From angels to heaven.

From angels to heaven.

Patrons do not happen — they are all in their own good and helpful. Some accompany us always, to the help of others we use from time to time, and someone watching us and makes itself felt in special cases. We offer you a dozen reliable defenders and assistants who get along fine, as neither one of them there is no evil or something dark. You can appeal to his aid even all at once. They will not argue and quarrel, whom and how to help you, and the great divide their powers. And mind you: not one of them will not relieve you of the need to act. Only the road by walking.

He is present in every human being. Its mission — to protect from adversity and maintain inner strength that makes you overcome the difficulties. Guardian Angel consoles, gives prophetic dreams, suggests the optimal course of action in conflicts and stores accident.

HOW TO ATTRACT. We must learn to listen to it. Try every day for two weeks in a beautiful and peaceful setting to talk with him for twenty minutes. Start the aroma lamp with a drop of rose oil and three drops of sandalwood. Tell me all the angel that’s bothering you, and all the news of your life. And you will feel the touch, breeze on your face, perhaps in your mind there is the name that the angel would like to call you. And your mind open to dialogue with him.

HOW TO USE. It can be unabashedly ask for every detail: the health of a loved one cat, a successful fishing or bargain. Guardian Angel is happy to help. But in cases where you do not pay him, he still keeps you.


Celtic analogue of our homes. It would seem, why do you want his services, if you have currently started a brownie? And the thing is that Brown is living on the street and prefers to keep our household is an apartment in gratitude for the fact that we respect and is being fed. He sees to it that the garden was a good harvest, to the flowers in the flower bed is not withered, the attacker did not penetrate into the garage and the car is not stolen.

HOW TO ATTRACT. Brownie roll on like old clothes, as it keeps energy bore her man. For them it is possible in the evening to leave the threshold old shirt and put on a saucer next to a large fresh-baked pancake.


Repeat the ritual with old clothes and pancakes five or six times a year. And please stay brownies — all these create a terribly selfish, and self-esteem they have not so hot, they like persuasion and praise be to work with a vengeance.

Brownie. Russian folk guardian home and comfort — mischievous, good-natured and hardworking. She likes to play pranks -pryachet the right thing, and then throws in the most prominent place.

He also ensures that the raised pies, tasty food gets, angry guests could not jinx the home, money in the family arrived.

HOW TO ATTRACT. Well fed. Once a week, the sour cream on a saucer him to leave, sprinkled with sugar, then pour the milk. And he loves to mess with bread, so at least once a month or spoil mischievous semolina porridge with cream and a slice of wheat bread. Food left on the kitchen table at night. In the morning the remains discarded. Even if it seems that the house did not eat anything — he took from the food enough energy to maintain their strength. Brownie good food and good attitude feels far away, uses himself, his appearance crackling noise-not states just after some time you have in the house will be less controversial, food will no longer be burnt and good guests will linger.


Brownie he knows his stuff. Feed him so good word And remember — and it is for you to try.

Spirit of a deceased relative.

This is a man who loved you in life. After the transition to the other world of his feelings for you has not changed. And it will be your intercessor before the higher powers, healer of your soul wounds and physical ailments. Contact him when you’re hurt, sad, bad and lonely — Spirit-Paraclete will rise in most higher realms, «put on the ears» of all the angels and archangels, the whole heavenly host, that it supported you.

HOW TO ATTRACT. Fervently and passionately I ask him to send a signal that it — together. It can be loud, you can silently. Look around — and when you see something unusual, we immediately understand — he’s here. Between you establish a communication channel through which you will receive from him support.


I talk to him every day better — aloud as you need his help. And then thanked his patron — buy in memory of him flowers, listen to his favorite music, drink a glass of wine in his honor, and visit a pleasant place for him.

Totem animal.

They rescue from big troubles — but before we get this defense and think three times. Pets are harmful, and can learn stubborn wits through the trouble. For example, you find it hard to communicate with people. Your totem can put you in such a situation, to the inability of public speaking and negotiations has drawn criticism at you, and even demotion. And so — until they get over their isolation. Totem animal helps to understand the secret terms of our nature. It awakens the hidden abilities. And the rewards which you desire most. how to draw through dreams. In the evening before going to bed imagine how you’re going on a long underground tunnel, come to the surface, you find yourself in a meadow — and you are surrounded by various animals and birds.

On this night, or after some time (usually for seven nights) you will see in a dream his totem animal. Dreams with pets are not considered: the totem is neither a dog nor a chicken.

Do not be surprised if your totem would not your favorite snow leopard and the snake that you are afraid. So you need to conquer your fear and become as wise and cold-blooded as she is.


Read about his totem animal everything that you will find — and biology and mythology and fairy tales. Buy yourself his figure: to carry in a purse or to keep in the table. Think about what you have in common, and what you’re different. What features do you like it? Talk to them before going to bed, and then a part of the lessons and advice you get in a dream. Your life in a few months would be more interesting.


The Zulus say: as long as you are fine, believe in God is not necessary. But as soon as you feel bad -That it was then, and the time comes to look for your own personal deity.

And it soon will do for you something good and prompt way to success.

How to attract you formulate intent: «Today, I find his patron.» Leaving home, going aimlessly and carefully look — at his feet, on the sides, on lawns and windows until you see their deity. Learn it can be on the irresistible impulse:

«This is — mine!» Deity may be a branch, painted cup, toy, and even a pair of shoes from the windows. You bring home their deity, praising him in every way, wrapped in silk, and ask for help. If your problem is successfully resolved within three months — this is your patron. If not — throw away rascal and looking new.


Keep in a beautiful box in the beautiful fabrics, from time to time spray on a scent and stroke.


It Tuvan shaman’s spirit helper in a special talisman. Eeren is a certain time and helps in the performance of those desires that you have to think when entering it into a talisman.

Desire can be from one to five. Deadline — from one year to several years.

HOW TO ATTRACT. We work on it at night by candlelight. We pick up small objects, symbolically reflecting your desire, and hide in the bag. We call eerena, tell him what we want from him, appeal to the forces of nature — fire, wind,

Water and earth — with the request to uphold it. Set deadlines desires — for example, three years. And extinguish the candle Eeren ready to serve you! To mascot, if, for example, wants to start a family, you take the bear — a symbol of children, a gold chain — the bonds of marriage, knife -muzhskoe beginning. I decided to buy an apartment? Suitable old key — it opens the possibility of a teaspoon and a lacy napkin — as the epitome of comfort. Your soul is committed to business is not only profitable, but also more interesting? Take the gold earrings — because they are not only expensive, but also beautiful. Your choice can not be wrong — because it reflects your personal desires.


Keep mascot living with him in spirit in her bedroom. When the life span eerena over, untie the bag and releases it to the will of thanks.


The Druids believed that every person has a wood supply its energy of the earth, which is necessary for growth — career or spiritual, material or intellectual. Support wood patron irreplaceable in crucial moments of life — when it is necessary to take root in the new location, weather the storm, work productively and rise.

HOW TO ATTRACT. Your tree should feel. Try to park in the garden or in the forest stand by different species of trees — lime, apple, maple, poplar, birch and spruce. Its wood gives a feeling of rest, anxiety subsides and the mind becomes clear, after the first cup of morning coffee. Hug your tree is not necessary — you are with him on the same wavelength, and feel each other even at a distance.

HOW TO USE. Before you take a serious decision, or make a choice, it is useful to stand under his tree. In the summer — listen to the sound of leaves in winter -prizhat the trunk of a palm. It organizes thoughts and feelings!


Lovely golden-haired creatures that occupy an intermediate position between the angels and spirits. The task of the fairies — to preserve the land and animals, maintain the beauty and purity in the world.

They help us when buying a home and repair the apartment, when planning a garden. Very effective if you intend to lose weight or go via exterior aesthetic medicine.

HOW TO ATTRACT. In a corner of untouched nature (not in the park!) To find a lush bush, hang him two red ribbons, and the grass expanded deployed candies and chocolates. Fairies love the bright and sweet. If on the way back you felt an almost irresistible impulse to put things in order at home, on your desktop, in the garden area or go for a massage — your offering accepted. No impulse — not the bush caught, look for a new, more beautiful than ever.


We repeat this ritual every time before asking a fairy for help. Once the repair is completed, the garden is divided, and the figure was slim, fairy leaves you.


Ugly and cheerful ancient Egyptian god of fun, love, protector of women and drunks, sardonic and sarcastic, but not evil and generous. It protects children from disease and accidents. In ancient Rome, Bes got a wife and numerous offspring, and was promoted to the family god. In Christian mythology it turned into evil spirits, but has not lost its popularity. Useful for families with kids. It helps to keep the married woman to her husband’s appeal.

HOW TO ATTRACT. Since the demon loves unbridled joy, Arrange a few drinks party at home, so that you and your guests can relax and forget about all the worries. For Besa put a glass of dry red wine lying on the flat mirror. And from time to time to glance in the mirror — you see how ridiculous it laughing a face (not his!) And know — Bes honored you with his location and takes you under his wing.


Cheer and welcome to the house guests. If the house you have nostalgia reigns, demon not only escape, but also to split something in the bargain — a favorite cup or iPhone that you cheered.

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