Do not kill and not eat

Do not kill and not eat

The myth of the aggressive savages like moralists, but has nothing to do with reality.

There are two tribes — stripped to the waist, with spears at the ready: at best, the strong kill the weak, at worst — and even eat their livers. Finnish anthropologists have proved that we are knowingly present primitive hunters and gatherers such belligerent. And it is already costly misconception of our modern morality and psychology.

«This man — a warrior, protector» — taught in every way the popular wisdom. It is assumed that because the custom from time immemorial, and civilization only allowed adults to behave childishly irresponsible: watch «The Simpsons», wearing a pink T-shirt and are not interested in wrestling and pole. To justify this behavior requires a hypothesis that our ancestors were extremely bloodthirsty.

It goes without saying that the primitive «war of all against all» — iron argument in a dispute about the origin and the need for the state, which supposedly was the only way out of the vicious cycle of murder and revenge steep for them. Previously, each group has the right to violence against strangers and constantly use it. And then the group united, secured a monopoly to kill the army and the police — and began to live together.

The two scientists decided to take a fresh look at the work of their colleagues, who in different parts of the world follows the lives of 21 of the primitive tribe of hunters and gatherers. The inhabitants of the Andaman Islands off the coast of India, of course, have not heard anything about Yukagirs on the banks of the Kolyma or about African Hadza, but their behavior can be found in common. Because of the vast array of observations identified and dismantled, in court, described in detail 135 cases of violent death. It turned out that 55 per cent of cases these were clashes one by one, and only 22 — aggression group against group.

The proportion of civilized mankind in the twentieth century is different for the worse: on one side of the scales — 60-65 million dead in six years, World War II, on the other — less than 15 thousand dead in a year somewhere in the troubled US. Or, 500-600 — in a quiet UK.

You can argue the war — charges difficult to organize a society where people live longer and 20-25 years, allocated to the ancient hunter. Is not it better to look for examples of «exemplary» behavior among the closer the time of ancestors — the peasants, knights, surveyors and engineers?

It turns out, is no better. The nuance is that the hunters and gatherers of the ancient people lived several million years — and the first of them were still indistinguishable from a chimpanzee hairy creatures, and the latest — Homo sapiens modern brain. And patterns of behavior characteristic of human evolution is hard-coded in the brain is at this point in history. And for those few millennia, during which there is morality, and morality knights peasants, she just did not have a chance to gain a foothold biologically.

Therefore doubly pleased to learn that the old patterns are not told to, even if the voice of reason will be the duller, go fight wall to wall. And that man is by nature not so angry.

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