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My main profession — designer working experience of 45 years. He was chairman of the primary organization of VOIR, a delegate to the congress voir. I got a badge «Inventor of the USSR». Now I’m retired, but continue to perform specific tasks Regional Council of VOIR, do not lose connection with the manufacture and invent.

I was involved in the invention to twenty years. I have thirty inventions. If we take into consideration work experience, it turns out that every invention, I spent a year and a half. Productivity is low. The explanation is simple. Applications I designed a few times more. But decisions on many of them were Resignation, mainly because experts found similar materials in the patent literature.

Of course, I would not have sent the application, if he could find himself opposed to patents. But we Kostroma patent and scientific literature most of all in the Regional Library. NK Krupskaya. However, it is not untouchable fund. Materials come to the library only once and most of them checked out. The more literature issued on the house, the higher the performance of socialist competition at the library staff. And for us, invent lei, it’s the opposite — the trouble. It happens before your application to display copyright certificates, patents and other literature on the relevant class and will be sure that, indeed, nothing like this has not happened. Well, of course, the application. A month later comes across an article in a book or magazine — it appears with the application, I hurried. The explanation is simple. This material during the first viewing was someone on hand.

Total would be better organized in the library card index, indicate the card number of patents and copyright certificates, claims, whether there is a translation into Russian, to get cards to articles in journals, and so on.. But for the job at the library does not have enough strength.

But this is a regional center! What can be said about other towns and cities, where that is not? No wonder so many applications served for nothing.

It would be good in every regional center to create a single patent fund. But until then, we have to collect proposals and drafts twice a year to go to Moscow, where the All-Union Patent and Technical Library to establish the chances of the novelty of an alleged invention. Of course, it can not make each.

In short, the inventors, who live on the periphery, to work harder than Muscovites. We ought to find a way to provide the necessary information materials at least regional centers Bizarrely invention. Sometimes not happy and positive solution, and that there are satisfied and negative.

Once in our design office came a young engineer, had just finished his college. He developed the original conveyor and looking at us has issued a request. Six months later, it was a positive decision. Man Joy knew no bounds. Each employee, he showed a sheet of paper with a red area and immediately sent a letter of agreement with the text of the claims. And then, when I started slowly disassemble formula turned out that almost all the expert points of its design siphoned from the characterizing part in a restrictive manner, and after the word «different» leaving only one detail. Then, after assembly of the pilot sample, and it had to be replaced by another item. Here is the positive solution!

Around the same time, I sent a negative decision, to which was attached the conclusion of the parent organization — the Union of Forestry and textile machinery. A member of the Institute in such detail and convincingly explained the reasons for refusal, which I kind of saw. This compressed material, I would never have found by digging in the literature. Conclusion I was the guiding light in their future work.

These results can be positive and negative decision …

Correspondence with other organizations for their inventions, made off-duty job, I associate in bundles and store at home. One comes to me a novice inventor. I still gave him his archive. He clutched his head. Did you used up so much paper? Then it is not necessary and was an inventor!

With great difficulty I convinced him otherwise and returned to the bosom of the inventors, explaining that I penned only half the archive. Second half — a letter preliminary examination, the different departments and those companies and agencies that have used my invention. But the fear in his eyes still remained, that the application, including samples of correspondence with the experts after a positive or negative decision has now all the instructions, but this is not enough.

In a memo to the applicant on the rules of correspondence on demand, distribute, indicated the beginning of the design of the letters and zatem- «further text of the letter.» That would indicate an example of the text itself.

Having completed before i lazami samples of all the documentation, the authors competently and completely could make out an application. It is easier and more productive would work to experts.

A few words about the correspondence. Letters from Kostroma to Moscow two days are the same amount in the opposite direction. However, correspondence — it is long. That correspondence on my application № 2729319/12. Handed over to the post February 14, 1979, the application has come to Moscow on February 13, the date on the certificate of receipt of the application in VNIIGPE February 19 (Why? Where application has lain week?), I sent a certificate of acceptance of the application for review with the date March 15, but envelope postmark is dated 20 March (which was a reference for five days? Note that VNIIGPE and post office are in the same building), help came in by 22 March, and on the same day delivered to my house.

According to the Regulation, I can within two months to send additions and corrections to the application. But this term report from the day of receipt of the application VNIIGPE, ie from 1 February and therefore expire on 19 of April. I have, therefore, come not two months, but only 28 days ..

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