About Presnyakov

About Presnyakov

In 1929, while studying at the school, Alexander Presnyakov proposed to replace the water vapor in the combustion chamber of the turbine kerosene or diesel oil. And in the same year received a certificate from the Kompodiza for the invention of a new turbine and then a patent first in their lives. Now, these are called gas turbine.

A series of new inventions: the ship’s propellers, appliances, improving driving characteristics of vessels. For example, a young inventor was able to significantly increase the speed of model boats, covering his body mucin — the biological «grease» that makes it easier to slip the pike in the water. Then Presnyakov has applied for the same purpose «gas cushion»: electrolysis device at the bow corrupting sea water into hydrogen and oxygen. In another model Presniakov installed in the bow divider pyramidal substantially borrowed from sword fish. Champion among the walkers in the realm of Neptune. About divider, just giving a noticeable increase boat speed, Presnyakov told over twenty years ago in his book «The Birth and implementation plan» and in newspapers. Perhaps without realizing it, the designers are now successfully used the prefix «bulb» in the bow of the vessels (IR 6, 76, the «eye of the sculptor»).

In another model boats G. A set Presnyakov electromagnetic motor without propeller. Rotor served bottom boats, and the stator — water. Above the bottom of the magnet is located. Lorentz forces were pushing back the water while the boat — go ahead. After lengthy disputes with the experts at the insistence of the largest Soviet scientists Presnyakov was granted a copyright certificate (№ 247064), and thirteen years later the American magazine «Time» reported as a sensation on the model of «electromagnetic submarine» Engineer Steward Wei, moving on the same principle .

Model Presnyakovskogo terrain vehicle to run on water, on land and in the air was demonstrated recently by the Central Television. The device has three wheels and the float-wing.

A mixture of sea water, rich in plankton and metal salts with conventional hydrocarbon fuel — gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel — Presnyakov called «biomethane louglersdnym» fuel (TS, 11, 77).

…Chemically soluble electrodes for electrochemical processes nickel, copper plating, cadmium plating, decomposition of water into oxygen, hydrogen is made from stainless steel and lead. Presnyakov offered to replace them with a conductive fabric (a. A. NP 331121). Such electrodes are used in particular for the deposition of silver from spent fotofiksazhey. Big future for the conductive tissue in physical therapy, where it will replace the toxic lead.

Light emitted in the discharge tubes at the passage of current through the gas gap between the electrodes. Hence, it is necessary to supply a current from the outside. Presnyakov created a lamp generator that emits visible and invisible rays as soon as it begins to rotate, the current while it is not necessary to fail. It can be used for germicidal irradiation of animals and birds on the farms. Atmospheric oxygen as the oxidant, in the engines are not very active. Its molecule consists of two atoms, it is diluted with inert nitrogen. Whether oxygen is ionized, it would accelerate the spread of flames in the combustion chamber, have dramatically increased the capacity of the engine, its efficiency (due to reduction of heat loss from the exhaust gases), would reduce exhaust emissions. Presnyakov offered to ionize the fuel-air mixture of alpha rays of polonium (a. A. Number 106 605 — granted, we note in 1955). E Now this timely «not seen» the process of polonium can be successfully replaced by plutonium obtained commercially plates with polonium or plutonium should be placed in the intake manifold of the engine or other power unit, for example, the flame furnace, boiler …

One of the latest inventions AG Presnyakov — magnetic heat engine with a high efficiency (a. A. Number 590476). A variant of this engine for lifting water Egt; wells in the distant pastures of Central Asia.

On his gas batteries and other power sources, on the turbine operating in the energy. . bacteria, new speakers inventor himself tells in his book «gas battery» «Dear quest,» «search for a new,» «Birth and implementation plan.»

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