Do I need a hospital nurse?

Do I need a hospital nurse?

Much has been said and written about the fact that hospitals do not have enough middle and junior medical staff. I can not explain how such status with nurses, and this is why few among physicians of boys, I know firsthand.

I think it is not necessary to prove both need strong male hand in the hospital, but that’s reluctant to take the guys in medical school for learning how to tend to think «female» professions. Above guys make such a choice, laugh, consider them frivolous people. Through it all, I had to go this summer.

On the medical commission in the clinic number 25 doctor- neurologist I asked where I was doing. When she heard about my desire, she rolled her eyes and looked at me like I was a fool. This, of course, did not stop me, because I firmly pondered his choice.

In our city, four medical colleges Profile: three urban and one regional. Which to choose? But it turned out that I did not have to choose. The selection committee №3 school head teacher talked with students. Do not asked to sit, quickly I overlooked my documents. I said I want to learn to nurse a child care institution (only in this school, you can get this specialty). The head teacher genuinely surprised: «You want to make pots of all life?» I had a chance to listen to what the people in the white coats have to do is not only a nice job, and said it with such disdain …

The medical director of the school № 4 actively discouraged me to apply, tried to explain: whether women are embarrassed to study in the same group with the guys, or teachers — to teach a course of obstetrics … In short, we had to leave and here.

My walking ran into a medical school number 2, where I am studying. And it is sure to become a nurse! And employees of schools, I think we should meet more often with high school students, actively conduct career guidance at school and really, at least not to alienate the children, yourself have chosen their profession medicine.

B. DUDKIN, nursing student № 2. Novosibirsk

Forgot your man …

The case, which I want to tell you, you can imagine. All of this really happened, but I just do not call names.

So, the young engineer was ordered to urgently design a hydraulic test bench for new cars. Plenty of work for 10-12 days. But the head of the department asked «put pressure»: «Come for a week! Or five days! You’re the brainy … You’re a specialist high-end … «

Specialist he was really good. And besides, they say, trouble-free man. Once asked, the more link in the «business need», then we must do it!

By the end of the third day, or rather, the third day because he worked nights and stand was almost ready. It remained for an hour or two of work. And suddenly the engineer lost consciousness, fell to the floor …

Good thing it saw a cleaning lady that comes to work at dawn. She called to the clinic, to cause «fast», the engineer sent to the hospital.

It turned out — hypotonic crisis. Found a sharp exhaustion, said it is necessary to undergo treatment. And reached for the engineer sad sick leave …

Head of tomorrow is called the head physician: Do not need what?

— Nothing but attention — the doctor said.

And the chief hung up, ordered:

— Let tomorrow-so go to the hospital to visit an engineer!

But tomorrow «so and so» there was no time, and the next day he was sent on a business trip.

— Go you — offered to another employee.

— Why me? — Boiled one — Who appointed, and let him go.

I remembered the strahdelegata — since he is bound!

But strahdelegat balked:

— Why go? We should at least buy apples, and five trade union does not, because there is still ten days as an engineer at the hospital.

So do not wait for one of our engineer colleagues. And he was very sad and even embarrassing to his wife — they say the same to her as something that it is appreciated at work, and the result — lost!

Now you hopefully understand why I did not mention names not want to embarrass him even more. Although his co-workers should be called by name. But I hope that they find themselves! And maybe even good, if other teams think, but not for us is it?

NI Yershov Tambov region.

Maybe enough to help?

To get a ticket to a sanatorium, a pensioner has to stand in raysobese at all. It generally is of 2-3 years. Together with the application the patient passes and spa map.

And how much time and effort needed to analyze and walking on the offices, I think no need to explain. While suitable turn card is hopelessly outdated, and you have to start all over again. In vain loaded clinics, specialists, and it is hard for the elderly. I suggest when the system is limited to a certificate of all the attending physician about the need to spa treatment in a sanatorium pensioner desired profile, and at certain times of the year.

C, A Male


To amend the «Rules of the Road»!

We know that smoking has a negative impact on the quality of professional drivers transport pilots, operators of remote control, requiring increased attention and quick reflexes This is evident reduction of mental capacity, increased activity of the heart at rest, impaired motor coordination, decreased visual acuity. Therefore, I believe that it is necessary to ban smoking while driving, and to include this provision in the «Rules of the Road.»

IA Buryakovskaya. PhD Gorky

Day hospital and hospital at home

This will relieve the hospitals and to renovate the existing hospital beds to its qualitative improvement, widespread introduction of modern medical technology.

Medical-diagnostic assistance is provided to them in the daytime. In these hospitals, patients receive treatment for highly qualified expert advice, the treating physician and the procedures used by all medical and diagnostic services institutions, which are organized as part of the hospital

Day hospitals are based hospitals and dispensaries, clinics, research institutes and universities, clinics and polyclinics schedule is determined by the head of the medical institution, given its profile and local conditions. In some cases, the treating doctor prescribes a patient individual mode in accordance with its status. Patients were selected for examination and treatment in hospital day-care primary care physicians — internists, pediatricians, and other specialists.

Power is organized by the patient. In outpatient clinics, and this issue is resolved, on the basis of local conditions, hospital patient eats nutrition unit. In case of deterioration of the disease, the need for round the clock medical supervision of the patient immediately transferred to the appropriate department of the hospital.

Hospital at home as part of organized clinics, medical unit, dispensaries for patients whose condition does not require hospitalization. How sick is shown inpatient care home managers decide therapeutic and pediatric ward on the proposal of local doctors — general practitioners and paediatricians and medical specialists.

Doctors and nurses outpatient clinics carried out at home diagnostic and therapeutic measures, constant monitoring of the patient during his illness. Corrects treatment and prolongs hospital sheets visiting medical advisory board. Medicines for the treatment of hospital acquired at home by patients, subjects provide care clinic serving them. Just as in day care, the patients being treated at home, enjoying all the consultative and diagnostic and therapeutic services available in outpatient clinics.


NEAR soldiers of internationalists

How I would like to bring them all together — and in twenty years of age, energetic, shy and silent, and not very pretty, but beautiful all the same beauty and goodness of the soul, its beautiful mercy. Bow to them on behalf of the mothers and fathers whose sons nursed the woman in hospital units under the scorching Afghan air, were taken from the battlefield in an APC — armored vehicles, snatched from the jaws of death … To say the warmest words of gratitude and appreciation from all of us and on behalf of the motherland .

Mercy is necessary to everyone and always, but when blood is shed, it is a special price. In Afghanistan, close to the soldiers-internationalists defend the ideals of the April revolution and nurses.

I bow Irina Fedorova of Udmurt Glazov, Antonina Solodilova from Volgograd Tatiana Tarasova of Gorodok district, Vitebsk region, Nina Tishchenko from the village of Zaborye Bryansk region, and many others, awarded the medal «For Service in Battle». Nina Tishchenko awarded a second medal «For Service in Battle». She’s still there in the combat zone.

All of them are simply not listed — glorious of our compatriots, who, without big words and without expectation of any future benefits and privileges of selflessly performing their duty of mercy. We were able to invite the editors of only a few of them, six Muscovites who worked in different parts of Afghanistan. About dushmanskih ambushes on Salang heavy fighting around Kandahar, near the Pakistani border, or at Bagram, about the shelling of Kabul hospital, they do not know from the newspapers. We talked for a few hours, some of the girls, as they call each other for the first time we met after a separation. They remembered friends who still «there» or have already returned and dispersed across the country, the songs sang in the hot heat or scorching cold modules after heavy duty, on rare holidays, how to dream and see native birches and quiet river, about Afghan special fraternity, sealed by blood, talking about what had met after his return …

Elena ZAGLUBOTSKAYA arrived in Moscow at the end of last November. In the airplane, when flew to Tashkent, soldiers and civilians together shouting «Hurrah!» And hugged — finally home! They sang songs from the Afghan folklore. And love — «Birch sap» …

— Back in Moscow maxillofacial hospital for disabled war veterans, where she worked, I have seen enough of war wounds. Brought to us dolechivatsya and soldiers-internationalists. They are young, disfigured in battle, especially it was a pity. Not long ago my father died, defending Moscow. I could not stay away, I asked to Afghanistan. There I was operating in the medical sister company. What to say? There is a battle somewhere near constant breaks in APCs driving up the wounded, we assist, walking wounded leave in the company, and taken to the hospital difficult. Some kilometer all the way, but I will never forget. It’s not think about yourself, and about the guys that are under your protection. Each explosion is to hide behind …

I’m friends with her sister Galina Kontsarenko from Nefteyugansk. What a man! She was not a coward, I learned to work tirelessly, to be gentle and kind to the most seemingly tragic moments. She, too, will soon be back home.

And I’m back in my hospital. How much strength, tenderness to helpless man, wants to do everything for him, I now feel. Which turned out to be correct, this hardening!

Venus KINZEBULATOVA worked in a military hospital in Kabul 3 years. Senior nurse receiving-evacuation department. He returned to his native hospital staff number 71 Kuntsevo district of the capital. Recently I married. No, laughing, not at the «Afghans». It has long been familiar. All Venus congratulated and wished happiness …

— I have my medal «For Labor» were presented in Kabul, the Day of medical worker. So it was festive, solemnly! After all, we were there for a special appreciated any minute vacation, holiday. When the fighting began, in our department, and it was necessary to provide assistance, sometimes immediately, and operate, filling a variety of accompanying maps. And it was terrible when the hospital fired. And always — for the guys. I flew from vacation in Kabul, in an airplane on the benches along the fuselage young soldiers. Laugh with interest look out the window. And I cry … Suddenly tomorrow after the first fight will bring some of them to us?


Natalia V. Burov, nurse infectious children’s department of 3rd city hospital in Zelenograd. Even my grandmother, though young. I worked 3 years in the infectious department of the military hospital. Wild heat, lack of water when the shower — it’s a dream that every Friday «Afghan day» — reception of local people and a series of patients seems interminable when the day had to put on 70 droppers, take blood at times in a row, 80 in the light of a kerosene lamp. Ten times gave NV Burov and their blood …

— Each year, March 21 physicians and health professionals working in our hospital, found on VDNKh. Come! So many memories, tears. Do you remember the girl as greeted the New Year? Heat 26 °, tree painted on the wall, and we congratulate each other on the local time and the time in the city, where our comrades, and Moscow. Rodina has always been with us. When the actors arrived, it was like a gift, greetings from the motherland. I especially love songs Iosif Kobzon, he literally traveled all the parts, all sang, and his songs — civil, patriotic, lyrical — taken with a special feeling of gratitude.

At the military hospital and worked as a nurse from the All-Union Cancer Research Center, Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR Valentina Sintsova. In Moscow, she did not just leave the winner in a competition of nurses. Deft, knowing it in combat conditions was among the best in the profession. March 8 last year in hospital competition «Come on, girls!» Was ranked first.

— I came to Afghanistan to test themselves in difficult circumstances This is nonsense, when they say that the girls are chasing money. No special money was not paid. We rate was nursing at home and in foreign currency rubles — there. But how hard it had to work! Heavy loads and physical and moral danger of constant risk. Once under the Salang returning from Kabul armored group, we were in trouble. Before our BTR walked Afghan nalivnik, spooks his shot and set on fire. Close to bypass nowhere, at the bottom — the abyss. The commander ordered to break forward. Everyone who was in the armored vehicles, took the machines. Honestly, people those who to shoot, I did not see. Anger was not fear. Fear came only later.

Larisa Maksimovna TYUHAY, anestezistka of dental clinic number 42, arrived in Afghanistan, hit the infectious hospital in the intensive care unit. It worked for two years, she had hepatitis. The heat, lack of water, complete loss of appetite, and the wounded and the staff. For the first time I saw firsthand what underweight. In spite of this, many children were eager to return to the part quickly. When Larissa came to Moscow on vacation, visiting relatives of those guys who were in her room, and comforted, explained that treated children from cold, that all they have is good. And carried some simple parcels, he carried all this on themselves many kilometers. Girls fattened in hospital patients as they could, sometimes even at the store on their checks buying them juice to awaken the appetite … Larissa Maksimovna awarded the medal «For Labour Valour».

— Were on duty twenty-four hours a day sometimes. After changing the rave begin. How I missed on the green grass! Returned — how crazy was oglazhivaet trees. But there everyone was difficult, we were transferred to the equal hardships — and inconveniences, and the climate and lack of water. Two of joy was, Bath and letters.

But what struck me was the return — humiliating, I would say blasphemous attitude towards us at the Tashkent airport. Literally extorted bribe for a ticket to Moscow. I was a little airport is not smashed, the ticket has achieved. But many were given, do you all like home. I flew in June 1986, I hope, those officials have already been punished. I want to believe it …

Medal «For Service in Battle» is awarded Muscovite Nadia HUSYAINOVA. Its military card left entry: «The crew rescue resuscitation machines AN-26 combat missions committed to overcoming enemy air defenses for the evacuation of the wounded on the territory of Democratic Republic of Afghanistan.» Looking at this low a fragile dark-eyed woman 26 years old, recently became a mother, it’s hard to believe that two years ago her life was compressed into a tight and endless belt time takeoffs and landings at all points of Afghanistan.

— I used to be a nurse in the ICU anestezistkoy Central Clinical Hospital № 1 IPU here and came back here I solemnly handed over the medal. Because our team was already in Afghanistan Gontsova Tanya, I talked a lot. And I decided to go. Experience — one thing and another — I wanted to enroll in medical school. In Tushino military enlistment office I was told that my work in Afghanistan will take into account. But when I came back, none of this would not listen. The oncoming of the military enlistment office 4 times in the Ministry of Health was to be allowed on an equal footing with the nurses entered the preparatory department of the evening. Reference was a whole pack, not even all the useful recently unnecessary emissions, and because of all went, stood in queues.

Now in the first year of the 1st MOLGMI. With her husband Kostya and we met at the preparatory department. He also works at the hospital and learns. And I’ll sit with our Sergei.

I had to get away from his hometown team. The institute said that all who study at the preparatory department, have to work in the base institution. So I worked for a year in an infectious diseases hospital № 1 — based 1st MOLGMI. Work me, this is not very attractive, and the staff of a stranger. They said go to the rector. But there were already forces me to stand in the reception room, ask to be humiliated. Really though such a «privilege» — to work where you want, for me, is impossible? Why is it so difficult to break through the bureaucratic wall?

Here they are in front of us — six different and something similar fates. Receives a letter from ex-girlfriends fighting — as before, to knock about in the dorm girls, about any non-competitive admission to the medical school is not out of the question (and who, if not they have passed the test of mercy for the right to become a doctor!) … The benefits that have all soldiers who were in Afghanistan, the officials sent to a limited contingent of Soviet troops military commissariat not apply. Why is that? Why did the pilot, which is the plane-saver, these benefits have, as a nurse, this time under the same enemy fire to save lives of the wounded, do not have? Soldiers guarding, say, a burden, have privileges and driver of the vehicle, carrying the load in a hail of bullets — no, it is not just the military, but just an employee? After all, not every soldier, who was in Afghanistan, has been on the front lines. Have there feat departmental difference?

And another thing I was surprised. The management staff of the Ministry of Defence of the USSR, I study the list of awardees. Nurses, as I quickly realized it made sense to look only in the lists, which were listed medal «For Military Merit» and «For labor valor», «For Labor». It’s also a kind of roster? Gave his blood for days in inhumane conditions discourage the death of hundreds of soldiers’ lives, endured under enemy fire, evacuation of wounded, none of them do not deserve the Order? Nina Tishchenko, of which I spoke at the beginning of the second awarded the medal «For Service in Battle». Order it is not put?

N. Menshikov

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