About stray dogs

About stray dogs

I recently met with the consequences of staying in the hunting grounds Balkhash stray dogs. Later, we were able to observe a group of stray dogs on the hunting of wild pigs and muskrats. Seen as a single dog examined the lakes edge in the search for duck nests. In short, there is enough evidence to make sure that the dog is rich with game Balkhash reed lands can bring significant damage to native fauna.

Analysis of feces of dogs living at fishing camps, showed that they mainly consist of the muskrat fur and wild boar, and very rarely — fish bones.

In this area, the overall herding, dogs are allowed at the Shepherds. But on the edge of Lake Balkhash in the delta. Or, you’re sure to find a half-dozen dogs on every fishing camp, where they are absolutely necessary. Where these animals are dangerous sources of human infection alveolar echinococcus, intractable disease, often fatal. They almost never fed, they get their own food where they can. Hence the raids on wildlife. Moreover, sometimes the fishermen, hunters rarely leaving the mill, it is left to the younger dogs or puppies. Those due to face a dilemma — to die or survive, becoming a semi-wild animals. This dog full-time hunter-ondatrolov not miss a chance to send after a charge of grapeshot. Therefore, you can find a group of dogs that seeing people tend to immediately hide hunt silently in the grounds, rarely visited by man, and so rich in game.

We are not talking about some dozen mongrels. According to data of employees of the Balkhash expedition VNIIOZ, for the sake of Balkhash held about 2,000 dogs per year. It is in an area where a year is produced only 4-5 wolves.

Start collecting information on this topic, we found that by stray dogs suffer not only fauna of Balkhash.

Ph.D., professor of the Moscow State University Vladimir Gruzdev met preying on their own pack of dogs for 10-15 individuals within the Altai steppes. He says that it is indefinite and diverse exterior painting animals, with the habits of the animal, and at the same time, no fear of man. In their blood are likely to have something of a hound, basins and God knows from what breed, so they are capable of many types of hunting — concludes the witness.

Kaznevsky Pavel Fedorovich, a senior observer Hoper Reserve can not speak calmly, when it comes to the dangers of stray dogs. But how to be quiet when in the winter of 1967-68, they killed a 24 deer at a time like wolves killed all three! In summer, the reserve is only rampant dog. They consume more than half the growth of the herd of deer.

«And you shoot them?» — Ask him. «We are glad to, but try and shoot them» — exclaims interlocutor — «And sit in ambush, and organize pens, and beat a little. Careful they are parasites! More meetings are producing at random, «- he concluded.

Maybe it is the subjective opinion of the person for whom the fight against stray dogs has become a primary concern?

But these same concerns are not alien workers Dubrava-Leninist hunting farm in Kyiv region and Tsumanskogo Volyn region. There are signals from the Moscow region.

In January 1971 in a vacant lot, designated for construction in the center of Almaty, we found a litter dog in the pipe ditch. But not all have enough space in the city.

In Khopyor reserve PF Kaznevsky found a litter of 5 puppies dog in a burrow beaver. Two of them he took. Brownish-yellow color, with exterior-type hound, they differed malice and distrust.

Consequently, stray dogs — not a single phenomenon, not peculiar to one region of the country, and do not take them into account can not be employees of the hunting farms. Stray dogs are not only periodically in the hunting grounds, and even breed here, that is, under certain conditions, for them to life and beyond human habitation.

Let us turn to the other side of this problem.

On the motorway Alma-Ata-Frunze driver BS Grigorievsky knocked motor vehicle jumped out of the reeds animal skin which was later adopted in Kamkelene as the wolf. When, on the occasion of such luck shortstop driver were treated beer and wine, frustrated harvester came to say that the procurement agency does not consider the wolf skin. The company warmly sympathized with the victim, but to return the money was no longer able to.

Such conflicts are many. Everyone knows that there is a hybrid between a wolf and a dog. It is recognized that «… hybrid wolves in their habits and harmful activities are indistinguishable from the real wolves» (Ryabov, 1963). But the award only pay for produced wolf.

As a result, the lab Commodity VNIIOZ received from BRD fur bases and dozens of individual skins, which belongs to the wolf is in doubt. Hunters solemnly assured that it is a wolf, he terrorized the stockyards and the entire neighborhood is sourced only through him, the hunter, the selfless work. Naturally, it requires compensation, and the law does not provide for this.

Even worse with the definition of the puppies.

For example, in VNIIOZ for examination June 26, 1969 was prepared batch of 6 skins of animals of 2-3 months of age, under the act — of the wolf brood. According to the method of extraction, editing skins of Mezdra, the hair can be seen that they are extracted at the same time, and probably littermates. But the three-color from dark gray to light brown, fourth and fifth — off-white, the sixth — a whitish cream. Such parties received dozens, mostly from the Saratov and Volgograd, Krasnodar region, southern Ukraine. Obviously, this is natural. Thanks to the efforts gosohotinspektsii and hunting societies the number of wolves in the south of the European part of the country is reduced to a minimum. Singles is often paired with dogs. Growth of livestock and poultry, and in some places and hunting animals provides feeds stray dogs. In winter, they help to survive all kinds of dump the dregs at slaughterhouses, cattle farms. Thus, stray dogs, to some extent occupied the ecological niche of the wolf, without breaking connection with the settlements. Mestizos only complicate the situation.

It is time to recognize that the harm caused by stray dogs and wolf hybrids with the dog, no less than the wolf. Feral bastards combine the habits of the wolf and the dog. They can run into the village, walk in the footsteps of the hunter, do not respond to the boxes. In the fight against them can only effect the use of poisons. But working with poisons in a densely populated area south of the country — is a dangerous thing.

There is no doubt that the fight against stray dogs must be jointly hunting public, local Soviet authorities, sanitary and epidemiological stations. Representatives of these organizations must register each case of occurrence of stray dogs in the area, specializing in the destruction of domestic and wild animals, charging them to be shot, of course, outside the settlements, an experienced hunter.

Finally. It must be clearly developed method of determination of wolf and dog skins and their puppies. Caterer guided standard for fur raw materials (last edition 1969). An expert on the fur base relies on his personal experience. The only document that helped somehow distinguish skin wolf pup from a dog or a fox — Policy Letter State Inspection of Foreign Trade of the USSR on the quality of export goods and pushmehsyrya and Glavohoty RSFSR of October 1, 1947 to see some skins cubs. But it remained far from each oblpotrebsoyuza.

There developed LF Nazarenko (Odessa) method of determination of wolf skins on the structure of the hair. According to the author, it can also be used in a regional procurement agency. It should be published.

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