About onions and replacement of potassium permanganate

From autumn to spring — closer than you think. Therefore I will give two pieces of advice: one fall and one spring.

Pelee onion planting you buy in the store, it is the right time for such a purchase — the first half of September.

Later, the bow goes on sale already processed for storage and land is not suitable.

Planting onions in the fall is better for those who need a lot of time in the spring for the main crops. In recent years, a problem to buy potassium permanganate for disinfecting seeds. And I do so. I take root horseradish rubbed, breed this mush with water (1 part horseradish into 3 parts water). Then put into the composition of the seeds and kept under cover for half an hour. Thereafter, the seeds were washed with cold boiled water.

Land: dig, and do not pick!

Often, going on gardening, I see that people do not know how to dig the earth. Tell us about your experience.

Dig, we have — both managed to keep the shovel. I am already 78 years old, and we taught the grandmother (father died at the front, my mother worked from dawn to dusk on the farm). Grandma said: «Take a little land, a large lump you do not raise and delay further. Put so you shovel the bottom land is not held. So it turns out the groove, it is possible to put manure or humus. » So do not dig hard. Dig up flower bed, then rake leveled and all.

I pass once and saw a middle-aged woman dig. I asked permission to show her the right way. Digged in several rows. She then sat down on the ground, head in his hands clasped, and said, «God, how much I have extra forces for his life spent!»

Even my grandmother, when digging a flower bed, taught middle ground with her putting on the edge, on the edge — in the middle. I have shown how some of these middle-aged wisdom of one man (he PhD) had broken the groove. And again he pulled it all the land and began to dig further on its own. Well, dig …

When you pass on gardening, one can see someone like cultivated land. Areas where digging the ground and where to pick, are different. Some are well maintained, while others — like the poor orphan, once overgrown.

Shovel should correspond to growth: optimal, if it comes to the shoulder — it is easier to work with. Short stalk (50-70 cm) is only suitable for digging a well or a narrow pit.

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