Morning Freshness

Apart from being called the golden hours for photography, early mornings are also the best time to capture the liveliness around you. People are more energetic, the city is engulfed by an organised chaos and nature is lively and lush. From cheerful portraits on the streets to magnificent dew drops on the leaves, everything becomes a great subject for the camera. If you are familiar with the location, choose a vantage point that allows you shoot into as well as away from the sun.

Afternoon Sun

If you have avoided venturing out in the afternoon because of the harsh light, then think again. It is a great time to create photographs with a stark contrast, a pleasing warm tone and cinematic flares. Late afternoon sun is also great for creating silhouettes.

While making portraits, you can also fill-in harsh, unwanted shadows by simply firing the flash.

Evening Play

With office and school hours over, early evenings can be the most exciting time to explore. Head out to the nearby park or a cafe in your vicinity to document people relax and unwind. With the lighting already at its best, you can spend all your time in getting the perfect photograph.

If you are on the beach, move away from typical sunset shots and point the camera at the flurry of activities taking place around you.

Night Blurs

Once the sun goes down, it is time to slow down the shutter speed and bring the city back to life in the blurs of the night. Painted in the neon orange of streetlights, the city makes for a great setting when shooting urban scapes. You can create a sense of movement on empty streets by shooting light trails of vehicles and motion blurs of people.

A narrow aperture, long shutter speed and the help of a sturdy tripod will help you do the trick. If you want to make your long exposure more interesting, you can simply take the aid of the on-camera flash. Firing the flash will help you freeze a single subject amidst all the blurs.

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