and Vietnam. Their successes have been made possible only thanks to comprehensive care and support of other fraternal countries, the development and deepening of socialist economic integration.

Indicators bright on the screen the story of Cuba. This is the first in the Western Hemisphere, a socialist country, the existence of which is the hatred of the capitalists. A quarter of a century, continuing economic blockade, boycott, political blackmail Liberty Island. We came to the aid of friends. The filmmakers followed only part of the economic relations of Cuba, but they show the great importance for the life and prosperity of the republic has the CMEA. We’ll see, «Icarus,» which delivers Hungary, combines for harvesting sugar cane, produced with the help of Soviet specialists. Who built the giants of Cuban industry — Mining and Metallurgical Combine, and a nuclear power plant …

In the film, well, it seems to me. We show people the new, socialist world. They cultivated the land, manage a complex set of modern machines, teach children, build houses … They date saturated tireless work, creativity. They worry about their tomorrow. In the frames of the tape can be seen a strong correlation between workers of the fraternal countries, genuine internationalism million that permeates all aspects of the community.

The impression of the film is life-affirming, optimistic, although the authors and do not leave aside the difficult issues. They are associated with difficult economic problems and heightened in recent years the international situation. The CMEA member countries have consistently advocated for detente, for equal international relations. And in the film shows a striking example of such an active cooperation with Finland, on an equal and mutually beneficial basis. Similar examples could be cited more …

It is a pity that the tape is not told about these new aspects of cooperation, the development of direct contacts between enterprises and organizations of the fraternal countries. Or the development of socialist competition of labor collectives.

Many issues were only discussed are indicated. And this is natural, since even a full-length film is not under force to reflect the diversity of experience of the socialist community.

Therefore, I would like to filmmakers continued to work on this important topic. I am sure that the audience would be interested in a story about the development of nuclear power in our countries. Or such a significant and important issue as improving the living standards of working people.

The main thing is a start. It was a film that is sure to arouse the interest of the Soviet and foreign spectators.

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