AUTUMN flower beds

September — one of the most beautiful months. Yellow and blush leaves of trees and shrubs bloom profusely autumn flowers. All flowering plants require normal maintenance. But you need to worry about faded too much.

In early September, and are planted clematis flowers melkolukovichnye (Pushkin, crocus, muscari, leucojum, snowdrops, erythronium, Scylla), trim and peel biennials and perennials. Grouse and daffodils are transplanted into the middle of the month. At the same time, crop the ground almost at the peonies.

Tulips are planted in late September in the furrows at a depth of 10-15 cm at a distance of 3-10 cm from each other. Nearby Random just planted daffodils. Under the pre-bulbs make humus to the soil. All flower bed before the first frost harbor with a thick layer of dry leaves.

In August and September, I also cook some summer flowerbeds. At this time, seated delphinium, phlox — overgrown bushes cut into 3-5 pieces, making sure that each new bush left at least 3 stalks. Dig the pit depth of 20-30 cm, is placed on the bottom of the humus, peat and plant bushes. Transplant usually do in cloudy weather.

And I’m sure the first ten days of September spud dahlias. The stems of each bush close ground to a height of 15-20 cm. If there are frozen, it will protect the lower part of the stem and root collar, the tubers better to spend the winter.

Beautiful flower garden in the next year is provided to you.

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