Examples will be on the following assertions:

Examples will be on the following assertions:

1. Computer games — evil.

2. Games in Russian — is doubly evil. 3. Games are written in Russian — absolute evil.

With regard to the first assertion, it is self-evident and is not subject to proof. The fact that every reasonable person without any difficulty to find in his life a lot of examples, proves it. Remember only missed goodbye, not handed over the session and being late for a meeting with business partners. Yet it is worth noting that the money spent on them (games) for the purchase of life, being used more wisely, it is able to provide one single individual comfortable old age in Hawaii (or cottage in the suburbs, if toys are bought unlicensed).

Evil is doubly

A second point is more complicated. Let’s start with the fact that homo sapiens, who does not know you from England may, this homo sapiens, homo sapiens authenticus, can not be considered. For, it is the possession of articulate speech is distinguished from the four-animal rights, I wrote about another media-Ages Arabic Talmudic Aristotle, and knowledge of the language spoken by the most advanced, ekspandnutaya, apgreydnutaya and pro- geymlennaya of humanity, features simple man from man Informed . Moreover, the impossibility of adequate, relevant and congruent retelling from English to Russian makes any attempts to play the game translated doubly infertile. An example? Move somehow at leisure the following expressions: Reflex Cannon, Overblood, Starcraft, Neverhood.

And that’s just the beginning!

Instead, like all normal maniacs to play the game Birthright, people who do not know the magic of language, play the game with a terrifying name «The right to life". When all the people in the know are well aware that such a "not enough mana"These accidents are wondering what it is — «not enough mana"? .. In a vain attempt to understand what lies behind the phrase "Every dog ​​has its Day"Translated as «each vegetable one time"Passes a miserable rest of his life, lived totally in vain. Life, for which then become excruciatingly painful.

And all this because of the computer games, translated Losers expelled from the Faculty of Radio Physics Institute zaborostroitelnogo for a complete inability to speak "communication the Table «according to the last statement of the All and feels entitled to mangle at the sole discretion as much as two great and powerful world of language. (By the way, even though they belong to the same family of Indo-European languages, but one of them is synthetic and the other analytic, one — the German, and the other — the Slavic.) However, these «interpreters" and some of these words are not heard!

I can scare you for a long time all sorts of different scary words like «the depth of context" or "semantic excess"But I naturally kind and humanistichen, so I will not do it. I think I’m that same redundancy proved that a bad translation of the game — a sin, but a good translation of the game could not be anyone else.

Absolute Evil

Getting to the most interesting: to consider topical issues of games originally written in Russian dialect of the great Ukrainian language.

0 .. This ver-h-ry delicate question. Part of it was discussed in our previous study, but its detailed consideration we begin only now.

So what is required to prove:

1. A computer game can not be written in Russian.

2. A computer game can not write Russian.

3. The game is written by Russian and in Russian for all other excluded, it produces significantly destructive effects.

Proof: The game can not be written in Russian, because:

1a. Russian C compiler does not exist.

16. All operating systems are written using the compiler with non-Russian.

1. All classical logic invented in ancient Greek.

1d. Boolean logic Boole invented by an Englishman in English.

Summing up the first part of our proof, we note:

Computer in Russian can not think!

2a. Russian programmers think in Russian (see. 16,1g pp).

26. The mentality of people brought up on the works of the great Russian writers and poets, unable to stoop to writing a script that can be the basis in cur- yaschemu popular toys.

2c. The game is primarily a logic circuit. Rusakov truly alien logic. Seriously treat her, he never would.

I illustrate:

«West is West, East is East, / And never the twain shall meet, / And our fate — vrasko- ryaku stand / Halfway" (A.Sviridov, script the game Allods, and (some) R.Kip- ling).

2d. The game is written by Russian programmers, can not be adequately perceived by the West as mind Raseyu not understand tricky instrument not measure, she had become very special in Raseyu can tokmo believe. Therefore, ceteris paribus, the goals of the game, written by Russian programmers will not match its content, as well as the expectations of the people trying to play it. And besides:

2d. On the question of money. Lack of skills of financial analysis and an irrepressible commitment to excellence will inevitably lead to the fact that the budget for the game, which I would like to write to Russian authors, significantly exceeds the value of the gross national product (and for the fateful year 2000).

A smooth transition to the consideration of paragraph 3 …

Behind. Nietzsche argued that all nations of the Russian and the Germans all the more inclined to masochism. But as you know, that’s great for the Russian, even for the Germans — death and destruction.

36. The Russian could never adequately implement even the scenario proposed by Western authors. An illustrative example: the script Marx and various beta-version of the program of the Party, written by Russian programmers.

Sv. Consider for example the most famous Russian developments — the game Tetris and Lines. And in that, and in another game is not a winning strategy, and even the possibility of winning as such that must necessarily result, and leads to cases of mass hysteria and frenzy among the players.


In short, if the Russian programmers actually write a real Russian game, it will be the same, long-promised end of the world. Quod erat demonstrandum, for those who understand.

Your Overseer

(the name and on behalf of the Collective Intelligence of the planet Shelezyaka).

P.S. In general, whether there is life on Mars, if there is life on Mars — it is, comrades, unknown to science!

P.P.S. In my previous publications on wine truly Russian journalists were admitted unfortunate misprint: my e-mail-edres should read ooverseer@hotmaii.com (two bagels).

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