From each according to his work

Motivation IT staff for many heads of IT services continues to be a serious problem. Meanwhile, it is gaining increasing popularity wages of employees on the basis of achieved results. As far as this approach will be effective in the IT services?

It is obvious that payment by results — a completely natural option when it comes to the project: reward the efforts of IT professionals in this case will depend on its real contribution to the project. It is more difficult to calculate the contribution of staff involved in operating, process activities of the IT department: evaluation system should take into account both quantitative and qualitative indicators that reflect the complexity of the Staff, to take into account the level of competence that he was asked, and probably the significance of the work performed for IT -service or the entire company.

The key question is what is considered the result of the labor party’s execution of IT processes? For most employees it made the job — for example, incoming requests to them for processing. For the other employees of the result of their efforts can be considered is how much time indicators, which are responsible for these employees were not lower than acceptable. For example, employees whose work is associated with a decrease in IT risk, the result can be considered as uptime in the zone of their responsibility systems or IT services. In some cases reasonable to combine both approaches — for example, to encourage both uptime systems and conducting various preventive measures aimed at minimizing disruption and damage caused by them.

A difficult question: how to count? Accounting for Performance of Staff require separate management costs — labor time CIO and money allocated to IT service. The first thing is to take care of the development of the methodology and accounting policies, to the head of IT will have to spend quite a long time. This is especially important for geographically distributed IT organizations, as well as holdings in subsidiaries which have their own IT departments, are in double subordination — structural «vertical» and functional «horizontal.» The procedure and accounting policy and wages in the IT service will have to be agreed with the HR-department, if required by the regulations of the organization. If the company applies the Balanced Scorecard (BSC), you probably need to link the assessment of the performance of IT staff with ratings system adopted by the organization as a whole, this will require coordination with those responsible for the BSC on the level of the entire company. All of this — again, time and nerves CIO.

Accounting jobs in the IT department reasonable automated, for example, using tools to support processes IT1L / ITSM — this will reduce the amount of time managers in the proper accountability of the IT staff and at the same time increase its accuracy and objectivity. However, as many of our readers were convinced to implement such tools, IT managers have to work hard, starting with «protecting» the cost of acquisition and implementation (if required by the financial regulations of the organization) to the implementation of organizational changes in the IT service and this, again, time and nerves CIO.

So is it really worth the efforts of all these measures? Yes, it is. And the main argument in favor of what it’s worth doing, — trends in the Russian and international labor markets: an increasing number of professionals choose employers who offer payment in accordance with the results of the efforts of the staff, and this trend is most clearly seen among young professionals. If you believe this global study Kelly Global Workforce Index, Russia’s income is 70% of the workforce depends on their performance. Globally, 41% of professionals working in the IT sector, are paid for performance. Given the fact that the Russian labor market is still to a shortage of personnel, the transition to a system of payment by results of work can be for IT departments to be a major trump card in the fight for professionals.

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