A new look at the deep Krenken.

A new look at the deep Krenken.

Among all the little crankbaits stand out Krenken — active bait with a very own game. They deserve the people’s love and acceptance is for ease of use and ability to catch the predator on the most primitive wiring — uniform. No wonder the US called them a bit rude idiot baits, as they work well and are caught in a dull ravnomerke, ie they do not need to revive especially wise, and lead only to throw a wobbler, monotone rotating reel handle.

Originally it developed so that the most popular for fishing vzabros our spinnings shallow and sverhmelkovodnye Krenken, in second place in the ranking are the class model MR — deepens when you post up to six meters. And only a few are caught on spinning bait, work which is below the horizon two and a half meters. For some reason, the average angler formed a firm belief that Krenken recessed more than three meters — a purely trolling lures, as most area of ​​the blade bury baits when fishing vzabros tackle excessive loads, making fishing uncomfortable.

In general, the depth of more than three meters — if only patrimony of the jig, since the probability of deep-sea fishing hooks grown significantly, but much cheaper silicone lure even the most inexpensive Crank, so more suitable for the role of consumables. The statement about the pure trolling specialization Krenken deep-dive when you post up to five or six meters, is fundamentally wrong, anyway, if we talk about Crank by Japanese companies, the Japanese anglers trolling is not caught, but only vzabros.

I, too, until relatively recently eschewed dip Krenken equipped with a huge blade, since the wiring so the bait is very very heavy tackle, bending the upper part of the rod. Much of this area of ​​the blade bury the bait when reeling creates a very strong resistance, which can be fatal if used inertialess coil — such loads it just does not stand. On some comfort while fishing and say no. When I switched to the multiplier gear, powerful and high-torque, it could finally get acquainted with these lures interesting — and in our conditions at catching vzabros they immediately found the most diverse applications. To begin with let us recall some theory: nearly all of the large family Krenken Deep Diver (diving deeply) from the very first centimeters of the wiring on the very steep path goes almost vertically into the depths. This contributes not only to increased blade area deepens, but its shape — many divers and even the tip bent down so that such bait downright lightning deepened and quickly goes to his working horizon. That is, after splashdown wobbler we need to do only five or six quick turnover handle coils, so that he fell four or five meters — speed turns even faster than to get to the bottom of the same depth jig bait. This property crankbaits Deep Diver for us very helpful: when fishing at a depth of 4-6 m, we quickly exhaust a little bait to the bottom. This makes it possible immediately to start fishing on the bottom layer, which also keeps predators, especially during the cold season, not losing a single meter of useful postings. In addition, these lures are holding constant the horizon until its exit from the water.

But with simple Crank the picture is a little different, sadder: deepened they are quite shallow sloping path, then awhile go to their working depths, and as you get closer to the shore or to the boat cord starts to pull them up, and they, too, on a sloping start to go up. The result is something like this: throw of 30 m, of which at least 4-5 m Crank you need to go down to the depth of his passport, and then the boat lose 5-6, when he starts to go up. Because of these up-down on an inclined at the beginning and end of the posting, we lose at least a third of its effective length, the residence time of bait in the area of ​​attention of the predator is reduced by one third. This is exacerbated by the use of excessively thick cords, which lure fail to drive on his passport depth — all this, taken together, reducing the efficiency of fishing for such lures.

As we mentioned above, Krenken Deep Diver — bait very uporistye but multovym set all the problems with overdrive gear disappear, to work with most models with head missing spinning rod with an upper test to oz — even with the divers up to twenty-five grams of a large shovel handle it without problems. Threw the vast majority of divers excellent, and this despite the fact that most of the blade should be like great sails, thereby inhibiting the bait and knocking her to the flight path, but it does not. Even devoid of long casting Krenken this class — excellent fliers, as virtually all of them have a rather big weight, plus a compact streamlined body, and these qualities have a positive effect on the aerodynamic properties of any bait.

Basically, the model is very deep-diving Krenken have a drop-shaped body is narrow in diameter as it is thicker than the more difficult to drive on the lure depth, therefore, the greater the area of ​​the blade bury it should provide for this. From the shape of the body, as well as on the shape and area of ​​the blade bait depends on the amplitude and frequency of its oscillations: in general, the «pot-bellied» Crank deep and wider than the blade he has, the greater the vibration amplitude in the wiring, and their frequency.

Animate Krenken class Deep Diver easiest ordinary uniform wiring for which they are, in fact, were created. And to add some fun to it, you can use slow-speed up, the method of «stop-and-go» or making undesired repetitive motion bait. Ravnomerka at a constant pace is not always the predator gets, especially if he is in a depressed state, but the sudden sharp disruptions in her often force him to take an interest in the bait, prompting her reflexively attack.

As an abrupt disruption in the wiring work very well periodic short and sharp Twitchy, during which the lure slowly waddling suddenly makes a convulsive leap forward and leans to one side. Bites followed in most cases, immediately after the jerks who act as a powerful stimulus. Pike, for example, go for a 10-15 m Crank, almost buried in his nose, but surges bait immediately cause her grasp reflex.

Twitching pure giving, oddly enough, worse than the combined wiring; better punctuate ravnomerku periodic short podtvichivaniyami -naprimer, after every five or six turns of the coil to perform a series of two or three-speed Twitchy. When podtvichivaniyah of art to make a breakthrough can not follow, the main thing here — to produce a failure in the wiring diagram, making a couple of times Crank twitch convulsively, and just a short sharp Twitchy for this approach is the best.

If we want to experiment for the sake of diversity or to spend Crank Deep Diver is a classic Twitchy, which are amenable to lure pretty good, here the technique wiring already have to follow, as there are some nuances. When Twitchy such glubokovodnikov our main task is to perform potyazhku such force and clarity that will be sufficient only to expand Crank aside, while it will not be widely prowl, and will spin on almost the same place. If you perform a stronger Twitchy, the glubokovodnikov sharply and powerfully vibrates momentarily engaged in a wager, jerk and no wiring. Very good kicking against snags, branches and other underwater obstacles dip Krenken high float: for any contact with the obstacle of the push blade on him, they like a cork, bounce up, avoiding the hook. Besides, both the tee like reserved wobbler body which moves in the wiring on the nose inclined at an angle greater than forty-five degrees.

Frequent situation where due to inaccurate or casting from a sharp gust of wind the lure hangs on the low overhanging tree branches above the water, bush, sticking out of the water to snag — an unpleasant moment. Worst case — scaring away the fish, go by boat and take the bait, but before that it is necessary to try to remove the lure, not moving from the spot. Doing it this way: Tighten up the cord until SVRS bait through the branch will not be short, then slightly weaken the thread and sharp jerk pulls off Crank — often this number is held — by doing a reverse somersault, lure flies branch.

Tackle should be not only sensitive, but powerful — when you need a bite to haul the fish instantly top «brown», without giving it a centimeter freedom. Otherwise, it is necessary only for a moment linger, as our trophy immediately rushes in saving the thick tangle of branches and string for them. In this case, you will have to say goodbye not only to fish, but also with the bait, since her release from the dense weave of branches almost unreal.

When you snap a predator, which is almost always clearly distinguishable from touching the bait obstacles can not even strike, as in most cases the fish intersect itself — there should be no delay to haul it up, not giving time to recover and resist. To do this, rod should ensure trouble-free landing of a force, and will need a strong cord, which allows not to be afraid, that at the most inopportune moment, he let you down. The coil for a fishing definitely need the multiplier, it can quickly break down the resistance flogged fish, not allowing her to go to the lining. Bezynertsionka due to poor traction and the overall fragility of the mechanism in such situations is of little use, it does not allow to carry out a forced landing of.

Casting can be done in any liked promising place, the only thing — it is necessary to take into account that during the movement Crank it will endure over an arc, so you need to pre-calculate the trajectory of the lure.

Fishing in snags very interesting, it allows you to hone to perfection the technique of working with tackle, lures and lines. This fishing is also very productive. If skillfully apply in snags predator under the nose seductively playing Crank, he is likely to be tempted by them. The species composition of fish hunting in snags, extensive -primanku can grasp the pike, perch, catfish, chub, ide, chub …

Of course, it is much easier and cheaper to catch snags in silicon at various uncoupled installation, but there are moments when wobblers outright outperform rubber in the number of bites. In a particularly strong field for reinsurance can be exchanged for Crank tees on twins, placing them stings to the body is a substantially reduce the number of hooks and bait zasekaemost decline only slightly.

Another area of ​​application Krenken Deep Diver — this Oblov deeper parts of the reservoir, and not extensive, such as irrigation, namely local. For example, we are facing the goal — fishing on a compact pit area about ten by twenty meters and hold Crank need just at the bottom of the pit, which is supposed to hold the predator. If you do not do it with the help of divers, as usual dip Krenken, deepened by a shallow trajectory, the bottom of the pit so the bait will reach at best in the middle of the wiring, if not at the end. We are, of course, this situation is not entirely satisfied, because the going is much higher than its parking predator bait is unlikely to not respond.

This is where it comes in Crank diver: he immediately goes almost vertically into the depths quickly to its working horizon, and reaches it in seconds. Thus, we increase the usable distance wiring that passes wobbler and fishing on local areas at the pond every centimeter of it for us is literally worth its weight in gold. Moreover, at the exit of the pit, where the depth gradually decrease our floating diver certainly at some point it abuts the blade into the ground — he felt it immediately give a short pause. Wobbler begins to emerge, carry out or quick turnaround and a half handle coils, or short potyazhku rod, causing the bait again hit the blade at the bottom — the lion’s share of bites while fishing on such compact pits occurs just at the exit from the depth, in the moment of contact of the blade Crank with the bottom.

For example, pike often is not at the bottom of the pit, namely at the entrance or exit from it — on the edge, where it is convenient to watch for small fish — it is here and it is necessary to catch. We put the boat on a small spot about ten meters to fifteen from the exit of the pit, and perform a throw in such a way that our glubokovodnikov splashed about near the entrance. Then, buried, the lure will go down substantially parallel to the bottom of the stall, repeating the outlines of relief, then, gaining depth, will be held at the bottom of the pit, and out of it will point the blade into the ground. The bite of a predator can follow at any stage of the wiring, since all their way, albeit short, the lure passes on the right path.

Exactly the same pattern fished and narrow deep ditch, which is a lot in some large bodies of water: the boat set near stall in depth, and casts perform in the direction opposite stall, trying to put the bait on its very edge, then it will move deep inside, just repeating outlines the bottom. Predator bites occur primarily or at the moment when the bait is on the stall down, or when it starts to knock the blade into the wall of a stall at the exit of the ditch. In the «trough» at depth, the predator is very rare, although it is possible.

Cranky class Deep Diver can help us out great for catching pike. It is no secret that in other periods, especially in the fall of cold water, toothy prefer lures conducted uniformly, with an average speed or in slow motion. In those days, jerk guiding in all its variants is not working, but Krenken conducted uniformly, pike «eats» willingly, then the bait out of the competition. And since the autumn, especially late, some pike herd shifted from shallow waters to the deep places of the pond, it is a deep-reaching when posting large Crank is very appropriate — in cold water rather tempt pike bait, giving a gentle vibration when driving. For this reason, in the late autumn, and if jerk guiding work, often in the «dying» version — not strong single potyazhki with long pauses between them. But in the deep-Krenken conducted boring uniform wiring pike perfectly responds to the freeze-up — it is checked repeatedly.

Now it’s time to acquaint the reader with models Krenken Deep Diver, after splashdown bury almost vertically to a depth of 4-6 m, since about such lures rarely write, especially when it comes to catching vzabros for our spinnings this Terra Incognita. Japanese manufacturers have a lot of Krenken, consider only a small part — they are all very high quality of work performed and the predator at the top level. Of course, in a more low-end segment of baits too short, especially for American firms, but we will talk about Japanese Deep Diver, and what to catch, let everyone decide for himself.

Will open our small review of «deep-dive», of course, the famous Japanese firm Megabass, which has all sorts of lures many and deep-Krenken also missing. We will choose only two models of wobblers, belonging to the class Deep Diver. The first look at 75 mm, 21 g. Just agree that the quality mentioned about the flight patterns, I will not say anything, because they all fly like a bullet — have a considerable weight and are arranged so that cast a lure pleasure.

Bury Deep X-300 at a very steep path, almost vertically, it quickly goes to his working horizon that using cord 12 lb of 4.5-5 m (lowered to the water rod tip). Pops up a model with an average speed for the high-frequency low-amplitude shows ravnomerke game lends itself well to podtvichivaniyu that we can use to create periodic failures in the wiring with the purpose to provoke a predator. For fishing in snags and wiring with tapping the bottom of the well suited another modification of this wobbler -Deep X- 300 Power Knocker, made of material Bone, having a smaller than ordinary plastic, the weight, and as a consequence, higher buoyancy. The snags such bait is very informative, also less prone to cling to: the contact with the barrier it just bounces from it, bouncing straight up like a cork. Without deepened blade body lures quite small, which makes it universal — almost any freshwater predators can be seduced by it.

The second model from Megabass — a novelty this season under the name

80 mm, 25 g. The size of the body is the same as that of the Deep X-300, only deepens the blade is longer and wider. From the very first centimeters wiring Crank begins to cool to dig deep and very quickly goes to work horizon, which (when the cord 12 lb) of the order of 6 meters. These lures are invaluable when fishing in deep water, especially when the distance is useful wiring is limited and is, for example, only 10-15 m. There are many places in the waters — such as compact shallow pits in the middle of extensive irrigation with a substantially uniform depth in them very often, especially in the late autumn, there is a high concentration of predators.

Buoyancy Deep-Six at the average, it is convenient to fish and different, to put technical and confusing, the bottom structure — that is, to catch the relief from knocking the bottom. And snags it can be used, but for fishing in snag lure better retool counterparts, placing them stings toward the body wobbler. Although, I must say, fighting off the obstacle he is excellent as it is in contact with the branches long, the size of the bait itself, blade — impact Deep-Six just bounces up.

Generally, the length of the blade at the Crank-class Deep Diver, the earlier in the wiring cord will give us information on contact with an obstacle, allowing to make the necessary pause and save the bait from the hook. With such a large blade and deep horizon stroke Deep-Six is ​​not very much when you post loads tackle — rod with the top test up to 28 grams. cope with them without any problems. Honestly, I never would have thought that with such a huge Crank blade can comfortably catch vzabros — previously existing stereotypes nevertheless still affected.

Very interesting model dip Crank firms have Jackall — it MUSCLE DEEP 4 PLUS

70 mm, 21.5 oz., Bury up to 5 m on a thin cord. Executed lure of material Bone, which makes it comfortable to catch bait among the driftwood, and carry it to the contact blades of the ground. Bungy buoyancy makes this dip Crank kind of immunity from hooks — at the slightest contact with the blades of driftwood, or stone bottom, he immediately jumps up, leaving the danger zone. After the beginning of the movement as quickly as possible out on the horizon, and is working in it until the end of the posting, almost until the release of the water — in English it is called long cranking distance. The Japanese are the bait to go long on the shelves of stores not lie. Size wobbler fairly universal, it will entice any predator — like pike and perch to perch, catfish may also be interested in them.

The firm Gan Craft also has a deep-water wobbler

— it is the deep diving Crank from the series titled Vasga

BACRA 400 63 mm, 14 g. In this office in general, all the bait is unique, and a series of Vasga no exception — as the exterior design and the quality of workmanship and performance at Vasga 400 at the highest level. Inside the wobbler installed reflective plate, it is completely quiet, and sometimes it is the lack of noise when you post great demand, especially when the fish are cautious or is in a depressed state.

Compared with their classmates weighing steps over twenty grams, this model weighs relatively little, but arranged so that the fly is remarkable and very precisely fit the target,

— when fishing with impact has thrown under the overhanging bushes or between trees lying in water is a very important quality. Well kept constant horizon throughout the wiring and high-frequency low-amplitude game lures, coupled with the small size of the liking of any predator, and not only.

Once when fishing near snags Vasga 400 seized even rudd.

In Nories in the product line is a series kren Cove Shot Over, which differ only in a few models of buried (go in increments of one meter). We are now interested in the deepest of them coming SHOT OVER 5 to 75 mm, 25 g. On a thin cord it can easily drive up to 6 m in depth Shot Over 5 goes very cool, it promotes a particular form of the blade, which is like a ledge near the extension and slightly curved. Wobbler almost silent, as one ball into a small chamber and fixed almost perfectly still produces only a soft knock muted tones — at catching fish this bait is inactive will be just right.

Moving Shot Over a fairly wide scatter of the tail, and Krenken with such a game is always very strongly pushing the water, becoming more visible to a predator in search of prey which is primarily focused on it being left in the water vortex wake. It keeps a constant horizon posting this model in its entirety, without going upstairs when approaching the shore or boat. In short, a very good bait deep, ideal for the conditions that we talked about above.

Separately want to talk about deep-Japanese firm Crank Deps, almost all of which have the bait considerable size and weight, as focused, primarily, on the hunt for a trophy Bass. We have no bass, but without exception of wobblers and svimbeyty Deps great catch domestic predators, primarily, of course, a pike. For example, both the size of the minnow Balisong (in both versions of the buoyancy) work well for a toothy. They are not far behind on anything not like shad Realiser (and small, and «adult»), it is simply «a great success» fulfills precisely inactive fish. Surface lures from Deps, for example, Walker and popper Pulsecod Radscaie, admitting a lot of options for wiring, and perfectly caught pike and big perch. List of best-selling baits by this company can continue …

…We now proceed directly to our topic, deep-Cranko. They have Deps we are interested in the class of three — two paddle floating and sinking one; We start with the lure buoyancy, placing them in order of increasing penetration. First, let’s talk about the model DC-300 KICK BACKER 80 mm, 24 g., Which has a maximum penetration of up to 4 m, — the diver is simply unique in its characteristics. I am very well acquainted with the range of more or less large Japanese firms and voblerostroitelnyh always watch novelties, so that the model I have noticed for a long time. However, my interest in the Crank completed at the stage of review.

Not only that Krenken, as a class, I did not particularly interested in, and the kind of huge, massive and heavy lures with tremendous blade induces only thought about the sad — trolling in deep water.

Everything changed the day when fishing with a boat with his friend, I saw him in a box this giant Crank — natural curiosity vzyals top, and I tried to roll wobbler at the side. To my surprise, it turned out to be absolutely superkrenk uporistym, with such a huge weight and as excavator bucket, blade, I had a great deal with it with the help of the rod with the top test to ounces. Immediately I visualize where it can be applied immediately «passionately desired to» take the bait — in some situations it would be a godsend.

Firstly, in-depth DC-300 sank lightning — just after the first turn of the coil he was hiding from view in «the abyss», which makes it indispensable when fishing in areas where the distance is limited to postings. Secondly, he flew like a stone released from a sling, but that’s not the point. Bowl of long casting for posting are not fixed by or in a special recess or with a magnet, and the slightest, even slight jerk he haphazardly rolled forward link in the body of a wobbler. It is for this reason, a short series of two or three quick Twitchy DC- 300 not only scoured the classics, and tossed from side to side as if stung, pulling to one side, and showing belly, as rolling over his body this way and the ball is constantly changing its center of gravity .

Podtvichivanie of attacks is the most frequently used element wiring Krenken class Deep Diver, it turns out that the DC-300 simply is absorbed all the best qualities necessary for such baits: throw the horizon, speed dial depth and ideal behavior at Twitchy. In addition, the Crank has impressive dimensions, and any major wobbler strongly pushes the water, creating a far propagating fluctuations, and this facilitates the task of locating the predator bait. Because of its rather big size and weight of the corresponding DC-300 is focused primarily on the hunt for pike, and not necessarily large — about the size of the bait and allegedly cutoff large crank small fish for a long time, we know he did not detail any cuts. Another thing is that bulky Crank still reduce the number of bites very frank detail, therefore, pike childhood will not be unnecessarily injured.

The second largest of the blade Crank Deps working at deeper levels and has a little more penetration, up to 5 m — a DC-400 CASCABEL 85 mm, 28 g. This is also a serious, massive lure for predator hunting at great depth, performance and scope of her the same as that of DC-300, only a horizon posting a meter below. Uporistost Crank It also, oddly enough, is quite acceptable, but weighs an ounce and a huge blade it is wise to conduct a test with an upper rod to about 35 degrees.

The third and last depsovskaya bait, which we will discuss, this F-SONIC

-rather unusual wobbler (99 mm, 28 g.). This kind of hybrid with Crank rattlinom, sinking with decent speed, equipped with a very interesting rattle: when you post the balls inside the body wobbler issue not a knock, but as it were rattling. The lure is almost flat, just like rattlin, but in the place where the classic rattlina is «head», there is the likeness of the blade, creating resistance to the aquatic environment when driving a wobbler.

I do this «platypus» will take quite a while already, but never got around to buy it. Again, when one noticed the bait in a box from a friend, I could not help but make a few test entries.

F-Sonic proved to be a godsend for deep fishing, he quickly went to the desired level — to drive it to 5-7 m can be had for a few seconds. But the fun does not it — too heavy rattliny quickly reached the bottom in the deep layers of the ground, but with continuous wiring began to gradually sloping path, rise to the surface. A F-Sonic to withstand constant movement on the horizon throughout the posting. How this was achieved developers bait, it is not clear, but the fact remains.

For bladeless sinking bait the ability to withstand the constant horizon of wiring — a truly priceless quality, as it enables comfortable catch at greater depths. The amplitude of the oscillations of the hybrid motion about two times wider than the classic rattlina, and the sound of rattles, coupled with high external profile of the bait, making it easily visible to predators. Scope of the F-Sonic — Oblov bottom layers as an option — with a stepped wiring. If the bottom of the fishery is checked, then touch the ground, if there is a risk to catch the bait, the better to catch without contact with the bottom, holding the lure stepping stone in the bottom layer.

That came at the end of our small survey, this will end the conversation about Crank Deep Diver. Hopefully, as set out in Article material on this interesting spinning lures will be useful. All the above, of course, in no way do not pretend to be the ultimate truth — everyone has their own experience. But if you have never caught such Cranko, it’s definitely worth poprobo- Vat — sure to be interesting.

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