FROM rolls to hydro-generators

FROM rolls to hydro-generators

Exhibition of achievements of inventors and innovators of Leningrad and Leningrad Region in the Exhibition of Economic Achievements of the USSR.

1300 exhibits, which are embodied in 1260 certificates of authorship — that’s what LENINGRADSKAYA exhibition. And one more figure: the economic effect of the new products has already reached 400 million rubles.

As a result of the All-Union socialist competition of republics, territories and regions of Leningrad ninth consecutive win passing. Red Flag State Committee and the Central Council of VOIR, so they had something to show to Muscovites and guests of the capital.

Nodes world’s largest hydro generator for the power plant, protected by more than twenty inventions giant among tract moat «Kirovets» K-701 (25 inventions); mine excavator EKG-4y, featuring high maneuverability and capable of operating in all weather conditions (six inventions and patents of USA, Canada, France); image holograms — the founder of the Soviet exhibit optical instrument State Optical Institute Vavilov — that’s a quick list of the exhibited major inventions …

No fewer visitors crowd around enhancements to turning the case, at the workplace engraver, designer-designer. These inventions are striking elegance technical solutions, brilliant simplicity. Their authors — workers.

Since 1945 he is working at the plant «Bolshevik» Vladimir Nikitich Trutnev, a veteran labor. Only in the past five years he has created five inventions. Two of these devices for stopping and removing the tool and turning the cones — Trutnev demonstrated at the exhibition. By the way, the two applications working recently issued a positive decision.

Signs and Oscar Oskarovich Ulanovskii, author of many inventions related to engraving works, the winner of the State Prize. Last Ulanovskii — the ship’s mechanic, was an inventor, as he says, from infancy. At the exhibition brought a desktop engraving machine with a device for scaling up universal pitch copier, pressing for the drawing boards and unique buttons for drawing paper. Created Ulanovskii invention is not only, but also designs protected evidence clamping device for cutting out characters from the tape. The annual effect of the use of fifteen inventions Leningrad engraver — more than eighty thousand. Ulanovskii, by the way, the author — a textbook for technical secondary education institutions.

Lead Designer of the All Russian Research Institute of occupational safety K. Markelov has developed a set of drawing and design tools and devices that allow «mechanized» work of designers and engineers. Markelov shows a device for graphic work for drawing curves of the second order. Inventions designers provide annual savings of more than ninety thousand. Markelov developments — and they had more than a hundred — are willing to not only designers and engineers, and cartographers, graphic designers.

Hardly anyone of the visitors will pass quietly stand Leningrad Porcelain Plant named after Lomonosov. In 1980 the plant was awarded the USSR State Prize for the creation of the country’s first industrial production of thin-walled products made of bone china. The plant produces the product of five hundred names of hard, soft and thin-walled bone porcelain (255 unique items to complete your collection of museums only for the Tenth Five-Year Plan). Recently innovators factory introduced more than eight rational proposals to save almost one million rubles. In 1980, the staff of the plant was awarded the International Prize «Golden Mercury».

There at the exhibition and «delicious» stand — exhibits of the food industry and the Leningrad region. Almost everyone who was in Leningrad, trying to bring a souvenir edible — Printed Leningrad Gingerbread. Not every fan of souvenirs knows that such a delicious cake is obtained only by the introduction of several inventions.

The line for the production of gingerbread bakery operates on the Moscow area, and created the Institute «Rospischepromavtomatika.» In the Leningrad branch of the Institute of the bakery industry we have created a new method for producing rye bread thick and liquid leaven. There are two six inventions and patents. The bread turned out such that the license for its pastries bought one of the firms in Finland, and now treats his countrymen «Leningrad» loaves and loaves.

Leningrad experimental shipyard yacht shown at the exhibition of the «Cepheus» with a four-seater cabin. The yacht sold four of the invention, including a new winch for raising the sails.

During the exhibition was visited by more than ninety thousand people from different cities of Union and foreign visitors.

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