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Brief description of any game, movie or book about the «Cold War», performed by our Western friends subspecies «creators plain, blinkered», almost always resembles a well-known anecdote about a peaceful collective farm seeder with ballistic missiles and the tractor with vertical takeoff. Simply put, if the case appears respectable, though greedy for sensation zhurnalyuga of major American newspapers, wait for the big catch in the form of armed clashes with the authorities and by all means to prevent global conspiracy or some other misfortune. It looks like THEIR scribblers in full have been the best school of the secret services.

Game Cold War, announced mo-Lodoy and until budding Czech studio Mindware (to submit something, you need something more than an amusing concept), not in the least deviate from the above listed GOVERNMENTAL clichés. It is even more ironic that at the blunt anti-Soviet Czech igrostroiteley became chemto like mainstream — think at least a series of Operation Flashpoint …

So the journalist Chaser Jones, is almost certainly a grandnephew grandpa Indiana, sent to the USSR to investigate the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant (which, incidentally, is not a disaster, but the frank and daring sabotage) and into the thick of government intrigue, military conspiracies and other nonsense dog.

Our developerstvuyuschie Praguers strongly advise players not shine during his anti-Soviet raznyuhivany: hide behind objects to avoid security cameras and slip behind the guards, guarding military facilities (and the action of Cold War, by the way, will take place not only in Chernobyl, but also on Baikonur, in Moscow on Red Square. and other equally matreshkinyh places). It’s amazing, but an ordinary (or he Corporal?) Correspondent Jones admirably with electronic and conventional locks, equipped with a night vision device, the heartbeat detector and a microphone, you can hear every conversation in the distance. It seems, it seems rare interlocutors youngster would not otherwise

«Jones. Chaser

Jones. » But with weapons, «007 from zhurnalis-tick» prefers not to be the case, but if so hard she gives up a gun or other «guns» a little more fire, then it is not a sin to use Boc. However, variants with blinding light grenade enemy or knocking down elucidated on the trail of the dogs with the help of black pepper, ground-are also welcome and encouraged. We say, not animals, prefer a peaceful resolution of conflicts.

However, despite the obvious ab surdnost original ideas and almost classically-banker its performance is mediocre, Cold War is not without a certain charm. This stems from the fact whether the funny inscriptions on the right Russian (yardstick «for Peace» on the tank with something that is clearly not too environmentally friendly), pretty (but no more) schedule or lack ushanok to Soviet soldiers — hard to say. But look at this crazed imagination on the Cold War syndrome Praguers will probably funny.

Mikhail Sudakov

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