Equip apiary hives multihull

Equip apiary hives multihull

Wealth of food supply and the duration of the flowering period the main sources of bribe allow beekeepers East Kazakhstan region to achieve high levels of productivity with the content of the bees in stationary (non-nomadic) apiaries. And yet we can not say that labor productivity in the apiaries has reached the desired level,

The current system of service of apiaries and bee care techniques are outdated and do not meet the increased requirements for agricultural production. The rate of average load per employee — 60 bee colonies — small. With such a load is often not justified by the cost of maintaining even the beekeepers. Therefore Kazakh pilot Station beekeeping has set the task — to identify and eliminate the causes which result in low yields and losses apiaries.

We thought that the rate of increase of service of beer families, and hence the productivity can replace individual work in the apiary of the link. The object of this work we have chosen Putintsevsky molochnopchelovodchesky farm, on a farm which has more than 20 thousand bee colonies. We organized a unit of four beekeepers working in four apiaries without assistants and serving 400 bee colonies. The main work in the apiary each unit performed collectively under the direction of team leader. The rest did every beekeeper on apiary assigned to it.

Until this year, the bees in the apiaries of these were contained in the old single-hulled hives. This spring, we moved bee colonies in the multihull hives in the apiary which brought more than 400.

During the season, beekeepers acquired some experience content of the bees, which positively affected the results are not honey collection. Production targets for the whole link all indicators exceeded. At a distance of 3 km from the apiary experienced managers in the same environmental conditions control was an apiary consisting of 100 bee colonies. For this apiary bees courting the beekeeper with the time assistant.

Throughout the season on apiaries produced timekeeping works. It is possible to reveal the most efficient balance of power inside the unit.

Economic data link operation compared with the control apiary are characterized by the following indicators.

Gross output of honey on the apiary control of 39 kilograms on average zimovaluyu family of bees and apiaries for the four-level — 53.8 kilograms, or 38 percent higher. Balls of wax, respectively output totaled 0.68 kilograms and 1.1 kilograms, or 62 percent higher than in the control apiary.

Gross yield of honey per average worker control apiary was 27.3 quintals, while apiaries level — 54.6 centners or twice. Overall productivity level of beekeepers, according to incomplete data, increased by 30 percent, resulting in savings in the amount of 330 rubles for an apiary in 100 families. Consequently, only one Putintsevskom farm having 220 apiaries, the savings would amount to 73 thousand rubles a year.

The cost of labor per family of bees in the apiary control amounted to 4.5 man-days, and experienced — 3 man-days. A significant difference in cost trgt; te to produce one quintal of honey on the apiary control-11.5 man-days for experienced — 5.5. On this basis, we believe that the method of the link service apiaries should form the basis of all our future work. .Also Is necessary to speed up the equipping of apiaries multihull hives. This will significantly increase the productivity of apiaries. It is necessary to root out the practice of various kinds lyubitelschina and amateurish. The replacement must come to them a progressive techniques, truly industrial beekeeping.

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