CAUTION: Ladoga!

CAUTION: Ladoga!

…In the old brick gate Priozersk pulp mill visible blue-green emblem of the city, as it embodies the cool blue of Lake Ladoga and green centuries-old pine trees. Indeed, Priozersk one of the most beautiful cities in the Karelian Isthmus. Thick healthy air, mushrooms and berries in the surrounding forests, golden sandy beaches of Lake Ladoga attract thousands of tourists. The very same Ladoga hardly needs epithets. Even the experts do not cease to surprise a rare purity of the lake. Every year, scientists have conducted research here, studying the properties of Europe’s largest freshwater reservoir. In the silence of the laboratories studied and analyzed materials on the rich natural resources of the basin. Meanwhile, in the Poconos, slowly but surely build up industrial waste water …

Take a look behind the front facade, topped with the coat of arms pass Priozersky plant. There, where the piped water flows only. Clean, clear-blue water of Lake Ladoga to the company falls on the huge metal trough, over a kilometer stretching into the lake. At the factory it goes through all the stages of the process, «enriched» a variety of harmful impurities, and gets straight …. Ladoga.

It’s hard to believe, but the fact remains that the plant takes water from the lake and throws it back with little or no treatment. After Drozdovo lake, which acts as the role of «buffer» is no longer cope with the increasing flow of dirty water from the factory floor. Even an ignorant person is easy to understand that chlorine and hydrogen sulfide, along with the falling water to the lake, is unlikely to contribute to the strengthening of «health» and omul salmon, trout and sturgeon. These valuable fish species are increasingly present only in stories of old-timers and more rarely fall for the bait fishermen. And the captains of the ships that call at Ladoga, trying to fill their tanks with drinking water away from the shore, where towering smokestacks.

In other words, the fate of the unique lake cause for serious concern. Alarmed members of the Institute of Limnology of Sciences of the USSR, Priozersky City Council, City Society for Nature Conservation, is not on the side and sanitary epidemic station. All are united in the opinion: the plant is necessary to build wastewater treatment plants. Why is this not being done? And it’s simple: without the plan, say, for the sale of products, the company can not exist without growth in labor productivity is also a bit awkward, but no treatment facilities can be and do.

And bypasses. Yes, but the time is now different. And we have changed. Past that earlier were now failed. By the way, Priozersk pulp mill is not the flagship of the industry, and not often pleased with his ministry «ringing» reports on labor feats, so to speak, to the detriment of the protection of nature. Though untenable, and yet the explanation, saying that all the attention the main production — overlooked conservationists.

— We are not indifferent to the fate of Lake Ladoga, — he told me Valentina Kostromina, senior engineer of the plant health laboratorii.- In the current Five-Year Plan decided to build evaporator plant — the first stage of the complex biological treatment. Construction of the station will get rid of large amounts of harmful impurities. An equipment.

I believe you. I can not believe it. In fact, it is hard to imagine that someone deliberately poisons a unique body of water with a salt content of less than half than in the famous Lake Baikal. But how to explain this fact: the equipment, as referred VM Kostromina, obtained in the spring of last year and since then grows old in the yard. Is it so difficult to start the installation?

— It is difficult — says the plant manager Nikolai Semenovich Brega. — Moreover, it is impossible because we have not allocated metal frame required for the evaporation plant.

— I see. To solve hundreds of problems associated with the release of the main products to you, of course, it is easier than to mount the evaporator plant of existing equipment? — I asked.

Today is easier — said N. Brega. Director can understand. If metal is not present, as they say, no court no. But the plant treatment facilities are needed. And who can argue? Do not argue with that and Minlesbumprome USSR.

— The thing is, — said to me, the chief engineer of production association Soyuzbumizdeliya Peter seals — that lost time, and the first stage of treatment facilities at Priozersk plant can be put into operation only in 1985.

Lost time … But why? And why it is extremely important not only for the construction of the plant allocated only 1.5 per cent of the required amount, and these «crumbs» only half mastered the builders?

Apparently, not enough to have good principles, we must bring them to the case. To deal with shortcomings — it does not mean only a «signal» about them. The plant showed me chubby folder with letters to various authorities, saying that we have warned, we said, but we have not listened. Well, while they themselves have done to rectify the situation? And it turns out: almost nothing. The only settler in Drozdov long ago turned into the gutter. Lake Drozdovo no longer cope with the cleaning of the factory of industrial effluents. All clear calculation that the lake microorganisms can «stand» against the harmful impurities are not justified. Is it time to carry out the same «experiment» and Ladoga?

By the way, the neighborhood Priozersky plant inhibits not only Ladoga. Smokestacks emit sulfur dioxide into the sky. Devices impassively record that sometimes the content in the air is much higher than the permissible limits. The citizens have not forgotten how one day and flew over the shriveled leaves of poplars and lindens. Reason: volley emission of gas.

Of course, such cases do not go unheeded. Last summer, the city sanitary epidemic station fined for exceeding the factory administration permissible concentration of sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere. But unless some fines help the cause?

As can be seen in the mirror of the waters of Lake Ladoga? In net, the truth is somewhat turbid «industrial waste water can be seen above all indifference to the fate of the lake from both the administration of the Priozersk pulp mill, and by the responsible comrades of Minlesbumproma USSR. Slowly, with all the «incoming» and «outgoing» is correspondence, expressed mutual claims are objective reasons. A Ladoga waiting …

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