First W-3SP Anakonda delivered

DELIVERED ON APRIL 29, 1993 to the 103rd Pulk Lotniczy of the Polish Ministry of the Interior was the first PZL Swidnik W- 3SP Anakonda Special, serialled 510 (c/n 310510), a new sub-variant of the W- 3RM Anakonda search-and-rescue helicopter. Intended for service with shore- based units of the Border Guard, monitoring the Polish economic zone, budget problems have caused these plans to be delayed or cancelled. First flown on January 29, 1993, the W-3SP has a similar equipment fit to the W-3RM including Garmin GPS-100V, a French-made rescue hoist, six inflatable flotation bags for emergency water landings, a six-man lifeboat mounted externally on the port fuselage side and four underfuselage spotlights.

The W-3SP is also fitted with Bendix/King avionics including weather radar in the nose, special comms equipment and 250W loudspeakers mounted on the inner part of the main landing gear. The helicopter will be used for co-operation with military units of the ministry, the police and other services. A week after the first example was delivered, another two W-3RM Anakondas were delivered to the Polish Navy, joining four already in service with 18 Eskandra for SAR duties.

Grzegorz Holdanowicz

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