Flashy stuff

UK distributor Kenro has added the Nissin Di700 flashgun to its range. With a Guide Number of 54 at 200mm (ISO 100), the Di700 offers zoom coverage of 24-200mm, 180° horizontal rotation, 90° upwards tilt and 7° downwards tilt. It also boasts sync speeds of up to l/8000sec (depending on camera), wireless TTL support and an external power socket, making it compatible with the optional Nissin Power Pack 8 battery. The Di700 is available in Canon and Nikon fit now for £195, with Sony-fit due in September.

The world’s fastest cards

Toshiba has announced that it is set to launch a range of SD memory cards offering the world’s fastest data write speeds to date. Bold claims indeed — the cards, compliant with UHS-II, are to be made available in two series; the Exceria Pro series (16GB or 32GB) will feature write speeds of 240MB per second, while the Exceria series (32GB or 64GB) will offer a still not-too-shabby 120MB per second. There’s no price confirmed yet, but expect to see the new cards land in stores by November.

Hasselblad launches a Stellar compact

Following on from the poorly received Hasselblad Lunar, the medium-format manufacturer has announced the Stellar — a 20.2-megapixel premium compact. Look past the gaudy exterior and wooden (or carbon-fibre) grip and the internals are identical to the Sony RX100 compact. The Stellar will set you back €1,480 (approximately £1,275), making it over £800 more expensive than the Sony equivalent (which is incidentally an old model now the RX100 II has been announced).

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