Freed from anger

ALL OUR EXPERIENCE «stuck» within us, so emotional problems need to be solved, working with the body.

Surely you can remember many situations where you experienced the resentment or anger, but I could not answer her abuser. Anger rises in my throat, but you had to suppress it, and try to forget about what happened. You think you’re really forgotten, and perhaps even mentally forgive the person you offended, but your body remembers it. We experience negative emotions every day — on the way to work in the office, at home … they do not become a source of psychological breakdowns and depression, need to get rid of them as soon as possible, says Daria Smirnova.

Training emotional freedom that you’re helping to get rid of fear, anger and anxiety. Would not that, together with the negative and positive emotions go?

We do not get rid of the emotion, we give them movement. Emotions — the energy it needs to move freely. And what happens in reality? If a person is a child living in an aggressive environment, with parents who were shouting at him or beat him, or no parents — he begins to be afraid of their emotions. He blocks them because as a child of the expression of emotions he was punished or ignored. Man becomes unemotional precisely because childhood experiences have left deep in the subconscious, and access to, no. Depression, craving for alcohol or drugs, smoking, overeating — are always a result of blocked emotions. What we do in the training? We are trying to help a person to free them.

You can define the appearance of a man whose emotions are blocked?

Only intuitively at sensations. Sometimes it’s just a sad person. He may have omitted the corners of the mouth, and it gives it a kind of chronically sad. Sometimes it produces anxiety or volubility. When a person says a lot, it’s a clear sign that he has some kind of repressed emotions. Most often it is the rage — the emotion that society does not recognize. Parents of a child cut her very early.

What helps to get rid of accumulated emotional debris?

There are many different techniques: one of the strongest — dynamic meditation, we do it every day for five years, at 7.30 am. It looks as follows: we first ten minutes of intense breathing to awaken energy. The second ten minutes are releasing emotions. The whole group with his eyes closed explodes in a scream. At this point you can do anything — growling, screaming, rolling on the floor, beat the pillow, carefully moving his whole body, because the emotions are «stuck» in the body. Anyone who comes to class for the first time, usually is frightened, but then begins to realize that he has a chance to release all that accumulated for years.

The next step — raising the energy up. Music changed, we raise the hands up and jump on a flat foot, shouting the mantra, «Hu!» It powerfully awakens the energy that we asleep, the kundalini energy. Thirty minutes of such activity, and then — stop! Fifteen minutes — total silence. No movement, no sounds, no cough — nothing. All stand with their hands up, like a forest. This is where you start to really feel the deep silence and learn to just watch. And the last stage — dancing and celebrating. After that, you feel as though you have washed the inside.

Is it possible to carry out cleansing of emotions yourself, at home?

Can. I would advise if you can not shout loudly, making the second stage without a sound, then there is more work to the body. A stage «Hu!» To do on the mat in the kitchen, so as not to scare the neighbors. Yes, I myself many years did it alone — in a hotel, for example, early in the morning. And then you start the day fresh from yesterday’s emotions are cleaned and you do not become garbage that we hoard and drag along.

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